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    Hi tia for reading and a newbie here, hope your all well and good, well as good as you can be 👍😊.

    I ordered my first motability vehicle from Volkswagen on the 3rd of august, and on the 7th of august it changed to with the factory, well that’s now where it’s stayed.

    How have you guys experienced with wait times from Volkswagen, good and bad opinions will all be very welcomed.

    anyway people stay safe and well

    (sharan 1.4 se nav manual).

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    My first VW in 2009 took 9months

    The XC40 I’m waiting is is estimated end of December, ordered 9th August

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    Clipped wings

    Tiguan Allspace. Ordered start of Q3. Just gone to with the factory status. Reading about the factory, is in Puebla, SE of Mexico City and at a similar 7000’ above sea level. At least the humidity is low up there! Guesstimate for delivery is Christmas Eve. Flying pigs in the stocking this year.

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    I ordered an XC40 beginning of July.
    Delivery was last week but slipped to ‘end of October,……could be longer’.

    Not heard from the dealer since I ordered. Only had the slip date because I rang to arrange pick up on the original date.

    I cannot call it poor customer service as it’s been no customer service.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    ordered XC40inscription 3rd week july it got delivered to garage today and i pick up next week.

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    I ordered an VW Golf 8 on the 2nd July, 3rd September had a stage 5a notification, car built and left the factory, no more updates since then, nothing, contacted the VW dealership, yesterday, no reply yet, so no idea what’s happening. My currant car (VW MK 7.5 Golf) took exactly 13 weeks, looks like new order will take at least 15, and that’s assuming it arrives in UK next, however I’m not going to hold my breath!.

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    Azzy & bobscot, the Volvo lead times are bizarre.
    Azzy’s will be 6 months

    bobscot’s is about 2.5 months

    mine’s been 3 months, then 4 months and I’m now expecting to be longer than that.

    It’s not down to the trim level as talking to peeps on the various forum sites, some factory order Inscription’s & Inscription Pro’s are being delivered under 3 months so it makes no sense.

    I actually got in touch with Volvo on Thursday about this and gave them all of the info they needed  Their answer was a cracker.
    “We don’t know”!

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I was told that it would be 20 weeks for the diesel model, and less time for the petrol model sharan, so ordered the petrol version but don’t think I’m gonna get the car by the time the dealer says, I have been at stage 2 for the last 8 weeks and nothing moving, when I contacted vw uk, they said my order has just gone to with the factory and could be there for 18 weeks,( on vw app 10th august with the factory)  if the dealer had told me this I would have shopped around to see about other vehicles on the scheme.

    Do dealers just say what you want to hear to get the business, is it difficult to cancel a order if it’s taking to long?

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    I think a lot of it comes down to dealers persistence. I had contact every 2 weeks keeping me updated and 4 weeks ago i was told delivery between 28th sept and 1st oct . It arrived on 1st so it appears to me that dealerships get notice at least 4 weeks prior to delivery so i would say to anyone waiting keep in contact regularly with mobility rep and good luck.

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    bobscot sounds like your dealer is all about customer relation which is excellent, I personally have never heard from dealer apart from order number, that’s it.

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    my tiguan was 8 weeks from ordering to picking up go it on the 28th sept dealer phoned me very step the car took from the factory to me getting it ..think the vw app is a little  behind

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    Newbie1892, from what I gather, the waiting time for a lot of VW’ models is around the 20 week mark, however in my case, Golf mk8, it’s supposed to be around 12/13 weeks, however I just received an email from the guy dealing with my order and he says there “appears to be a delay on Golfs leaving the factory”, whether that is effecting orders of the Sharan and other VW models I don’t know, but it’s a possibility.

    Regarding dealers, I do think it’s a good idea to contact them, like you, my local dealership is not very forthcoming with info, so, I think it’s a good idea to drop them an email every 2/3 weeks to enquire how things are going, it lets them know you’re on the ball.

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    The dealer said the car is available and they have one in stock  he said his checks are good just waiting on mobility application then they will get car ready he said it might only take two working days. I dont believe him now having read what some people have to wait 🤔

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    If it’s in stock it’s very different from having to wait for one o be built at the factory.

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    I’ve ordered the Ford Focus ST-Line X with a pan roof and the B&O play as options. Had a build date for late October and had a delivery date of late November – Early December, with a conservative end Handover date on the 16th December. Steve King at TrustFord Stockport was a pleasure to deal with as he notified me there was an allocation for October if not it would of been Jan/Feb delivery date.

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    Skoda Superb iV – quoted to me as 25 weeks!

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    orded bmw 2 series gc 11th aug should be here by feb about 24 weeks

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    I know the virus is causing mayhem, but what happens if you get fed up of waiting, Christmas coming possible spend any AP, or simply had enough of waiting around…

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    Lord Muc


    you can buy privately or lease, or organise zip cars, or just use Uber. When I was looking at the CLA, they couldn’t even give a wait time! Don’t think I would wait six months for a car, on motobility, if it’s car I wanted on the scheme, I would make it my job to either ring around or visit as many dealers as possible to see what allocations they have, or stock cars, money in a brown envelope might help, and a bottle of Prosecco may sweeten a deal.

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    Yes very true, it’s the first time ever getting a new car so didn’t have a clue, hence search advice found forum learnt the truth..

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    We ordered an e-2008 Allure at the end of August and was given a delivery date of Oct/Nov.  Had a phone call from Peugeot this morning to say they have not started the build, so God knows when we will see it.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I ordered c5 aircross end of January finally picked up on Friday wait time 8 months I think a lot of makes are long lead times.</p>

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    Lord Muc


    All you need to know about life, is found on here. 😂

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    When it comes to learning about disability motability I guess that could be true, the lord muc

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    Lord Muc

    Interesting vid, on what happens to your car, when it arrives at the docks.

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    All my Motability wait-times have been about three months: Ford Mondeo (about 2010) then two Skoda Superbs and now Mini Cooper S 3dr. Must have been lucky I suppose – no screw-ups or delays.

    Performance of the A3 Audi is no doubt excellent but it surely is a very ugly monster. With that macho mega grille at front, looks like to wants to eat Minis or Fiat 500s!

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