What’s your go to takeaway?

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    Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, chip shop or, god forbid, McDonald’s what’s your fav.

    Now I have three favourites from the above list Indian, Chinese and chippy. My go to meals from each are as follows.

    Indian – Chicken tikka bhoona, veg pakora, fried rice, salad, spiced onions and nan bread (I only eat the salad when I’m on a diet lol)

    Chinese – Chicken satay, off the skewer, boiled rice (I found that one strange also, haha) salt and chilli chips (that explains the boiled rice, I’m not a pig lol) and prawn crackers.

    Chippy – Hamburger and chips.

    Who would thought a chippy was the healthy option.

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    Not that we have a lot of takeaways but:

    Indian would be  Lamb Tikka starter: Lamb Dansak chickpea and lentil sweet sour dish: Nan and boiled lemon rice.

    Chinese would be Fried crispy chilli beef in chilli sauce: Fried rice: Salt and pepper chips.

    Chippy would be Cheese burger and fries. Best beef burger in the world.

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    These are for 2 people, not just for me!!

    Indian, starters, 2 x Onion bhaji’s, tikka chicken, mains, chicken korma, chicken dopiaza (no peppers), veg pillau rice.  Add chips and a second korma if my daughter is here as well.  Sometimes swap the dopiaza for a beef madras when my IBS isn’t acting up!.

    Chinese, starter, large chop suey rolls (2), mains, house special fried rice (no peas!), chicken chop suey with fried rice, chips, curry and sweet & sour sauces + free prawn crackers and mini spring rolls as he likes us 🙂

    Chippy, usually 2 x large cod with chips and loads of batter (scraps) and a cheese pattie between us.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    I’ve tried that one in the past Phaedra 😂

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    Indian: Popodom onion salad mint sauce mango chutney, Chicken Pathia & Keema Naan.

    Chinese: Sweet & Sour Chicken in Batter, Chips & Prawn Crackers.

    Chip Shop: Donner Kebab & Chips.

    Occasional McDonalds: Big Mac, fries & Sugar Free Sprit.

    Does anyone get free popodoms with their Indian? We do, eat in or take out, but it seems to be local to the Birmingham and Black Country area and not wide spread across the country, also most Indians by us aren’t licenced so you can take your own drinks, and adds to a big saving on your bill.

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    The BBC suggested have a Chicken Korma with salad instead of rice to be healthy. Ridiculous.

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    Marc no free popadom up here and all our local Indian restaurants are licensed, all two of them.

    I normally get a “set meal for two” from our takeaway, me and my son, which includes poppadom. I wouldn’t order them if they weren’t included as I can take or leave them.

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    Something that might be interesting is how much do you pay for your takeaway.

    My Indian is a “set meal” for two and comes in at £20 so £10 for one (I’m a mathematical genius lol).

    Chinese is £10.

    Chippy £5.50

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    We get 2 or 3 free poppadoms every time, same with the Chinese, we always get free prawn crackers and a portion of mini spring rolls.

    Cost wise, Chinese for 2 is £20.70, Indian for 2 is £22.10, both prices are for collected, delivery adds another £2.50-£3.00 plus a tip for the driver so it’s cheaper to collect when I can 🙂

    Weirdly, when my daughter was at Uni in Canterbury Indian takeaways were a lot more expensive than here, but Chinese was a lot cheaper!.  My eldest lives in Amsterdam, last time we were over we got an Indian takeaway for 4, came to €118 !!!  😮

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Fish and chips tonight.  2 large cod and 1 portion of chips. £13.00. Huge portions. Or our local chippy it’s £18.00 For fish half the size. My favourite is McDonald’s.  Great food at great prices.

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    McDs breakfast double sausage & egg with cheese, hash brown, latte..

    I do enjoy, terrible I guess 😳..

    Indian my fave, not the hot stuff though 🥵


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    Most used are:
    Thai/curry joint
    Very local and excellent kebab place
    Ver occasionally a West Indian jerk chicken emporium

    Would use Mac’s but they don’t deliver and nearest is too far away and inaccessible by car.

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