What's your election hope?

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    Any result that means the Tories have no working majority.

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    We are all part of the problem brydo as like it or not we like to have nice things and show the outside world we have those nice things.

    Cars for instance when I was growing up we were happy enough with Vivas,Escorts,Marinas those who come from a working class background were proud of it and didnt want Jags,BMW’s etc now everybody wants them (says she with a BMW) But seriously society has changed with consumerism even in my lifetime and everybody thinks they are posh LOL!

    I guess with this car I just wanted something nice while I could but i kind of regret that now 🙁

    The funny thing is Wales as you say voted on whole to leave I wonder if the farmers will be so smug when their grants stop,you know the ones they received from the EU?

    Whole thing is a mess,I hope you all love the conservatives because they are planning to scrap fixed terms so thats it we may be stuck with them forever???

    I wonder how many of the sheep actually bothered to read the Manifestos?


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    I could contest most of this SpinaB but I’ll just put it down to a stream of consciousness.  Have a good evening.

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    A sharp focus on Brexit now the government is adding an amendment,  soon this fine country shall be great again. I posting brexit thread too.

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