What's your election hope?

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    Any result that means the Tories have no working majority.

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    basic maths has it, snp have 45% of the vote therefore they dont have 55% of the vote hence they lose.

    a referendum is different to a parliamentary election, first past the post in a constituancy is not necessarily representative of the whole country.

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    Well, time to get on with our lives & forget the political fight for a few years.


    Remember that if you don’t like something in politics, you can write to your MP

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    A working majority under PR systems comes from coalitions.  The Conservatives as the party with the most MPs in coalition with others would still have a working majority, Brydo.

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    You’re quite right gothitjulie, I’m off to look at a couple of boats with my son-in-law.

    All we can do now is moan if politics doesn’t go our way.

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    My hope of a coalition of the sensible came to nothing. Conversely the next best thing is a large enough Conservative majority to allow BJ to separate himself from the undue influence of the ERG and negotiate a fair and equitable Brexit trade deal over the next year or two. Brexit may be confirmed but it hasn’t started yet.

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    That’s great news Mitch will test drive the new Juke next summer for March 2021 pick up heated front screen be so handy

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    Jo Swinson tears in her eyes

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    That’ll be self-pity, Mike. This the Jo Swinson who insulted 17.4 million people and disgusted many others by saying Bollocks to Brexit.

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    Which Mobility Car


    Careful on those boats.

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    Thanks for your concern wmc, no lifejacket needed today – they’re both ashore.

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    Sturgeon criticised for reaction to swinson loss.

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    Yes saw her cheering saying yessssssss but she did very well in Scotland

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    Mike 700

    Yes Mike 700 and IM sorry I disbelieved you about disabled voting conservative you were right across the country they voted for Boris me included. I’m sorry Brydo hope we can still be friends


    Thank you Mike, no need to be sorry, as long as your happy with your choices!

    Best regards.


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    Menorca Mike

    I am happy will all vote who we think is the best

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Interview with Heseltine this morning who said “we have to accept now we have lost and we are leaving the EU”. No Mr Heseltine, you should have accepted this 3 & 1/2 years ago when we had the referendum. This has been the problem with too many remoaners and I suspect many will continue protesting.

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    I hate brexit im a remainer not a remoaner as some put it,look what its done to this country! In some senses if I wasnt stuck in the middle of this mess id say those who voted for it would deserve the mess they find themselves in but it will be the ones who didnt who will suffer 🙁
    Brexit was stupid and those who voted the most dangerous government in history back in because they want brexit well ill let them realise at their leisure how stupid they have been!
    Motability is getting worse how long before its non existant?

    If brexit had been kept out of this and people voted with common sense that the Conservative party isnt working for the common everyday people we might of had a brighter future?

    But sadly  people only thought about brexit!!

    Those who think we will see any of the money that we pay to the EU are sadly delusional it will go firmly in the conservatives back pocket!

    I like to to hope that those who voted them back in have realised what they have actually done? but I very much doubt it………………………………………………

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    Well, SpinaB,  whatever you think, democracy has dictated 3 times that we are leaving the EU.  Maybe you should make your concerns know to your MP. That’s how it’s supposed to work.  I’m not saying our political system is perfect, it’s not, but what would you rather have?

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    Problem is when you have a MP thats conservative that voted for my Money to be cut,voted for your money to be cut and wishes disabled people would just die!

    They dont represent us they only wanted Brexit for tax evasion.

    Im past trying to reason with brexiteers problem is we should of voted for what best for the country and we didnt we voted for brexit so we will get brexit

    But we had the chance to keep the NHS and our Human Rights and get rid of poverty and for the elderly disabled and vunerable to be treated fairly and with dignity but we blew it 🙁

    When the conservatives ramp up their war against the vunerable you will get the chance to see if brexit was worth it?

    And anybody here who looses their car and mobility who voted them back in you cant complain as you voted them in.

    Thats how it works………………….

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    Well, as you say, time will tell if you’re right or not.

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    Well said spinab.

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    Unfortunately the people of Wales and England became middle class overnight. They have no more money but have been enriched by BJs bull£&#@

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    I offer you the Barnett formula.  Maybe now’s time to abolish it:

    The Barnett formula is said to have “no legal standing or democratic justification”, and, being merely a convention, could be changed at will by the Treasury. In recent years, Barnett himself has called it a “terrible mistake”.

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    No complaints here.

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