What's your election hope?

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    Any result that means the Tories have no working majority.

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    They can knock down mines! Hopefully with my neighbours still in it 🤣🤣

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    Omg get him off stage, I’d rather watch the shopping channel.

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    Jo Swinson’s gone

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    Yes gorgeous Jo Swinson is finished def on ima celebrity next year 😀

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    Boris won easy biggest win since thatcher

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    Jo Swinson mask £2.97 on eBay plus 99p postage.

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    Mike 700

    Democracy won!

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    well the exit poll was almost spot on!

    the beast of bolsover is no more. shame we need characters like him in politics.

    corbyn and momentum have to go or labour will disapear rapidly.

    why wont they listen?

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    Yes Mike 700 and IM sorry I disbelieved you about disabled voting conservative you were right across the country they voted for Boris me included. I’m sorry Brydo hope we can still be friends

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    But, but, but it was all about Brexit! No it wasn’t, it was about the cult of Corbyn and his total unsuitability as a political leader.

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    Yes the exit poll was very accurate Mitch by the way has the new Nissan Juke got a heated front windscreen sorry to go off topic

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    teckna and up have heat pack as standard, i think others its a paid option


    Heat Pack including heated front seats and ThermaClear® heated windscreen

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    A comprehensive win for the SNP is no tonic for a Tory government. The English people have spoken and like sheep we must follow.

    What next for Scotland as BJ has told us to get back in our box and we can’t have another  independence referendum?

    What actions are open to us? very few. The English people have decided what is best for Scotland and as ever our masters have spoken and we must obey.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Yes, Brydo the SNP have won many seats, have attracted 45% of the vote and have high representation in the UK parliament out of all proportion to their electorate. They should feel very pleased with themselves. Now they should get on and govern Scotland.

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    I’m afraid you don’t tell us what we should do.

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    If you feel so strongly and dislike the UK so much Brydo, you should probably think about leaving it.  The SNP are not going to win independence because first the UK government is not going to give them another referendum and second, the population of Scotland would again vote against it if they did.

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    Mike of course we are still friends.

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    Brydo, I *didn’t* vote Conservative. Can we still be friends?

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    Common sense has prevailed and stability has returned. As regards Scottish independence, a 2 referendum process, 1st referendum in 2023, if independence win, a 2nd confirmatory one, 4 years later to see if yhe scots have changed their mind,  cant see how the SNP could refuse?

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    its what annoys me most about the snp and the lib dems we had referendums they dont like the result so they stamp their feet and lob their dummies and cry we want another vote.

    so what happens if they win with a tight margin do we have best of 3, where does it end.


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    “Corbin was a secret weapon in 2017,now he’s not even a weapon”.That was a real lol moment in my house where he is always referred to as a dick.


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    Now the election is done, the conservatives have won,

    Seats in the North, some in the south, east and west too

    There is now much work to do

    Corbyn, shall he go now or stay for a bit

    This time aroun’, he wasn’t a hit

    The SNP have done rather well it would seem

    But not as good as 2015

    There will be calls for Indyref 2

    The PM shall know the right thing to do

    The BBC reporters and others await a vacuum of news

    They spend their time selecting winter shoes

    If only and perhaps and blame this or that

    As its a bit nippy time to procure a winter hat.

    Xmas will be here in quick time

    A glass of non alcoholic wine, will be fine



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    Is this a “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” moment.

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    Under a PR voting system the Lib Dems would get 75 MPs and the SNP 25. Just saying…

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