Whats the weather like where you are today take 2

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    Ive noticed a problem with the original thread, taking me to page 1 of the thread. Assuming its the same problem as my original Brexit thread (stolen by WMC lol) that there were too many pages, i have started another weather thread (stolen from lightbodyae55 lol).

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    damn frosty first thing white over and took 10 minutes to defrost car. even longer to get my knees and back moving.

    but its brightened up nicely quite sunny in that annoying way when your driving and its under the visor even when down.

    still cold though.

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    Marvellous morning – cold, crisp and cloudless.  Still sunny out there now, and not much warmer.  My car still looks like an iceberg.  Still, I’m not going anywhere, so . . .

    Sister rang last night – mother’s back in hossie with another UTI ‘delusion’ episode.  Apparently she was fine all day and then suddenly said she felt strange, sat down and was then convinced that my sister was her mother.  So off she went to the JR in an ambulance – nobody could go in with her this time, though, due to Covid rules.

    I just called my older brother – he and sister have literally just got back from the hossie and apparently mater’s a fair bit better today and might even get to come home again tomorrow pm, but they’re taking a few things in in the morning in case she has to stay in a couple of days longer.

    I wish the docs would sort this out properly.  Apparently mum has been back into the JR twice with a recurrence of the same UTI since the last ‘episode’ (non-delusional each time), but clearly it was so unremarkable that nobody thought to let me know at the time.

    My lot are a bit stoic about things like Hospital trips and dreadful health conditions. 🙂

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    Sincere sympathies, Georgie. Know exactly what you and your Ma are going through. Mrs T’s mum had the same side-effect to a UTI – marching band in the kitchen, Spitfires taxying in the lane outside. Easily solved but disturbing when it happens.

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    Another glorious day – cold and clear.  Still -1.2c at 11am, but it’s snuck up to +2.1c in the last hour.

    Thanks for the kind words, Tharg.  They were really reassuring the first time she was hit with this, and they’re appreciated again now. 🙂

    Mum should have had a CT scan this morning, so we’re waiting to see what that will tell us, if anything.  Sister will call when she gets back from visiting this afternoon.

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    Another cracker of a morning – All Sunshine and crunchy grass.

    Hossie couldn’t find anything unexpected on the CT scan so they packed her off home with a wheelbarrow worth of antibiotics and the reassuring medical advice given in a cheery voice – “Take them for three days and keep the rest for next time”. 🙂

    Still, she’s home.  I’ll try to go up and see her next week.

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    Same as. Bright, clear, cold. Doing -2C at 5.30am (bad night). Now hovering around 5/6C. No wind (centre of high-pressure thingey) so feels warmer.

    Glad your ma’s OK, Georgie. At least she got out of Infection-Central promptly!

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