Whats the weather like where you are today take 2

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    Ive noticed a problem with the original thread, taking me to page 1 of the thread. Assuming its the same problem as my original Brexit thread (stolen by WMC lol) that there were too many pages, i have started another weather thread (stolen from lightbodyae55 lol).

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Bright clear blue sky, sunny, not even a breeze don’t want to spoil it by looking at the temp 😌</p>

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    Bright sunshine but cold.

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    Bright, perfectly clear and sunny. Thermometer says 7C, feels like zero though.

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    Saying 9* I’m feeling more like -1, bright, clear but damp bird bath half defrosted..

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    Just getting light out there, looks damp, 7*c, one of Mrs ajn hats worn yesterday, reminded me of the sleeping curled up cat on her head Georgie mentioned a few posts ago😁😂, hope your keeping well Georgie…

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    Bright-ish. Some cloud. Not freezing. Doing about 7C at the moment.

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    Raining hard, like straight down stuff, 6* but it’s feeling colder more like 2*, looks miserable out there,  freezing feet 😖

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    Damn miserable day up here. Raining cold and gray. Just when I started to load the car for the tip run, Grrr!

    ***🌻🌻🌻 ***
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    Just popped out for a Christmas tree🌲🌲🌲🌲, few left looked bald, to cold out there, Try tomorrow 🥶

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    Which Mobility Car

    I picked up a tree from IKEA, cost £29 with a £20 voucher to use in store (between 10th jan and 13th feb)

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    Thanks wmc I’ll let the boss know, great deal 👍 🌲

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    Cold, wet, grey. Bleurgh! Have to confess we take the easy way out. Tree comes out of box complete with own set of lights. Yeah, so it IS an artificial tree. But it’s an M&S artificial tree…

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    Persistently raining hard, slightly blowy, 8* Oh well no need to pop out, my Son & Daughter just dropped a 🌲tree off 😀, guess they don’t want me falling over with it🤣..

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    Gave me & my Son time to get this in a pot, Mrs Ajn working from home so every little helps, cheating with the base sauce, Mrs ajn makes her own, however needs must..

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    “Yeah, so it IS an artificial tree. But it’s an M&S artificial tree… ”

    LOL. 😀

    Cool and damp this morning, after a cold night.  A bit rainy and the wind is just starting to pick up a bit.  which storm is this one . . . Barry?  Take care out there, peeps.

    Moan alert!  You are not obliged to read any further. 😉

    So – Had an annoying sort of a week.  Stomach trouble kicked up for 3 days, and just after that I went for a mammogram and strained my back again:

    When I made the mammogram appointment I was told it was a Mobile Unit at the local hossie, so I asked specifically where outside the Hossie the unit was sited and if there were steps or ramp access.  Was told “It’s in the car park” and “There are two or three steps”.

    THAT I can handle on a ‘good day’, which it was, so we didn’t bother taking the wheelchair.

    Where was it in reality?  The opposite side of the hossie from the rear car park and well away from even a drop-off point (had to walk through the hossie and out the main door to get to it), and there were ten slippery metal steps and a slippery wet metal hand rail – where, as the Brucie Bonus, I couldn’t tell the nearest door was the ‘Exit only’ until I’d hauled myself to the top of the stairs one step at a time and carrying walking stick in off-side hand, at which point I had to go back down, walk around to the far side of the unit and then haul myself up the other flight of steps to the Entrance.

    Having reassured the Radiographer only an hour before that I was Covid-free and generally uninfected I sat on the waiting chair coughing and wheezing for the next 3 minutes like a patient in a TB ward!  Upshot of which – laid up in bed again for with a crap back.

    Luckily it recovered enough for us to make it to the GP for our Boosters on Saturday – straight in, jabbed, 15 minute ‘observation’ and then home again, lickety-split.   Very efficient.  But now poor old DH has had a mild reaction and is all limp and sickly and I’m reviving him with mugs of coffee and restorative chocolate Hobnobs.  🙂

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    never underestimate the restorative powers of chocolate hobnobs!

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    Wet. Cold. Windy. ‘Orrid. Megableurgh!   Welcome back, Georgie. So sorry that our wonderful NHS buggered up your appointment. Ranting helps. Don’t worry!

    Chocolate Hobnobs. Yummm. Wish I could eat them. Must confess though, am risking my refined sugar intake with an occasional slice of Stollen – about the only thing which Waitrose delivery didn’t mess up. I mean, how can you run out of sliced bread and tomato juice and fresh tomatoes! 😕

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    Yes nice to read your sort of ok Georgie👍, I’ve realised I’ve been shoved into sit down and heal mode by the concerned..🤣

    It’s boring though sometimes, rest is best..😔

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    Suns out, 9*, leaf blower needs a blast, I’m banned 😳..

    last time I starting it with the rib injury 😡😬😖 , so BANNED at the moment 🤣

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    They didn’t run out of them Tharg. They just decided you weren’t worthy.  Waitrose are like that…

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    Chocolate Hobnobs are a particular favourite, even though they do tend to give me indigestion if a have more than a couple – and who stops at two.  Seriously.  Still, ‘The Game’s worth the candle’ as far as I’m concerned – we also have Orange Rennies. 😀  As an aside, when my sister was having the outside walls of her house repainted she provided Choccie Hobnobs with the tea and the painters cleaned our all the guttering while they were up the ladders for free!

    Which Stollen do you get?  We always get their own-brand loaf/cake.  The Heston and Ameretto versions don’t appeal at all.

    For the most part I love Waitrose (even though they’ve recently moved me from the Basingstoke superstore to the far smaller Alton store so a lot of my formerly ‘regular’ order items are no longer available to me – pah!).  It’s their oft-times bizarre substitutions and mad reasoning that entertain.

    The most recent was subbing 2 individual carrots (for a casserole) with 2 kilos of bagged carrots.  When I contacted them about the somewhat excessive substitution (even if they had no loose carrots, 1 bag would have more than sufficed) their rationale was “Our Personal Shoppers are unable to choose the size of the substitutions” – thus 2 x carrots = 2 x 1kg bag of carrots.

    A couple or three years ago they arrived with our Christmas Order – but only had 2 bags of it on the van.  The rest was gradually delivered across the rest of the day by various drivers as they passed.  But the six free bottles of pretty decent wine they presented us with at the end kinda made up for the (quite frankly minimal) inconvenience.

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    Tried the Cherry and Amaretto one for first time this week. It is really good. Wouldn’t touch any of the Heston stuff. Tried his xmas chocolate cake a few years ago. It was inedible. Not exaggerating. Tasteless, desert dry, dense like compacted blotting paper. Shaped like a cannonball; same consistency as well. Both of us had to spit it out. Ridiculously expensive too.

    Have to agree about the idiocy of Waitrose policy and deliveries. Have just come back from my first visit to Waitrose Worthing since March 2020 (first to any supermarket since then). The deliveries from the Rustington store are getting absurd (as above). So had to visit Worthing shop to get essentials. One good thing about this is the discovery that they have resumed doing their excellent xmas Brunswick Ham joint. Been off-menu for about five years. Sadly they do not seem to offer it for delivery (!?) so you have to risk a visit.

    Went to the shop at 8am to avoid crowd and disease-vectors. Worked fine. Nearly empty. Shelves just filled.

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    It’s trying to be a nice day out there today – 7c with light cloud and no breeze.  Could have gone out, maybe, but I have to do the Christmas Cards today . . .

    I’ve been debating with myself whether to try one of the larger Waitrose branches to get the things I can’t get delivered any more, but I don’t ‘know my way’ around any and can’t waste the time/energy wandering around looking for things.  Dunno.  Maybe on a particularly ‘good’ day.

    DH is waiting for his ‘coffee scales’ to get delivered so he can repeatedly and consistently make coffee exactly how he likes it.  They’re Jewellers scales with variable measuring systems, so we’ll be able to find out how many carats there are in a coffee bean.

    “Enquiring Minds want to know!”

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    Yup, know what you mean about looking for stuff. Even though I used my “local” one, not having been inside it for over 18 months meant many things had moved around. There was also the problem of remembering what to do: park car with boot into bay (loading easier); get barcode reader thingey; use barcode thingey; go back to car to get shopping bags; remember how to use checkout payment bizzo; do not shout at it, etc.

    Coffee. One of the advantages of having the bean-to-cup appliance is that there is no measuring. Just twist the knob to 85%. Press “go” button. Drink.

    Nearly forgot weather. Bright, cold, bit windy. Rough down at the tideline Madam tells me. Tide coming in very aggressively. No groyne jumping today!

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    Bright, clear, chilly. Nice 😊

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