Whats the weather like where you are today take 2

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    Ive noticed a problem with the original thread, taking me to page 1 of the thread. Assuming its the same problem as my original Brexit thread (stolen by WMC lol) that there were too many pages, i have started another weather thread (stolen from lightbodyae55 lol).

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    No, officer. It wasn’t me. It was the Lizards wot done it, sir!

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    Lovely sunny and warm here in sunny Southampton, so why am I so cold, since I managed to drop 9 stone last year I’ve been freezing my bottom off!

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    9 stone in a year?  Crikey, Richy!  I do hope it was due to a deliberate weight loss plan and not some ghastly illness.  I’ve spent the last couple of years slowly working off my own ‘suddenly disabled’ weight gain + ‘massive self-indulgent pork out after cancer’ weight gain – 4 stone down, 2 to go!

    Lovely, lovely morning this morning.  So lovely that I pootled down to Portsea Island and had a bacon butty (first for 18 months!) and a cup of tea from the catering van next to the Eastney Ferry Landing.  Sat at a picnic table drinking tea and hand-feeding tiny bits of bread roll to a couple of very bold starlings, listing to the sound of the wind blowing through the masts of the boats.  Pretty perfect.


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    Listing to the sound of wind”, Georgie? May I suggest you hold on very tight to the bacon butty, throw out a hefty sea anchor and then tack into the wind. Golfs and wheelchairs can only list about 30 degrees before they capsize. Mae West called for…

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    I might list a bit when I walk these days, but I’m usually okay sitting down.  🙂

    It’s an eerie sound, the wind in the masts.  Do you remember that toy from the 1970s that was just a bendy tube of corrugated plastic that you whirled around your head to make a ‘whooo’ sound?

    You know – these:


    Imagine the sound of about thirty of these, all pitched differently, going at the same time – but really softly.   Restful for a while, but they might drive one mad after a few hours.

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    Hope my “listing” gag didn’t offend. Comes of being a sub-editor in former life. Couldn’t resist.

    Have not even heard of the bendy, tubey things. Have heard the wind in the rigging, when moored on the broads in a yacht mooring. Tended to be punctuated by the tinkling clanking of rigging against masts. Understand that the sound from wind/sails/rigging on big square riggers at sea is something to experience. Sadly something I’ll never experience, even on the special disabled outings. The only thing I could actually handle is the helm and I bet they wouldn’t let me do it. Would love to have done it, especially since I had a great uncle who had actually sailed on square riggers for real in the 19th century.

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    Menorca Mike

    A lot cooler here today no vintage Kirkwood Sunday with accurate forecast

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Still bright and cheery. Bit cooler though. Brunel and I will attack lawn later…

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    Bright sunny warm, windy sadly a thumping headache, however update on the Peregrine falcon nest…

    4 chicks

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    Have always loved peregrines. How can you not admire something which will go 0-200mph in 3secs or less?

    Summer really here now. First swifts/martins sighted today. And, explain this if you can, bats seen in the middle of bright and sunny afternoon. Seems to be going from house to house and landing on roofs. Just woke up and looking for roosts?

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    Really nice weather over the weekend.  A bit too breezy to be ‘warm’, but all that Sunshine is a nice mood-lifter.

    Spotted my first chick of the year over the weekend – a newly fledged robin sitting in the cherry tree being fed by a parent.  Also, fresh wee beastie poop on the patio this morning – too long for the squirrel, so I’m guessing it’s either a rat or a hedgehog.  I haven’t seen a hedgehog, frog, toad, grass snake or slow-worm for ages because everyone around here seems to have dogs nowadays and they’ve conscientiously blocked up any the holes in the fences.  Good for dog management, bad for wildlife.  There are always rats and mice around, of course – they just climb over the fences. 🙂

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    Cloudy spells, bright at times breezy, headache remains since Saturday afternoon😔..

    We seem to have a cat left behind by a deceased neighbour somewhere in the area.

    We also had a little mouse used to run from the ivy clearing away any dropped seed(not sure which seed it is but even the woodies don’t eat it)

    However the deserted cat has pounced on the mouse after waiting for it to come out witnessed by my Son😤.

    Gutted now nothing to clear the left over seed..

    Guesss I won’t fill up till the fallen seed have been taken..

    yet to see any fledglings yet in the garden, congrats on the robin sighting👍


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    Weather the same as 10 mins ago🤣😂, no my reason for return so quick is anyone know what seed this is even two feral  pigeons left it 🧐

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    cloudless afternoon..
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>
    I think it could be wheat grain looking on images, what ever it is no bird seems to like it, now Michal mouse is no more, looks like I’ll have to change seed😳, new bag unopened too..</p>

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    Sorry to read about the headache, ajn.  I had one for a while not long ago after my Covid jab, so I know how rotten they can be. {{ajn}}

    Nature’s Feast ‘No Mess’ is the best bird seed I’ve found.  It lives up to it’s name because it doesn’t contain any cheap ‘filler’ seeds that don’t get eaten.  Unfortunately it’s ridiculously expensive and always seems to get ‘Lost in Transit’ when I order from Amazon (i.e. ‘Drop Shipping’ – They take your money and tell you it’s Dispatched without checking that the Mother Ship warehouse has any In Stock first.  When it doesn’t turn up they swear blind they sent it and claim it must have been ‘Lost’).  These days I use Peckish Complete ‘Seed and Nut No Mess’, which isn’t as good but is good enough – and actually arrives!

    Don’t worry about the mouse, though.  Where there is one mouse there are more mice.  It is the nature of mice.

    I feel a lot more sorry for the now-homeless, friendless and unfed cat.  Maybe you could let the RSPCA know it’s around so it can get caught before it gets fleas, ticks and FIV?  My sister always takes in rescued cats  – the last had been savaged by a dog and her current one lived rough for 8 months and now has FIV from fighting other cats and only can only go outside on a harness.

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    Morning all. It’s gray, very gray indeed here. In fact it’s quite muggy and airless. I think we may be in for a drop of rain. Damn it. Of course Fiona was cleaned yesterday… oh hum

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    definateley cooler and duller today 25% chance of rain according to forecast.

    lots of birds around here as were surrounded by trees every garden seems to have at least 2 or 3 and substantial hedges so plenty of places to nest.

    i confess to no clue as to varieties other than the obvious robin and there seems to be 3 or 4 in the area and they are very terratorial judging by the squabbling going on.

    regarding feeding them in other places i have had food from here https://www.gardenbird.co.uk  not the cheapest but no rubbish fillers and the suets seem very popular they disappear very quickly.

    i havent set up a feeding station here yet but once the garden is sorted it will be too.

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    I’ve seen robins fight each-other to the death.  Blackbirds, too.  They’re Bolshy little beggars in the breeding season.

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    Sunny, pretty clouds, warm too, despite car thermo reading 7.5C. Will be rain tomorrow according to Beeb forecast. Shame. But lawns are starting to go a sort of dirty yellow colour so must not complain.

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    Sunny but clouding over…

    yeah definitely changing the seed to feed situation, that little mouse must have been selling the stuff the amount that’s getting left behind since it’s departure of life, surely it wasn’t eating that much in one night.

    Only ever seen the one same time in the evening but obviously there would be more..

    Headache part of life now sadly Georgie, Thanks for the mention though👍..


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    Weather has changed – overcast and draughty!  Expecting rain this afternoon.


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    Cloudy, rain on and off, breezy, gray, however only 5 days headache, it’s lifted 👍and now mild rather than well horrendous.

    Oh even with the not so good weather, it’s a great day now anyway..


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    Glad to read the headache has eased up, ajn.  Hopefully it will keep heading that way. 🙂

    Weather today is much improved – only 10c but it’s dry and sunny.  I have to nip out and pick up a Letter of Referral from the GP’s surgery this afternoon, and might extend that drive to something more . . . coastal.

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    Good news on the guitar front – just received an email to say the guitar I ordered should be In Stock on May 10th so, hopefully, they’ll be dispatching it my way soon after. 🙂

    I’m guessing they have garnered enough Orders for a second production run, and that’s the Stock currently being advertised as due to arrive mid-June.

    Check out Guitar George . . .

    She knows all of two chords . . .

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    Now she’s really rhythm…

    But she’ll want to make it cry or sing…

    Apologies to Mr Knopfler.

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