Whats the weather like where you are today take 2

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    Ive noticed a problem with the original thread, taking me to page 1 of the thread. Assuming its the same problem as my original Brexit thread (stolen by WMC lol) that there were too many pages, i have started another weather thread (stolen from lightbodyae55 lol).

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Hopefully the current hyper-paranoia regarding infection and cross infection has made them raise their game.  ‘Healthwatch’ also operated an Enter and View review of Worthing Hossie last year and pulled them up on certain hygiene issues, and the Hospital Trust has supposedly taken the review seriously.




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    Thanks, Georgie. Would like to think they got their act cleaned up, but experience of NHS culture does not give me much hope. Probably all they’ve done is put more money  into the It’s Not Our Fault departments.

    Madam is being prepped for operation right now (09.22am). X-ray, MRIs and the like cannot find out what is causing blockage so are going in to have a look. Tilly and I have all fingers, legs, tails etc. crossed.

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    I/we hope they find what’s causing the problem, obviously.  And that it’s a comparatively easy ‘fix’.

    Just remember to keep yourself well, too.  I know worry drives the idea of decent meals and sleep out of our heads, but do try to get some.  Do you have any children or other close family/friends who can come and be with you, albeit at a six feet distance?  You shouldn’t have to cope with this with only Tilly for support (as dear as she is).

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    Hi Tharg

    I hope everything goes well for both you and your wife today. We are all thinking about you. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.

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    All the best for today to you and yours Tharg

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    Hi Tharg

    sorry to read you wife is in hospital I hope they make her feel better.,hope you can get in and visit her.

    my wife is not long home after being in hospital for a long time and I could not visit her as the hospital was on lock down and she can’t get out of bed at all  know .

    remember to also look after yourself because your no good to her if your ill ( that’s what I keep on being told )



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    Thanks again, everyone. Your support really appreciated. Surgery delayed until this afternoon, not idea of time scheduled.

    I AM looking after meself: I’m house cook and I need something to take my mind off stuff so I’m cooking “experimental” dishes, well, stuff I have not done before or have neglecgted for many years.

    Will keep you posted…

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    One good thing about having a dog – the less successful ‘experimental dishes’ will always have at least one willing diner. 🙂

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    Hope everything goes well with the surgery, thinking of ya and know everything must be up in the air right now and you just waiting to see how it lands and we have no control of it at all and not knowing..

    It hurts so much because we care about someone so much and not being able to do anything is the worst feeling. Plus with all the covid restrictions most people cannot visit so must be horrible for both of ya..

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    Hi Tharg,

    Hope your good lady is recovering from her illness and that you are keeping well also.

    You must be going through a very difficult time at the moment. My fervent wish is that you have been through the worse and light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright.

    From my family to yours I wish you the very best.

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    Hi Tharg

    Hope everything goes well today and your wife is fully recovered soon. Look after yourself too at this difficult time.

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    You, and Mrs T, are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep strong, physically and mentally.


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    Wishing you and Herself well. Fingers crossed for you both.

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    Best wishes for you both stay strong

    Thinking of you both in these trying times

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    Hi Tharg  thinking  about  you,s  both.

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    @Tharg, I am so sorry to hear about Madam T’s condition.
    I hope that you’re holding up there and sending Big Forum Love and Positive Well Wishes to you both.
    God Bless my friend.

    Sorry I’ve not sent this earlier. I have to admit, I don’t spend much time off topic. (Thank you @Georgie)

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Hi Tharg, Just wanted to wish you both well, stay strong,

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    Hi Tharg, sorry to hear about Mrs T, hope all goes well and she’s home before long, take care x

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    Thank you, all. Tilly and I hanging in there, waiting to hear. Madam’s in surgery right now.So, msg brief. Waiting for call. Be in touch when news in.

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    Hi, all. Madam came out of surgery last night. Was “under the knife” for over two hours. So not a simple operation. Spoke last night and this a.m. Seems it was a small obstruction blocking the gut (don’t know exactly which bit). Mystery as to how it got there but removed successfully.

    Now in High-Dependency Unit. Pain from blockage gone but pain from 35cm incision (!) pretty bad. She weighs just 6 stone and has had no food/liquids for four days so they have to be very careful.

    Again, thank you all so very,very much for support. My sincere thanks (and a very big slobbery lick from Tilly) to you all.


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    Pleased Mrs T is out of surgery and will soon recover, it’s worrying at the time.

    My granddaughter was taken to hospital yesterday with a suspected appendicitis, still in this morning, doing more tests. What was strange was they tested her for COVID but not my daughter?! Anyway awaiting more news to see whether they remove it or not.

    Take care everyone x

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    I know there’s a long haul ahead with her recovery, but the fact that it was a ‘one-off’ blockage must be some relief.  Now it’s Slow and Steady for a while, with plenty of ‘good’ calories when she gets home.

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    good luck, tharg i hope it all goes well.

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    Bit more data; gathered from the actual surgeon: gut simply, somehow got twisted. Didn’t have to cut it to repair, just untwist the thing. So she can start, gradually, eating and drinking. Still tubed up with gods-know-what anti-somethings and serious pain-killers. But getting to be a happier bunny.

    Hope everything goes well with your granddaughter, Vinnie. Best wishes.

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    Good to hear Tharg, thanks they’ve sent her home as she’s improved but they have to take her straight back if it flares up, so fingers crossed x

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