Whats the weather like where you are today take 2

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    Ive noticed a problem with the original thread, taking me to page 1 of the thread. Assuming its the same problem as my original Brexit thread (stolen by WMC lol) that there were too many pages, i have started another weather thread (stolen from lightbodyae55 lol).

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Good point.  Would go well with my bee leather boots.

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    No doubt along with your bat-wing fascinator with its osprey feather topping?

    Cold, windy, cloudy, bleurgh!

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    Dodo feathers, actually.  To compliment my knock-kneed tarantula-silk cocktail gloves with the Tasmanian Tiger fringes.



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    Okay, I give up – can’t beat the dodo feathers and Tazie tiger. I shall just get into my steam powered Bristol, feed up the boiler on dinosaur bones, and disappear into the grey sunset.

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    A grey sunset, but a brighter sunrise, I hope. 🙂

    Sunny and bright 9c at the moment.  Even the breeze has dropped off.

    Coronation Chicken sarnies for lunch, so I’ve cooked up a couple of chicken breasts.  Now eyeing the vacuum cleaner with a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

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    Same here. Bright sunrise, some thin high cloud now and threatening to be less than cold. Weather has brought the whingeing toms to an end but the pears are still yomping along as are the figs. Grass doesn’t really need a cut but may bring out the Brunel this p.m. just for the hell of it.

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    Mild and damp.  Haven’t even put on the heating this morning.  The ‘hitting Warp 9’ sound from the kitchen suggests the washing machine is on its final spin cycle.

    You have a fig tree, Tharg?  Fig ‘fruit’ is really interesting – inverted flower heads.  I used to like figs until I learned about fig wasps.  Rather less keen, now. :-\

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    Damp, not too cold. Sort of mild Meh! Dry weather earlier meant I watered the fig tree/bush quite a lot. Wasps must like it because we’ve got at least 20 fruits (only three last year). The whole fig-wasp thing is very odd. If it is not a Fake News wind-up. it just goes to prove that the great god Chaos rules the universe: if Life can find a truly ridiculous, bizarre way of performing a simple act then it will. “Sources” say that wasps are dissolved by the fig anyway so no probs.

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    Good news!  Apparently the Fig Wasp doesn’t like in the UK.  You must have one of the self-fertilising models. 🙂

    I learned about Fig wasps when I was still a child.  One of those ‘Interesting Christmas Facts’ that topical TV programmes of the day liked to cover.  And easy enough to Google nowadays, of course!

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    Wonderful! Knowing that my figs are free of hymenoptera is a Good Thing. Makes one feel worthy; just as much as applying the Brunel to lawn this p.m. Might be last time this year? Just saw a goodly flock of house martins wheeling around filling up on insect fuel before heading south. A sure sign of autumn – mists, mellow fruitfulness (insect free fruit, or course!)

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    I’m not normally a fussy eater, but insect-free is preferred, certainly.  The old “What’s worse than finding a maggot in your apple” joke, etc.

    Whenever you mention the Brunel I imagine I hear the distant PUT!  PUT!  PUT!-put-put-put-put of a steam traction engine firing up, and the faint blast of the whistle . . .

    Back lawn looked fine on Sunday, but now looks like a green sheepskin rug.  Only bigger.  And made from grass.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to get a chance to dry out any time soon, so it’ll be knee-deep by the time it does get cut again.


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    Wish it was steam powered. Such a smooth method of propulsion. No bangs at top of piston stroke moreover, if you’re lucky, the steam drives a turbine like the Britannia. Had the great pleasure to glide from Tower Pier to Whitstable on the Waverley paddle steamer. Just so smooth.

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    That must have been something!

    We lived in Kent (Rainham) for about 18 months before we moved to Hampshire c.1990.  I wish the Waverley had been doing the Tower Bridge to Whitstable run back then – Whitstable was only 30 minutes away!

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    Bright and curiously quite warm here right now. Beeb weather bloke says it is going to chuck it down from about midday. Ho humm.

    Waverley only did the Tower/Whitstable run about twice a year. Back in the early 60s, however, the GSNC Cruise Ferries Royal Sovereign and Royal Daffodil used to do Tower Pier to Margate/Southend and other southern resorts. Favourite holiday trip for me was train (steam hauled) to Margate, have fun in Dreamland centre, ride in speedboat or flight in Percival Prentice from field outside town then back home on the Daffodil.

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    Nice and sunny this morning so I pootled down to Hayling Island for an hour.  The tide was almost in and all the little boats were bobbing around either side of Langstone Bridge, so a very pretty crossing.

    When we visited Margate we pretty much stuck to the sea front – as I recall (never reliable) the tide goes out a really long way.  I wish I’d known about the Shell Grotto back then – I think I’d have loved it.  Not up to the stairs any more, alas.  I think we did visit Dreamland at some point.  It was such a shame it got asset-stripped during the 1990’s – the Big Wheel got flogged to Mexico, for goodness sake, and that was a flippin’ Landmark!

    What’s your opinion regarding Q4?  Looking at my constantly evolving ‘options list’ I find that the 176bhp 2.0 Countryman S Classic has gone up by £200, the Clubman S Exclusive and Sport by £250.  The BMW Sport that I was rather charmed by has gone up by £500!  Still, the Ford Focus 182 ST X-line that I thought had gone has now come back at the same price – though I read somewhere that the X-line is discontinued, so…  I don’t know if having another 18 months to run on my Golf is a relief or not: Half of me says ‘That gives things time to settle down again’ and the other half says “There won’t be anything left but Dacia and Ssanyong – assuming Motability will even exist after 12 months of Brexit austerity.”

    Ho.  And, indeed, Hum.

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    Weather “changeable”. Started tipping down about 6pm yesterday. Stopped early a.m. today. Now bright sun, warm (22C-ish).Getting bored having to adjust number of layers of clothing!

    Didn’t know the Dreamland wheel was gone. V scary one – all wood and rickety. Wonder if the roller coaster survives. Also all-wood construction. Brilliant ride (for a kid in 50s) would probably scare the proverbial out of me now! Developed fear of heights; will happily hang upside down in open-top Tiger Moth (given the chance) but ladders are difficult. Silly.

    Q4. Ho… as you say… hum. Prices were bound to rise. Car makers are facing big drop in demand and, I guess, are trying to charge more per unit to maintain revenue on reduced sales. Totally against accepted rules of economics. But in this pandemic economy, who knows what will work?

    I take it the BMW was the 3 series. Definitely the best car on scheme. Will handle beautifully but looks awful, lumpy lack of any style, looks more like it should be a 5 series. But who cares if you’re inside and drifting gently round a corner? The Focus seems  quite good. Big enough engine to make it acceptable but over a second slower to 60 than both Minis. If I wanted a front-drive Golf replacement, I’d seriously consider the Clubman but I’d test one of the Countryman 4x4s first. Reckon 4×4 drive stuck on to the BMW 2.0L could be really most enjoyable. Bit pricey though.

    Overall, with 18 months to go, I have to agree with your conclusions. Everything is so unpredictable, the only thing to do is wait and see (and secretly hope that the ID3 and/or Giulia come on at a decent AP).

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    If my back gets to the point where I can no longer limbo into a regular height car seat (i.e. I need to replace the current Golf) then the Mini Countryman is still the strongest contender.  Though I confess to casting a glance or two towards the Mazda CX 30 SEL Lux but with an AP of £2k as of this morning, that’s just not going to happen – unless/until it gets cheaper again.

    <Pipe Dream Alert!>

    The Beemer I was daydreaming about was actually the 2 series Gran Coupe Sport.  (Assuming my spine does manage to hold out for a few more years.)   Yesterday the AP was a reasonable £749, this morning it is £1,249. I’m not fan of BMW – as you say, they’re mostly ugly brutes at the moment – but . . .  People blather on about the M Sport, but that doesn’t come in Seaside blue and Seaside blue is what I wants.  It’s a ‘girl thing’, I’m afraid.  Who cares if it drinks like a fish and drives like a swine! (It doesn’t do either – I checked.)  I passed one coming the other way when I was wiggling around the back lane on Hayling, and it’s as nice in the flesh as it is in the piccies.  It looked almost lavender.

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    Thing to bear in mind with the Beemer you like is that, as I understand it, it is built on the same “chassis” and engines as the Countryman. The one on the scheme has the small 3-cyl engine and lacks the “go” of the 4-pot in the Countryman on the scheme (also no 4×4 in the Beemer).

    More info on the Countryman in a thread called “Mini Matters” where Mitch writes clearly and concisely about his one. One thing I would say with ANY of the Minis is test drive one for as long as you can. The ride can be remarkably firm and you need to be sure it is not going to further knacker your back. (Bit worried about my Cooper S for said reason.

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    Well, at least the viciously variable weather has settled down… to permanent precipitation. Feels like it has chucked it down for 48 hrs non-stop. There have been some not-raining periods but the mind does not let you notice them, just the falling wall of water. Will be the same until middle of next week according to beeb weather chap. Bleurgh!

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    Is it ever going to stop raining?

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    Same here, pouring down.

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    It’s stopped. No,wait. false alarm! I was in the shower and turned it off. My bad.

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    Dry and almost sunny.  Almost.  The bamboo and the red berry bush are showing signs of recovery – they both lost a lot of leafage during the dry spell.  The last of the apples on  the tree look nice and juicy, but we’re leaving those for the blackbirds.  We still have plenty left from the ‘harvest’.

    Tharg – the whole BMW thing is a fancy, really.  I’ve still got 18 months and the Spanish Inquisition – I mean a PIP review – before I’m due to renew, and – now more than ever – who knows what will be available by then?

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    Finally stopped raining last night about 10pm-ish. This a.m. a bit cloudy, occasional sun, not too chilly; still need a jumper outside though.

    “…BMW thing is a fancy really…” . Of course it is! Just like my hankering after the Giula. Where would we be without fancies or hankerings!?

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    Well, there’s this big, yellow and bright thing in the sky. Memory tells me that it is called “the sun”. No constant wall of water falling from above. Quite mild too. Will it last..?

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