Whats the weather like where you are today take 2

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    Ive noticed a problem with the original thread, taking me to page 1 of the thread. Assuming its the same problem as my original Brexit thread (stolen by WMC lol) that there were too many pages, i have started another weather thread (stolen from lightbodyae55 lol).

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Menorca Mike

    It’s been very hot Brydo my joints are better in the heat and yesterday I sweated so much I didn’t go for wee for 10 hours ! Yet had drunk so much water.

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    Well, His Serene Wartiness certainly delivered on the rain front. Chucked it down for hours last night. Very little banging and flashing, though. His Serenity actually summoned two or three acolytes and went dancing on wet lawn. Very slow dancing, you understand. Honestly, they did – you couldn’t make it up!

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    I can well believe it, Tharg.  All that water would have ‘encouraged’ lots of yummy food to the surface.  It was probably a Royal Ball and Banquet. 😉

    I very much approve of the new ‘Advanced Warning’ system, by the way: About 10 minutes before it starts to rain the clouds announce themselves with a few rumbles of thunder, so you’ve got time to close the big windows, bring in the washing or catch the dog in from the garden before it gets a soaking.  Very civilised.


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    Sadly, not getting Advance Warning here. Did see hints of a real doozy of a storm 20/30+ miles north of South Downs, flashing away near Gatwick. Plenty of rain, just no “ooh-aah-squeak” flash and bang.

    Wouldn’t have to rush out and rescue dog from garden. Our Staffordshire Wuss Terrier would be in the dry way before we are! Would have to grab the tortoises though – don’t think they would float.  Do you have a dog to rescue, Georgie? If so, what make..?

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    For a change the storms are running north to south, so the hump of the Downs that keep coastal storms from getting up to me are probably stopping them getting down to you.  The wind has no business coming from the north at this time of year, but that’s another conversation ( or ‘It’s just weather’, as Trump so famously said).

    No dog, Tharg.  Much as I’d like one (a Bernese or a shaggy German Shepherd) I can’t walk it and DH isn’t keen, having ‘served his time walking dogs’ while growing up with various large dogs in the family.  I know there are Dog Walkers for hire, etc., but . . . that ship has sailed.

    We had a marvellous black cat called Oscar, though.  Died of cancer a few years ago, and we’re holding off getting another can until we’ve replaced the leather furniture. 🙂

    Funny how many Americans seem to think tortoises and turtles are the same thing, especially as there are wild desert tortoises in the Southern States!


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    can/cat – obviously!

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    Madam T has had tortoises for many, many years. We lost a couple of adult big ‘uns a few years back – they were 70+ years of age. Currently have two small north African ones (Arthur and Guinevere, always named after monarchs) which were “rescued” by RSPCA. Then we had to rescue them again because the Society has no idea what to do with chelonia and was going to have them destroyed. There were 500 of the beasts – from a suitcase intercepted at Heathrow. Got them all adopted.

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    Meanwhile, back at the weather, it’s been mild, wet and really rather nice. Jolly pleasant to stand in some light, warm rain and enjoy the sounds and scents of summer.

    Toad God has hopped off somewhere. Left a plague of frogs to look after his lawn. The grass is starting to look very green – at last!

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    Cooler and showery.  Nice.

    I like themes for pet names.  Your tortoises named after monarchs, my sister names her cats after Holy Roman Emperors – Charlemagne (Charlie), Maximilian (Max), Frederick (Freddie), and now Ferdinand (Ferdie).   Hopefully Otto, Berengar and Lothair will all appear in due course.

    Sorry I’ve not been around for a bit – I’ve had a major energy crash these last few days, so I’m  not  really compost mentis  at the moment.   🙂


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    Welcom back, Miz G. Was a bit worried by your absence so glad to hear from you. Weather, like yours, mixed. Lots of the wet stuff, at least 2in yesterday, and actually had two big thunder rumbles. Sunny and warmer right now; most enjoyable, jolly pleasant.

    Love your sister’s naming conventions. There was a Charles the Bald at one time, although perhaps that’s bad karma for a feline. When I was a wee lad my uncle had a cat which bore a remarkable resemblance to a chap’s hairpiece. I grew up thinking that “Wig” was a name people gave to their cats –  seriously, not making this up.

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    No ‘Charles the bald’, but there was ‘Freddie the Brainless’ (brain-damaged) and Ferdie the Toothless (due to neglected mouth abscess).  She always takes on the tricky Rescue Cats.

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    V brave of your sister. Know how difficult rescues can be – had a disaster of a Jack Russell some years ago. So bad that we swore we would not do it again. However, when introduced to Tilly and learning that she was to be destroyed unless found a home, we had to go for it. Not regretted it one little bit. Were worried that a “big and hard” Staffordshire Bull Terrier might be a bit of a handful. Well she is now officially a Staffordshire Wuss Terrier – softer than Lurpak spreadable and the gentlest, friendliest dog ever.

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    Sister had hoped to train as a vet and had all the right Qualifications to apply, but we couldn’t afford to fund her through sever years of University.  She went to work at xxxx Lab, which funded her to study Chemistry and Geology at Swansea.  Not exactly the same thing, but she made a career out of it.

    Funnily enough, said sister’s neighbours have a Staffie cross called Saffron – Saffie the Staffie – that also has a very gentle nature.  I’ve not met Saffie but I think she has a brown coat.

    She also has another friend with a Sheepdog-cross Lurcher called Tilly!

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    well it seems the Weather has changed to Raining Cats and Dogs, lame  i know but couldnt resist, sorry!

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    Nice one, JS. Someone had to! Pretty accurate too – really chucking it down right now. No complaints from me or me lawn.

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    Just put the washing on and finished my ‘exercises’, so now the top windows are open to let in some fresh air.  I love just listening to the sound of rain on the trees.

    On the other hand I’m hoping the weather forecast holds true (! – I am an optimist) and it’s dry and Sunny tomorrow because, having been stuck at home for the last month, I rather fancy going for a drive tomorrow.  I’ll have to fill up the tank first, which I haven’t done since Lock-down (DH did it last time), so I need to work out the Logistics for that.

    Cunningly, I have found a way to combine ‘weather’ with ‘cars’, so it’s a win-win on this site: when the weather broke here last week it was just before 4pm and the Sun had been blasting down on my car, on the drive, all day.  Once the downpour stopped there were clouds of steam boiling off not just the car but off all the plants, too!

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    Weather here fine, bit cloudy but no rain. Quite warm and comfy. Nice day for a meander through the countryside in one’s Golf (hope to do same in Mini). Enjoy your outing, Georgie.

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    Great day for a drive: West to Winchester, South to M27, East to A3 (still roadworks with what felt like an endless 50 limit – almost hypnotising, even with the radio on), North up the A3 to Petersfield, East to Midhurst, North-West down some really bad back roads to Liphook, then back Home.  Just over 100 miles in two and a half hours, plus a refuel at the end.

    Now a bit knackered, so reading this afternoon and then I’m going to make Taco’s for Dinner.:-D

    Hope you had at least as good a drive too, Tharg!

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    Excellent, Georgie. So pleased you had a good run out. Much shorter 30mile local wander for me along nice back roads: Long Furlong to A24 then towards Shoreham on A283. Very English Country Road situation. Surprised by eight-wheel tipper coming round blind corner too fast as I entered main road. First time I’ve used the Mini’s acceleration properly. Quite a lot of it. Impressive.

    Boring dinner – got a mouth infection side effect from an antibiotic, Can’t eat anything hot, or even warm. No salt or spice. Everything hurts like hell. Salmon mayo sandwich with cucumber. Pah! Can’t even eat fruit – the acid feels like blowlamp making hole in gob. Will improve I’m sure. Keep well, Georgie.

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    Nice stretch or road along the A27 past the amazing Lancing College Chapel to the north.  I would love to visit that one day.

    Yeah, ‘surprise’ lorries and tractors on the wrong side of the road are always fun.  I always drive very cautiously on twisty back roads, hollow ways and ‘wildlife rich’ roads and if the drivers ‘stuck’ behind me don’t like it, then frankly that’s their problem!

    Commiserations with the mouth infection.  I managed to miss that particular side effect of Chemo, luckily.   All I can think of is cold rice pudding, bananas, peach slices with evaporated milk, cold meat with cold tatties and hard boiled eggs (vaguely nutritious), egg and mayo sarnies, cold chicken, cheese, vanilla ice cream, pasta salad, milk and milkshakes, non-fruit yogurt, soggy cornflakes . . .   Maybe drink through a straw?  That might bypass the sore bits?


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    Thanks for suggestions, Georgie. Have tried most of ’em and you’re spot-on, they all work and are SO boring. Only one not to work is cheese  – too salty. Whole thing is down to bloody Covid anyway. Offending antibiotic was for a thing called a paronychia; infection/blister on fingernail caused by washing hands too much which we’re obliged to do these days. Called “scrubber’s nail” or somesuch. Gob infection quite nasty – it turns one’s tongue black shocking relatives a fair bit. Have found a potent mouthwash specifically for the conditon and seems to work. Can now eat/drink warm stuff and will try home-made KFC tonight.

    Just off to cut neighbour’s lawn – she’s even older and crumblier than we are so needs a hand. Good exercise; feel worthy. Keep well…

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    Glad it’s a little better.  I was about to suggest buying some tubs of Slimfast from Amazon!  Then you’d get all the vitamins and minerals and only need to worry about evening meals.

    And getting your hands on all the necessary milk, of course.


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    Weather here best described as “variable”. Light shower early on then cloudy and chilly. Now broken cloud and getting warmer.

    Thanks again, Georgie, for the diet advice.Pleased to say that condition is receeding fairly quick now. Can handle quite warm (temperature) food now. Will find out about spices tonight as we have decided to take the plunge – after six months of denying ourselves a takeaway, we are going to risk a kebab from local scoffery. This may involve some chilli!

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    Weather’s been quite nice today,really.  A light shower this morning, which got DH out of mowing the grass, but still warm and quite sunny.

    Played the ‘Pharaoh’ expansion pack ‘Cleopatra’ this morning, building Alexandria.   Had ‘Pharaoh’ for years, but never played the expansion before.  It pleaseth me greatly.

    We’re having Char Sui Pork with egg fried rice and mini Spring rolls for dinner today.  I’ve just finished frying the chopped onion ready for the rice.

    Good Luck with the kebab, you Brave Fellow.  Might want to have some milk handy, just in case!


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    Char Siu Pork. Mmmmm. Sounds marvellous (I’m jealous of you cooking – dead stupid, I know, having cooked every day for six months, I’ll miss being in the kitchen this afternoon. How sad is that?). Do you make your own marinade for the pork? A Chez Tharg fave is jerk chicken and since Levi Root stopped doing the marinade paste, have to make me own.

    Looked up Pharoah to discover it is a game. Lost on me, I’m afraid. Even though I used to write some columns about computer games, I was never any good at them.

    Did our lawns yesterday and day before. Some pruning calls…

    Nice weekend, all!

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