Whatever happened to Brexit?

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    We are now into April and its likely there will be no negotiations until this pandemic is over. What are we looking at, could we survive on WTO rules, will we ask for an extension?

    I think the obvious option is to agree an extension possibly to next March to give both sides a chance to come to an agreement. I think the German’s will be very keen to get a deal.

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    Really Georgie? I haven’t got the time or the inclination to inform you. Perhaps you could do your own research. There are expert papers all over the internet and many books explaining the EU, it’s structures and powers.

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    Oh, no no no no no . . .   You don’t just get to climb on your high horse and brush off the nasty facts.

    You voted for Brexit?  Then tell us a few of the wonderful things Brexit has done for us.  How exactly will British Industry be so much more competitive after we Leave; How great our Trade Deals are compared to what we had in the EU, How many more jobs we’re going to have, How our Economy will recover the £130 billion it has so far lost due to Brexit (more money that Britain ever paid into the EU, in total, over the last 47 years).

    Go on.  Have a go.

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    Well, no. Simply because my reason for voting to leave the EU was because I wanted the UK to not be a member of the EU.

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    Mike 700

    Mike I agree with almost everything you say but there would be a discussion on whether BJ was voted in on his brexit stance or on an anti Corbyn ticket (its likely a bit of both). With regards to brexit it I agree its done and dusted but the repricutions of the vote may not be over. As you know I am all for Scottish independence and the polls up here are routinely over 50% in favour. If the SNP get an overall majority in next years elections a vote on independence will follow. The reason for the increase in those supporting independence are Brexit and BJ. BJ, to use a good English word, is a “twat” and many up here can’t believe he is PM, I include myself and all of my family in that, all of who are anti Scottish Independence. So in the mean time a stance was, and needed to be, taken so well done Dominic Cummings for forcing BJ to stand up for the uk. I am really looking forward to the next six months as it is a momentous time in our live but I dare anyone to say they know what’s going to happen. I would like to say welcome back to the forum Mike 700 I’ve missed your insightful contributions and well thought out positions.



    We all have an opinion of course Brydo, equally valid no doubt, but from the exit interviews on election night I really did get the impression that BoJo ‘ s LARGE
    Majority was mainly due to his stance on Brexit.

    As you confirm, Brexit is done, it is a likely once in a lifetime decision, and it is futile to reopen old wounds which does seem to be happening – it would be much more interesting to read opinions on how we can open up the future outside of the EU, rather than read negativity over a decision made 4 years ago

    My preference would be for a free trade deal to be made , not so much for the free trade bit (albeit the importance of tariff free trade is huge, but after a lifetime of dealing with businesses, I have every confidence in the ability of our businesses to successfully sell their wares throughout the world ) but for all of the peripherals that go with it, such as passports, air travel etcetcetc.


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    Mike 700

    I was wondering where you were wigwam lol. Brexit is done, no turning back, no matter how much I wish we could, so its now full focus on getting the best deal possible. The EU got a bit of a fright on Friday, by all accounts, but how much of a fright. They are willing to move forward on legal text and one or two other items but I just can’t see them move far enough to let BJ call the deal a victory.



    You are so right, Brydo, we ( both sides ) really must focus on getting a deal.

    as I see it, if there is no deal, during the first few months  the French will have plenty of time on their hands at the ports, as the EU has apparently favoured Dutch & Belgian ports for receiving Ireland’s trucks etc.

    So, the French and Spanish farmers will likely block the ports and the police will have to put out their Gauloises , and get the Water Cannons out – yup it’s going to be very interesting as the Euro takes a nosedive at the same time.

    Where are the German and French car manufacturers going to stockpile the thousands of cars and trucks due originally for sale in the U.K., but no longer affordable – do I see a fabulous opportunity here for Nissan,and Ford and other manufacturers with production in the U.K. to fill the void?

    What about the Hoteliers in Europe and the amount of lost trade , what is the French and Spanish translation for ‘bankruptcy?

    How the hell are our Hotels going to cope with the increase in people holidaying at home again for a year or so?

    Full English breakfasts may become three quarter English for a while, whilst our farmers produce / make up any shortfalls of foods from the EU.

    By the way, all of the air corridors will remain fully open under international agreement as they are NOT under EU jurisdiction.

    Airport delays initially may happen, but how do the other hundreds of non EU countries cope – very well of course!

    Project Fear will be consigned to history, BoJo as long as he can survive the Coronavirus crisis, will reign supreme and be the most popular PM since Winston Churchill, and certain people will still be selling negatively but only to those with the time to stop to listen.

    just my opinion!

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    Mike, Mike wake up your having a dream where BJ is not a twat lol.

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    Mike 700

    Just for you Brydo – one I wrote about 5 years ago!

    “I had a dream”
    You probably know exactly what I mean
    Yes , just like that Dr.Martin Luther King
    we all have our dreams, but here’s the thing

    Some will dream of things past
    Others will dream of stones to cast
    Children may dream of a new toy
    Girls being girls will probably dream of a boy

    Me, well I seem to dream of life gone by
    Of things I’ve lost which sometimes cause me to cry
    I’m not dreaming too much of things yet to come
    ’cause I’ve little control over my PD future, when all’s said & done

    I do however try to dream of pleasant things
    But frankly they’ll be about whatever the dream-maker brings
    I really do however try to blank out all thoughts of ill,
    But as you’ll all know, dreams just come as zz’s will

    They say that of your dreams you go tell’
    They just won’t come true , but what the hell
    My dreams of my life past I feel sometimes need to be told
    And I’m the ‘dream teller’ , if I may be so bold

    To my family I may tell of the past life I dream of at night
    I tell them so they’ll know ‘me’, be it wrong or be it right
    Obviously I hold some details back
    But I tell nearly all, as mainly it’s nice & light, just occasionally black

    ‘And when I say ‘I had a dream’
    Just like Dr. King, you’ll know what I mean
    That dreams are there for all to share
    But mostly only the good news not a nightmare

    And as I get older, and Dreaming more in the days
    I guess it’s just one of nature’s ways
    of bringing back a life gone by
    Even though sometimes it brings a tear to my eye

    So, it’s dream the dream for me, and perhaps for you sisters and brothers
    And actually ‘living the dream ’ is now left to others
    As we get older & sit here smiling, just like the cat who got the cream
    We know that while others have yet to live it, we may have already lived ‘our dream’

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    Another cracker Mike.

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    I’m afraid anyone who thinks Brexit is going to be anything other than the realisation that the UK is a spent force, are delusional. We are swapping a situation where we had influence in the largest trading block in the world to become a little European state so far up the USA’s backside as to be virtually indistinguishable from it.

    There will be some positives from my perspective, Scotland will gain its Independence, Ireland will become United and hopefully my own Country will seek power over it’s own destiny. But I cant help thinking that is a hell of a price to pay. I always believed that the over-centralised UK state would evolve into something more sustainable. But Brexit has accelerated that process expedentially and with the advent of the virus I envisage serious problems ahead.

    I have no doubt that the current corrupt, inept bunch of habitual liars impersonating a government will make the same mess of Brexit as they have dealing with the virus. I truly hope I am wrong but all the signs point to that eventuality.

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    Looks like negotiations are back on with a new focus, can we expect news of a deal and if so at what cost?

    I always expected a deal to happen but how close does one get to what they want before they sign on the dotted line.



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    Which Mobility Car

    I had the pleasure of being in a lecture by Fintan O’Toole, his book (Heroic Failure: Brexit and the Politics of Pain) is an excellent read, he explains it perfectly not as a UK Brexit but an English one.

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    Mike 700

    would like to say welcome back to the forum Mike 700 I’ve missed your insightful contributions and well thought out positions.



    Brydo, thanks for that, much appreciated-

    If anyone had asked me yesterday , or last week, or even last month, or from the day that he was elected, exactly what the reactions of certain people in politics, the media, pop stars , sporting personalities, comedians, and some on this Forum would be to anything Boris Johnson says or does , I would have bet my house that I could have told them, almost word for word!

    Now, having read some of the latest newspaper articles, together with some posts, On this forum, I have proven myself right – it’s uncanny actually, that I could have predicted their thoughts so accurately 😁, though it also makes me sad .

    Actually the truth is that it is really frightening , not that people hold these views, they are perfectly entitled to them , but that they are getting the airing that they don’t deserve.

    The milk is out of the bottle and has gone, but there is a whole herd of dairy cows out there, with full udders, just waiting .

    So what do some people do, yup they cry , actually they bitch and moan , over the spilled milk, whilst the opportunity to replace it, and more, is right there , yes, they may have to figure out the best way to get this new milk, but it is there for them, and the longer they sit there blaming others the further away the herd is heading!

    Btw , I know that you already know this, but Boris Johnson did not create Brexit, 17.4 million citizens, and a bunch of European Federalists created it.

    I voted remain, but I’m off, even as a disabled pensioner, chasing those ( cows )  opportunities.







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    Bj is about to sell us down the river the EU have hammered our fish stocks even more so over the past year and  he is going to allow a two year transitional period of fishing in the uk water to get this deal remember you read this here..

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    Mike 700

    An 83 year old Welsh gentleman arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport earlier today  , hoping to get a ticket to see Wales beat France in the Rugby warmup game tomorrow, and was approached by a rather officious Mademoiselle, as he searched his pockets for his passport ‘Have you been to France before’ she asked.

    Yes he said,’ then you should know that you should always have your passport ready for inspection’,  to which he replied ‘well, I didn’t have to show it last time I was in France’.

    You British have always had to show your passports she haughtily replied – ‘ well, when I came ashore on D Day in 1944, I couldn’t find an effing Frenchman to show it too.’


    Lest we forget!

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Bravo, Boris!  Great Deal with Japan!  Double Plus Good. -D

    (Not as good as the one we had before, of course, and 70% of the alleged £15 billion will benefit Japan after 2026, but hey! Our Economy will still benefit by 0.07% if we can sell them enough Cheese and Shortbread . . .

    Our former big ‘sellers’ have mostly relocated to the EU over the last 4 years, of course – Power equipment and Heavy machinery to Germany and China, Pharma and Science to Germany, France, Italy, Financial Services and Insurance relocated to Paris, Frankfurt, Belfast, etc.

    We still have Tourism and Hospitality, though.  That’ll save us.)

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    Oh, you do make me laugh, Georgie. Do keep it up!

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    Which Mobility Car

    Laugh! Makes me worry.

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    At least I can present an argument for why voting for the nebulous (and I’m being polite here) idea of ‘Brexit’ was the stupidest decision this country has ever made.  You still haven’t provided a single reason why Britain is going to better off outside a multinational Trade Block and I’ve yet to read anything, by anyone at all, that even begins to change my mind.

    My request still stands – “tell us a few of the wonderful things Brexit has done for us” because your Borisesque drivel – “my reason for voting to leave the EU was because I wanted the UK to not be a member of the EU” is frankly pathetic.

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    Mike 700

    Bj is about to sell us down the river the EU have hammered our fish stocks even more so over the past year and  he is going to allow a two year transitional period of fishing in the uk water to get this deal remember you read this here am  Richard?



    Well, Rivers are normally teeming with fish , so we don’t lose out after all?

    The man’s a blxxdy genius



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    Having screwed up the Fishing issue, today we learn that Boris has also failed to negotiate any concessions regarding exporting fresh meat to the EU.  All ‘fresh’ meat (carcasses, joints, steaks, sausages, pies, mince, whatever) has to arrive frozen (meaning circa 300,000 extra Export Health Certificates having to be issued every year that we didn’t need as members of the EU – adding extra cost to the exported meats). In any case, Britain doesn’t have any where near the capacity to freeze all the meat we currently export to the EU and EU companies don’t have the facilities to safely defrost that amount of frozen meat.  Instead, affected EU-based businesses are simply resourcing their fresh meat supplies ‘in house’.

    Wave goodbye to another c. 3.7% of our Exports, not to mention more farm bankruptcies and job losses throughout the industry.

    Hilarious, eh?

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    Leaving the EU is, I believe, the single most destructive and incompetent economic act this country has ever perpetrated. Johnson did exactly what the USA/Russia planned for him to do – aid the destruction of a political/economic entity which they see as a threat to their dominance.

    Boris is a joke man. A Trump mini-me. He has the statesman-like expertise of a rabid hedgehog. Moreover, he is very stupid – how can you trust someone who, when trying to shift blame for the cock-ups on exam results, said “The algorithms have mutated”? Oh really? Well one of my equations has just slipped into a quantum duct and become a tesseract, so maybe it can happen.

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    Tharg, Georgie I agree with what you say but there is no turning back, at least in the short term. So now its about getting the best deal available. A no deal is not the best option and should only be used as a last resort but if it does happen we will have used or last chip and will be forced to go cap in hand to the EU next year to bail us out.

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    Brydo, I fully agree. We are stuck with Brexit and should make every effort to make the best of it. Trouble is this government will just make the worst of it. I have said it elsewhere in here so, sorry to repeat meself, the government is criminally incompetent.

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    Fully agree with you Brydo, but sadly I think Boris and his team were always looking for a no deal option. Only the good lord knows why because the thought of Little Britain trying to deal with the rest of the world on WTO rules fills me with trepidation. Trump wanted us out of the EU to divide and conquer in trade terms. Both Russia and China are also pleased that the EU is weakned and that Little Britain is there for the taking.

    Of course the Tories will now be able to degrade workers rights and their rationale is evident in the repulsive way they voted against Marcus Rashfords attempt to allow the poorest children to continue receiving adequate food. As stated earlier we should try to make the best of Brexit but let’s not kid ourselves, we are only marginally less of a joke than the USA under Trump lol.

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