What you need v What you can afford

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    I am in my last 12 months run down to next motor, being limited both in car and deposit I see choices quicly getting worse. Currently have Kuga Titan euro 6 2 litre Diesel.

    Needs are ability to get in with stiff legs, limited bending so this fits fine, equals SUV. MPV or 4×4.

    As prices going could just still go for same at current but might have gone by my choice time.

    We need a Diesel as both sons live 100 miles plus away, have a small caravan(might have to go?)

    My choices might be limited to the 1.6 Diesel Ateca, 1.6 Diesel Honda CRV or 1.6 Diesel X Trail, what does anybody think about these motors, Ateca I realise is new but is comfortable for me..

    Anyones experiences mpg etc would be helpful.

    Thank You.

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    Well to be fair if you still have a year to go on the current lease anything could happen with cars on the scheme in that time. New cars will come on, and cars that are on now might disappear. APs seem to go up and down every quarter too, so something that is affordable now might not be next quarter, and vice versa!

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    Just enjoy the car you have and then start looking in 9 months time and like the rest of us on here will have probably more to worry about than changing your car.

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    BB, there’s nothing wrong with looking ahead. It gives you the chance to note any changes in Advanced Price trends, before you come to place your order. You can also browse the list of new cars to be released in the next nine months or so, because some of these may well be available to you. By the time that you have to decide you will be a walking encyclopaedia on cars and Motability. Enjoy the search, there’s a lot of us on here that do the same.

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    I start my dream sheet with about a year to go 🙂 then at six month mark i begin to get serious. Have my list of must haves and would be nice to haves. Start visiting dealers trying cars for access and storage as if don’t pass this first test no point test driving them. Then will it tow my van, that can whittle cars down again. So hopefully by four month point i have a short list of 3 or 4 vehicles . Then i can start some test driving, trying to get tests different times of day and different weather  This way when three month point reached I have hopefully decided and can place my order.

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    I also started looking a year in advance (new car change November 2017) You do very quickly get used to the different manufacturers AP trends. I have already been interested in then dropped several car choices and although my specific needs probably won’t be fully reached as long as 90% I will be happy. I am also taking the Wife away on the 5th May to the Manchester big event put on by Motability which will enable us to get up close and test drive a few cars to get a clearer picture of their good and not so good points. Hopefully by the time I order mine in August there will still be enough cars to choose from.

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    Before you commit to signing up for anything new, have word with Motability and see if they will extend the existing lease.  If the current car meets all of your existing needs, they are encouraging customers to extend, particularly if you might need financial help (grant) to make a purchase.

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