What would you like to see on 1st Jan / New Quarter

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      For me, a free pack on the BMW iX1 or same on Audi Q4 as I can order immediately.

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        This might give you a clue keso. Audio has been important to me, but I realised that I don’t actually have the music blasting out like I used to, as I need to concentrate more on driving as I get older. So I did some browsing and found some equaliser settings to max the audio in this particular car, and to my surprise it sounded surprisingly good. It won’t blow your “bass” socks off but it it’s sufficiently clear and bright in the mid and treble ranges, and produces an acceptable but light bass bottom end. When I park up in my favourite view point spots this summer, I might plug in my Megaboom to blow some cobwebs away!


        thats how I felt in my ID5

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