What would be suitable when i need to change my Motability Car

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    I may be mad, but i am starting my search/to think about my next Motability Car in 2022, as in the past i have made mistakes and regretted it – causing myself discomfort and distress in a car not suitable and causing my bad back more problems. I like a Car that has plenty of room (cockpit), and a reasonable boot with a high seating position. I currently have a Mercedes GLA Urban 180, which i love but alas Mercedes are now extremely expensive on the APs, and the choice of other makes seems to be getting smaller……I did like the look of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, but on the Motability site they only have the Mirage on their now. Is the Outlander being removed from the scheme? I also like, although seeing it in real life it is plain looking, the Skoda Karoq. In the past i have driven Nissan Qashqai’s…. although the Customer Service has not been great from Nissan…..any suggestions of possible suitable Cars or thoughts on Outlander or Karoq?

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    Mitsubishi are withdrawing from the UK, Raddish21. There won’t be any Outlanders on the scheme in 2022.

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    the big citreon c5 has great seats

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    Nothing wrong or mad about searching suitability of your next car a year earlier, I’ve seen some who do that the day they pick up there current car from the dealer.😁

    It’s something I have no choice in as I can’t test drive cars so everything has to be done by word of mouth, tape measures, brochures and YouTube and takes more than a year and even then you can never be sure you’ve got everything right.

    Shame you can’t order a year in advance then maybe our cars would be delivered on time.😀



    It’s a shame about the Mitsubishi PHEW withdraw from the European market as I seen a photo of the new north American model the other day and it looked pretty good.

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    Thanks all for the replies, i will certainly look at the Citreon C5 Aircross. I have just been looking at the various manufacturers and their removals from the scheme…..it’s tragic how many are being removed…..i wonder what the scheme will look like in 5 years…..does anyone think the scheme will get back to something like it used to be?

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    I have the c5 aircross and it’s been best car I’ve had on the scheme plenty of kit as standard for a reasonable AP .

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    I am currently on our 2nd Nissan X Trail and to be honest am thinking of a 3rd when the new model comes to our shores late this year/early next. Roomy, comfortable and fully loaded 🙂

    could’nt agree more mate. IMHO it is an absolute disgrace that we can still only order 3 months in advance, should be at least 12!

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    Can i ask, if anyone knows please, has the SKODA Karoq been removed now?

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    Yes, the Skoda Karoq is not on the scheme at the moment

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    If your car is due for replacement in 2022 I would be looking at an electric car and the VW ID4 or by then The Skoda Enyaq could well be on the scheme.

    We have a VW Tiguan 2/0 diesel DSG now that was due for replacement this year and had ordered another one back at the end Mar for July delivery. But due to a balls up by VW I cancelled it a few weeks back. I’ts no longer on the scheme and nothing else takes my fancy that is available any time soooon.


    I am now keeping the car for 6-12 months and if nothing comes out that is desirable I will probably come off the scheme and buy privately.

    With that in mind it could well be a Skoda Enyaq, I had a 2hr unacompanied  test drive on Thursday and looked the car, quiet spacious bags of performance and interior is lovely.

    Whatever I go for it will 95% certain to be electric.





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