What tv programs do you miss

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    For me I miss deal or no deal with the boxes, supermarket sweep and golden balls. Golden balls was one of the best things on tv with the tense drama of unveiling that split or steal ball – if you know you know!

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    I used to like Vikings, watched lots of it, then it stopped, never bothered watching afterwards..

    Saying that the TV in our home is a waste of time it’s never on, can’t even stomach the Morning news anymore..

    I have seen Deal or no Deal before though..

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    Flower pot men

    Space 1999

    Gordon Gino and Fred (I believe they aired the last episode last year)

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    Totally agree with you, kezo… Bill and Ben much missed. And Space 1999 – particularly Katherine Schell! Would also like to see more Magic Roundabout – original repeats, please,  not some trendy-wendy “reimaginoratums”.  And, on the same note, Ivor the Engine and Noggin the Nog. Some repeats to be had on U-toob but far too few of them!

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    Magic roundabout another good one, along with Jackanory and not forgetting Rainbow and playschool 🙂

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    Another one @Tharg is Bagpus

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    Yup, Bagpuss most entertaining. Another series which needed to be longer is Farscape. Some of the most innovative telly ever made. Oh, and the Doctor Blake Mysteries were cut off in their prime too.

    Am hoping that The Brokenwood Mysteries get another series, along with The Mallorca Files. Both meaningless, lightweight stuff, but most enjoyable nonsense!

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