What to do in Jersey on Holiday

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    Hi Everyone

    My wife and I are off to the Channel Island of Jersey later in the year for our holiday, flying from Glasgow for our sins!!

    I have obviously looked up on internet what tours etc can be taken on the Island, however I did wonder if anyone from the forum had been to jersey, and if so do they have any suggestions where to go and what to do, but please do not suggest boat trips as both of us do not like those type’s of trips as we will both be calling for hewie (seasick) over the side if we go on one!!


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    I was a fairly young kid when I visited Jersey but a memory that has always stuck in my mind was a visit to the underground hospital built by the Germans during the war. I don’t want spoil the experience by listing details however I came out moved by the experience and I bet you will too.

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    Hi BigB

    Thanks for the info

    That is one of the must do’s on our list at present.



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    Yeah BigB, i went over with a mate back in 94′ and we visited the underground hospital – very good it is, defo one to visit lightbodyae55.

    I was young at the time, went over by ferry (mate won the holiday in a competition) vowed never to visit on the ferry again, man that was a long, I was young at the time so the things i did, surfing, etc probably isn’t on your ‘to-do list’ and to be fair if BigB hadn’t mentioned the hospital i wouldn’t have remembered it!

    If nothing is changed since i went there is only 1 roundabout on the island, the others are ‘filter-in-turn’ so be aware of that if you are driving…ermm there was a nightclub called the warehouse, a bar on 5 mile road…. you can see how my holiday went when i was there, and the reason i can’t remember much…. sorry lightbodyae55 but yeah, visit the underground hospital lol

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    Glos Guy

    I absolutely love Jersey and have had many happy holidays there. Car hire is significantly cheaper than in the U.K. mainland and well worth considering.

    I second the Underground Hospital. Jersey Zoo is nice, founded by Gerald Durrell. St Hellier is a lovely town with quirky stores such as De Gruchy. Mint Orguil (Gorey Castle) is lovely if you can manage the terrain. There are countless tourist attractions and all are pretty good, depending on your interests.

    Best of all I just love driving around the coast stopping in all the bays (all very scenic and all very different) and enjoying the superb food which is on offer in the fantastic pubs and restaurants. Enjoy!

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    Glos Guy

    That’s Mont Orguil. Ruddy auto-correct!

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    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the info.

    As my wife will be in her wheelchair hiring a car is not on the list, we are looking at some of the bus/coach tours around the island as two of the companies that I have emailed have said they have dedicated disabled passenger seats at the front of the bus, and can accommodate the fold up wheelchair in the storage hatch of the bus/coach.

    I guess that the hospital is where the War Tunnels are, or maybe its where the Military Museum is, not sure where!!

    Is there such things as roundabouts on Jersey, don’t remember them when watching Bergerac!!

    Trev I went to Jersey in 1970 with the Boy Scouts, I was 12 years old, and yes we went on the ferry from Weymouth in a force eight gale, called for hewie all the way there!!

    Don’t remember anything about it, not even a hospital or bunkers or anything, other than having to put up tents and trying to get a camp fire going.

    Hopefully this time we can savour all that Jersey has to offer.


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    bob mac

    hi lightbody

    my wife and I are going out to jerse later this month for a week. first time for wife, however I used to go there quite regularly in the 70’s. will have changed a hell of a lot since then and we too will be looking for things to do. a visit to the local british legion club should provide some useful info as well as cheaper refreshment, it is quite expensive out there.

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    Hi bob mac

    sorry its a late reply (see thread re bank holiday afternoon)

    Thanks for the info, as we don’t drink alcohol, only Herbal Tea for my wife and Black Coffee for me, the refreshment as you say will proberbly be on par with the mainland UK.

    Still you two can have a nice time out there and when you get back you can tell us how good or bad it was, and where you visited.



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