What is Best Family SUV On Motability!

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    Hi Everyone,

    What do you think is the best Motability SUV for families and why?

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    I have a feeling that Motability have increased the cap slightly.

    @file28, the reason a £35k car is on the list is due to one of the models in it’s range being below the cap.

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    Our Touran has a just over £37k invoice with the paperwork.

    A price id never pay for one privately.

    unless something improves health wise I’ll no longer need an automatic as I can’t drive and my kids prefer and drive manuals.

    Now I just need to talk them into buying an suv or mpv big enough for us and our equipment and I won’t need the scheme any more

    For now though at least we’ll have much wider choice come change time



    Tiguan fan boy

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    Hi big Dave, Was flying execs to earn a crust having been furloughed by big. Airways for a second time. Early 1980s. Fear for 1200 former colleagues being laid off, plus thousands around the world as there is nowhere to go. I never had a second string to my bow and was lucky that medical issues didn’t strike until late 50s. Couldn’t get in or out of your Warrior Now! Trained on the Cherokee in the early 70s. Sad to see the end of the 747 having spent 22 years on the Queen of the Sky’s

    Hi Clipped wings,

    I must admit getting into the Warrior is getting more difficult as I get older. However, it does have adaptions to permit me, being a left leg amputee with a prosthetic to fly it. Getting the adaptions signed off however was another matter!

    Yes, sadly BA isn’t seeing good days at the moment. I flew to/from LA on a BA B744 in first class last Christmas and the crew onboard were fantastic. With BA parking all their B747s airframes currently I don’t know if they will fly again – they seem to be flying only the B777 and B787’s currently on their very few long-haul flights. I hope I do get another chance to fly in a B744 again, as the 20 Club seats upstairs have something rather special about them.

    I always feel just that bit happier crossing the Atlantic with 4 RB2-11’s ‘turning & burning’ than with only two!

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    I took my Autistic son to see his friend in Florida last year, Vigin Premium Economy in the bubble 🙂

    Seats were fine until some inconsiderate git decided to fully recline as soon as we were up.  As we’re both well over 6′ it didn’t leave a lot of room in front of his face and made getting out for the loo almost impossible.  Air crew had to ask them 3 times to put it upright for the meal service, soon as they’d finished theirs back they came again. We were still eating so I got out and had a polite word with them, I don’t think a 6′ 5″ annoyed Geordie was a pleasant surprise for them!.  I asked them not to recline fully back as it was upsetting my son, half way was fine.

    Luckily we had different people on the way back, and a screaming baby in the centre bulkhead seats!.  We had the bulkhead seats reserved for this November but Virgin have changed the flight time and dropped the 747 for an A330 so of course changed our seats, now half way down the aisle 🙁

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Guys its still the tiguan 😂 biased opinion lol

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Bigdave,

    Well done keeping your licence going in the face of adversity. All too easy to file things in the Too Difficult tray. Mine is sadly full!
    1A & 1K on the 747 are the best seats in any aircraft and the choice of many a rock star and movie A lister. Ahead of the pilots upstairs and 3 windows of your own that have some forward vision. Tried the A380 to LAX. Super smooth and quiet, but lacks the character IMHO. Some of those probably won’t survive either -$450million each. Ouch. Hope your grandchild is doing well in Phoenix. Scary to see the Chinese plague kicking off there as well as Texas and Florida. Long haul travel is going to be a challenge. Air ridge to New Zealand ? One, they don’t want us and two, you have to make a stop in an infected country to get there.

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    Clipped wings

    Travel insurance the kicker. No COVID cover likely.

    sorry to diverge from the thread. Big week as Touran MOT and service Tuesday. Q3 Wednesday. Tiguan facelift revealed soon.

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    I agree and had a long list, then short list of SUV’s having driven SUV’s the last 15 years. And in the end the MG HS won after like for like 24 hr test drives of other SUV’s & I’ll be collecting my MG HS at the end of the week

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    kelvin harris

    Was going to order a HS. Well impressed apart from 1. No front parking sensors.2.Forward vision is drastically impared due to gadgetry and rv mirror..might be better if you drive with seat lowered but for us tall guys heh ho!. However lovely car,fullof tech and superb value for money. Why other makers cant get near this I don’t know.

    Ps. ask your dealer for a 100 pound discount..they will give it I assure you.

    Kind regards.

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    Hi Guys , I am also looking at the MG does it come with heated front seats as standard ?

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    Bifter the mg hs only has heated front seats in exclusive trim. but also gets full leather seats , powered front seats ,powered tailgate, a couple of extra speakers and the top lights .


    Here’s the link. 2great trim levels

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      <li style=”text-align: center;”>Thanks Stav , Much Appreciated
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    Clipped wings

    Thanks for the tip, newyork1. Touran family 1.5evo dsg now on. As pana roof is £1250 extra on SEL, the loss of a few goodies might be a worthwhile swap. Passed MOT yesterday so now have to decide on lease extension beyond 6 months. Also  Allspace with same engine and dsg available as SEL. Although £2799, includes roof, electric open and close tailgate, LED lights, digital dash, 14 way ergo seat with massage and other extras that would add up to £1000s on the Touran. So my vote for the best SUV is the Mexican All-space. Sisters Tarraco and Kodiaq are no longer as well equipped and more expensive like for like.

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    The Touran isn’t on the scheme, is it?

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    Clipped wings

    Ordered the Allspace 1.5 evo dsg SEL as delivery 24 weeks which is near the end of 6 month lease extension. Doing the sums, the Touran SEL needs £5300 in extras to match the spec and a Kodiaq equally expensive so no brainier. The Tarraco is closer but the Allspace has all I needed. Will probably be facelifted in 2021 but based on regular Tiguan Face lift will be mainly latest safety tech etc and a new grill and will risk even higher APs with no deal Brexit likely to add 10% tariffs Pleased this model appeared Q3 as previously only manual diesel

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    @Clipped wings what did you think to space inside  and the drive of the Allspace compared to the Touran?

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    The all space has a narrower boot then the touran which I found out on a trip to ikea with my son, he had his touran and I had an all space while our Tiguan was being serviced.

    load with the seats down is also slightly longer in the touran.

    seats up they’re very similar in depth.

    Tiguan fan boy

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    We’ve ordered an Allspace too. I liked the fact the front pads anger seat folds down (standard across the range) to easily transport ladders or a few extra bulky items on a tip run. We ordered the auto diesel match. Estate-sized boot but with suv ride and access height.

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    *passanger seat

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    Clipped wings

    Hi NewYork1,

    My wife and I are both shielded so decided not to drive one and signed the order outside sat in the car. Not ideal, but underneath they are very similar. All the switchgear etc virtually identical (in match). The window line is higher and the bonnet is visible. Driving position excellent as is access – an important consideration for me. As Phil says, load height, width and capacity not as good as Touran, but long enough for my rollator. Only option I went for was the heated steering wheel and heated windscreen not available – perhaps the Mexicans make the screens there. Standard Kesey, open and closing electric boot. Led lights with auto dipping, pana roof, ergo 14 way driver seat with massage, digital dash, lane assist, winter pack all extra on the Touran. If it is not quite as practical then can forgive it.

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    @Clipped wings & Philjb Thanks for the info and opinions on Allspace. Its proven difficult to think of a direct replacement for the Touran other then another one.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    Clipped wings

    Agree. The Touran SEL has delivered everything we need and if I was a private buyer would keep it for several more years. Our 18 month old granddaughter loves her trips out. The Motability salesman agreed yesterday and said shame was out of fashion as best option for many people. The Allspace is very similar in many ways and hope that Mexican build quality can match Wolfsburg.

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    Can you get the touran without much delay?, I have a allspace on order but God knows when I’ll get it so might change to the touran

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    Clipped wings

    Hi Thomas,

    I was quoted 19 weeks for a factory order Touran, 24 for the Allspace. Mine due Christmas Eve!

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