What did you do on Bank Holiday Monday Afternoon?

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    Hi Everyone

    Unfortunately I had to rush my wife into hospital this afternoon, because of her gallbladder infection and excruciating pain associated with it.

    My wife was diagnosed with gallstones last April (2017) and because of her other medical conditions, and her compromised immune system, she was admitted to our local hospital seven (7) times last year alone, for this same problem. Because of her other health conditions the local hospital will not operate on her because they do not have an ICU.

    Again due to one of her conditions (Whole body primary Lymphoedema), which means that she is carrying around in excess of 10kg of fluid that cannot be removed from her body, and her size, there are only a few Surgeons that will operate on her. Having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over two years ago (September 2015), she has lost 10 stone in weight, and is still loosing a about a 1lb a week. At the last weigh in in January this year she was 126kg which is 19stone 12oz or thereabouts. In August 2015 she was in excess of 29 stone (188kg)

    She has been referred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and a specialist has added her to his list earlier this year, however we have been told his waiting list is over a year long, and we are not happy to wait that long.

    Maybe with this flaring up again they will all get together and get this operation done at the earliest opportunity, but I doubt it.


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    Glos Guy

    Sorry to hear all of that. It must be a worrying time for you both. Your wife has done remarkably well with her weight loss and this will inevitably improve her health considerably and enable her to cope better with her existing and any future conditions. I wish you both well.

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    Hi Glos Guy

    Thank you for your kind words


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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    I can fully understand the pressure you must be under looking after your wife. My wife has end stage COPD (the last spirometry test they could get a reading from revealed only 20% of her lungs actually worked) as she burns so many calories just breathing her weight has fallen to just 39 kilos. It is a constant worry wondering what is going to happen next. I lie in bed at night listening to my wife’s breathing which even when she is sleeping is about five times faster than mine. A trip out of the house when the weather permits and I either push her wheelchair or she uses her scooter needs two to three days rest for her to recover from the strain.

    My philosophy is to try and be positive and to make every day the best it can be for my wife. We are looking forward to the summer coming and the weather improving as this tends to be beneficial for her condition and all being well we will have a couple of short holidays.

    Wishing you and your wife all the very best for the future.

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    Please send my best wishes to your wife lightbodyae55, I do hope she will be able to get the operation she needs sooner than later, it takes amazing strength to keep to a diet – you both are doing amazing.


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    Hi BigB

    Thank you for your kind words.

    My wife has Obstructive Sleep Apnea and has to use a CPAP machine when she goes to sleep, but sometimes during the night she will take the mask off inadvertently, and I have to turn the machine off as I have tried to put the mask back on her but she resists in her sleep, so the best thing to do is turn the machine off, but in doing that I have to be careful and listen to her breathing because with this condition you can stop breathing and it can in certain circumstances cause you to die. So when she throws the mask off i need to monitor her breathing, which then makes me tired as i have to keep awake in case anything untoward happens.

    Oh well never mind others out there are worse off than us, that’s the way I look at it, take each day as it comes.

    As my wife was admitted to hospital this afternoon, that leaves me on my own tonight I may or may not get some sleep, Probably will worry too much and not sleep. Will just have to try my best.


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    Hi Trev

    Thanks for the kind words

    I do hope that she will get the operation soon as I don’t think she can put up with the pain much longer, she keeps saying she does not want it any more.

    I have told the GP about this and I am concerned she may do something silly, so I have to keep a careful watch on her. The GP has also voiced her opinion and with this episode, maybe somthing will happen sooner rather than later, all we can do is hope.


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    bob mac

    hi lightbody

    I read the jersey thread answer ,  sorry to hear about your wifes condition, however some advice on jersey holiday. jersey no longer has medical reciprocal facilities with uk, so I would advise , like us , you take out some medical insurance for holiday.  I wish you both all the best. and yes I will try and give you a “wish you were here” report on our visit.

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    Hi bob mac

    First thing I did after booking holiday was to obtain medical insurance through All Clear medical insurance. I did not know that there was no reciprocal agreement with the UK, so therefore the EHIC card is not worth taking with us.


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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    I too use a cpap machine at night, 4 years now and have to use it each and every night – it’s become a comforter to me and i sleep soundly with it on – I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea after years of being unable to concentrate fully and falling asleep all the time. This machine as inconvenient as it is has made a massive difference to my life, no more naps for one, and by using it and getting results, i got my driving licence back.

    I am no longer classed as obese, actually just 1/2 stone of being normal weight and not overweight. But strangely enough as i say the cpap has become like a comforter to me, it’s the full face mask i use, so i don’t really want to ask to come off it, but on my next review i will ask to be re-monitored, or perhaps when i lose this 1/2 stone i’ll give them a ring and see what they say.

    I’ve known people who refuse to use the cpap even though it means they cannot drive, it’s not an easy thing for some people to use, so your wife is doing fantastic in keeping with it.

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    Hi Trev

    Yes they are wonderful machines my Mum used to have one till she died three years ago, and Dad died three weeks after mum.

    My wife uses the nose mask, she has tried the full face mask, but found she did not like it so is using the nose mask. We work round with it quite well, but it is where she removes the mask while sleeping that is the concern, especially when i am unable to put it back on her as she resists while asleep.

    She does have a driving license, but chooses not to drive due to her other medical conditions. She did inform DVLC of her Obstructive sleep apnea when it was diagnosed, however being put straight onto a CPAP machine DVLA told her that they did not need to take her license away.

    It’s is reassuring to know there are others out there that know the problems that some others have and are able to inform those of their experiences.

    Thank you Trev for the kind words and encouragement you have given me.



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    The mask can be a damn nuisance at night, i don’t take mine off but sometimes the tube will detach and the hissing noise of leaking air wakes me right up. I wear my smart watch thing to bed and it tracks my movements when asleep, my wife does the same but she doesn’t use cpap… the sleep efficiency it records tells a story. She will get 92 – 96% sleep efficiency most nights, me i get 82 – 87% tops……. if it’s the sleep apnea condition that affects it, or the machine itself, i don’t know.

    I’m gradually reducing the pressure on mine as i’m losing the weight, was on 12, now i’m on 10. As the temp is warming up i’ve also detached the humidifier today and going to try it without for a couple of nights…… that has been a godsend with the climateline hose, used to get bad blistering in my nasal cavities, but not anymore.

    Hark at me going on, sorry about that…. yes i agree it’s nice to talk about something that someone else can relate too, hence my ramblings.

    In regards to my licence i informed the dvla as requested when i was first diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea…. perhaps i should have waited until i had been using the cpap machine, as they suspended my licence and it wasn’t until i had used the cpap and the consultant was happy with the results after a 3 month period did i get it back – including appointment times it was about 5 months i went without my licence, and my wife doesn’t drive! was bit of a nightmare – felt like i was being punished, like someone who receives a driving ban… very dark times… but beyond me now….. and look at me still carrying on lol

    I will stop there, apart to ask how your good lady wife is today?

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    Hi Trev

    My wife’s pressure is at 4.5 and she was told by the sleep apnea nurse at the hospital that that pressure is to high and needs to be around 3, however that is no good to her 4.5 is just right.

    Thanks for asking, she is now home, I have been to pick her up this afternoon, she is now on different medication, so lets see how this works.


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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    Fantastic news that she’s home, and lets pray the new meds do her some good.

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