What car has most extras included

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    So if i was to pick a biggish car which car would have all the extras include (all bells n whistles ) best value for your pennies. and i know it depends on what you want .

    iv got xc60 sat lux its got lots , heated seats , ect , city safe (which does kick in what a surprice ), while looking at cars i was on BMW looking at X1 and noticed there are things you need to pay extra for electric front seat

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    The VW Tiguan R Line Tech on the scheme at present has lots of relevant tech as standard, to be honest there isn’t much else you’d want add

    Digital Dash, heated seats, Panoramic Roof, Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control , auto emergency braking, keyless start and entry, electric tailgate with your fob, Advanced automatic Led Headlights, 3 years subscription to Car Net, auto wipers , park assist, 360 degree cameras , 20 inch alloys plus a lot more

    if you look at the price of the auto on the scheme after it’s £200 reduction it’s hard to beat , but it’s got the size, elevated driving position on its side too

    looks are always subjective and we have our own tastes and styles but I think it’s the best looking SUV in its trim level on the scheme at present

    The car is a lot of bang for your buck

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    When I was looking the real bargain was the Tiguan R or SEL we also got a £600 discount from the dealer, massive list of kit as standard,

    intelligent cruise control

    lane assist

    Road sign recognition

    park assist with reverse camera

    heated massage seats

    panoramic sunroof

    digital cockpit with customisable displays

    Auto led lights Cornering lights

    Auto wipers

    intelligent main beam

    3 zone climate control

    autonomous braking if it senses pedestrian or object

    led mood lighting

    hill control

    electric park brake

    voice control

    Apple and android car play

    leather steering multi function steering wheel

    heated washer jets

    puddle lights and folding mirrors

    passenger side wing mirror auto dips so you can see the kerb parking.

    Auto dip rear view mirror

    electric tail gate

    privacy glass

    Dab radio three USB ports


    comfort opening and closing of all windows and sunroof from the key.

    plus 9 months Apple Music free if that floats your boat.

    loads of other tech too inc drive modes.


    These days lots of other manufacturers have caught up though, but none works as well that I’ve tested.


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    You beat me to it Winston

    yes I forgot about the 3 years Vw we connect too.

    plus it comes with adjustable boot floor and levers in the boot to drop the rear seats, some makes still don’t have this.
    plus the rear seats slide back and forward and recline for comfort.

    If you can get your head past it being a VW it’s still really hard to beat even if it wasn’t such a bargain.

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    Menorca Mike

    What is the ride like with the 20 inch wheels ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    I was actually just going to post a link to the standard kit cos I was being lazy lol

    the ride is fine with the 20s, they Tyre size is 20/255/40 , so it’s fairly low profile tyre for car that size but it’s fine. I’ve absolutely no complaints and the I much prefer the look of the 40 profile than the chunkier ones

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    What about the Hyundai Ioniq?  Granted it’s not as big the Tiguan but it has most of the equipment mentioned ( No park assist ), with heated and ventilated electric leather seats.  Around £500 AP.  An awful lot of car for the money plus it’s a hybrid so terrific fuel consumption too.

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    That would be a right good option for lots of members at that price I’m sure ??

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    Seat Ateca excellence lux pretty much matches or beats it’s VW sibling in all areas, very similar kit, plus more powerful engine options, and full leather and 4wd for the same asking price

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    A good friend of mines was really interested in the Areca, I think it’s a nice looking car

    unfortunately with their new strict ordering process that rules out adding that doesn’t come standard she couldn’t go through with the order


    The FR Sport by far looks the best as it has nicer alloys and more importantly no big cheap grey plastic around the bottom of the car, it has body coloured panels and I think makes it look really nice with its body kit

    but…. it doesn’t come with a reverse camera and now you are not allowed to add one as they look to streamline their manufacturing process

    so onto the Excellence Lux, this does come with the reverse camera and lots of great useful tech, but unfortunately it also comes with that cheap looking plastic at the bottom of the car, Absolutely ruining the overall look and appeal of it and again you cannot order it with coloured body panels! No matter how much cash you offer them

    another biggy is the the massive height step  in the back when you fold the rear seats down , it’s massive and would make sliding heaving long items ( ikea etc  ) practically impossible , no split level floor either and large boot lip also compound these issues

    I must’ve went with her about 10 times to check them out , but those issues were so off putting that she after months of looking she decided against it , then mines arrived and after being in it a couple of times she’s now expecting a Tig R Line Tech in a couple of weeks lol

    now she’s getting a better model than me ???

    she isn’t on the scheme for the records

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    Does the Tiguan R Line tech include keyless entry?

    Thanks in adavance

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    No keyless not standard £395 extra just looked online on VW website

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    The R line tech does come standard with keyless entry/start

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    can you get 4wd in the R Line  and if not can you request it

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    Picked up the Tiguan r line Saturday. Great car, would highly recommend it with all the standard options and storage compartments etc

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    What colour you opt for Ben, any photos?

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    Congrats Ben! Let’s see some pics when you have the chance!


    @martino unfortunately you cannot add or spec the 4wd onto the 2wd R Line Tech that’s currently advertised on the scheme ?

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    Winston that’s great news keyless standard the VAG website needs updating I’ve just sat in yours in showroom very impressed looks fab in white

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    Hi Mike,

    I had a look at the VW website earlier, it looks like it’s had an update since i ordered and by the looks of things it looks like a step back lol

    but yeah it’s def got the keyless system as standard

    I’m glad you like it mate, are you going to order one?

    its by no means the best car in the world but I think it would be hard to beat on the scheme at present , but everyone has their own needs and tastes



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    Winston my next car isn’t due till March 2021 but I need a high up car as my golf too low and was so easy getting in the Tiguan it has a great spec and I love the alloys etc is the ride ok over road humps potholes etc ? Looks fab in white or silver imho

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    I need keylesswith next car as can’t move my fingers and I’m stumbling for keys in pocket outside Tesco etc

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    I agree with winston, nobody is going to honestly say any car on the scheme is the best car in the world.
    Plus with the bhp cap we are limited on real fun cars unless you can make do with an MX5.

    But for me with my disabilities, mobility issues, needing a high comfortable seat, which is a doddle to drive, but feels like a car not an suv to drive, it’s got to be up with the best available still.

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    Well im a sun lover and I would adore the sliding electric sunroof on the tig r line saw the blind in showroom

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    Yeah it’s a breeze getting in and out , I struggle to get in and particularly out of normal cars so that’s a big plus for me, as is the higher driving position

    just makes me feel a bit more safer tbh

    ive no complaints on the ride quality at all even with those big alloys and sports suspension

    the 2 cars I’ve been mainly in over the past few years were My Q3 and friends Merc GLA Amg , both had 19 inch alloys but hers felt like it was only a matter of time before she went down a dip and your spine snapped in half lol , it really was that bad

    i find the Tiguan just as comfortable on the road. more so as time goes on

    as for my friend , she collects a silver R Line Tech next week!

    im sure you’ll be able to change your golf if it’s getting too much of an issue Mike

    i changed my first Manual Q3 to an Auto about 18 months in as it was too painful to drive

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    Thanks Winston could you please put a photo of your friends silver tig when she gets it on here would love to see it in reflex silver that would be great cheers

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    And I never thought too much about the keyless system, but it is a god send if your struggling about in crutches and you have your fob tucked safely in one of your pockets , same goes for starting and stopping the car.

    It’s one of those things the big pano roof, auto gear box etc, once you’ve had it you appreciate its real value and would struggle to go into one without them

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