What car do you recommend?

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    I have issues with my back, left leg and due to this I am a large man. Past cars include galaxy and zafira tourer. Happy with them. Recent car is a Renault kadjar which I had to have in order for my under 25 offspring to drive.


    Am looking for a car which has a high roof line, low floor, auto and would be a bonus if it has cruise control, sat nav and parking sensors.

    Looking at two groups. One for under 25s and another for any age. Max AP is £1000 but might go over if it’s special.

    Won’t mind another kadjar but they are all over 25s now.

    Had a look at Kia Sportage. Trouble is the floor is high, can’t lift my left leg high easily all the time to get in.

    Suzuki Vitara is good but rear legroom a bit tight for grownups. Don’t carry passengers all the time. Bonus is under 25 can drive it. S-cross better but only for over 25s.

    Realised after visiting the garages the disabled parking spaces are occupied by demo cars and the walk and hassle tires me out.

    Initial plan was to visit as many dealers but don’t have the strength anymore.

    Was wondering if someone can recommend me cars to look at that they know I will have no difficulty getting into.

    Needs to have Street cred otherwise might have looked at ford tourneo, Citroen Berlingo etc


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    For under 25 year olds you are really asking a lot there, but how about the Skoda Karoq 1.6TDi SE automatic or Jeep Renegade 1.6 Longitude although I am not sure of the onboard kit. The jeep will certainly have enough headroom if you can climb in.

    Personally, I would say sod the ‘street cred’ and if the Ford Tourneo Connect etc fitted the bill then that would be the car of choice.

    If discarding the ‘under 25’s’ requirement then it does open up a lot more vehicles.

    As for demo cars parked in the disabled parking spots, take a few pictures of them in situ and send them to the CEO of the dealership group, saying you would have bought a car from them but………………..! Then add you are thinking of posting the photos on social media and sending them to the press! It often has the desired result – I got two bottles of Fortnum & Mason Champagne and some of their flowers for the missus sent by a dealer group CEO after I e-mailed him the photos of his stock parked in the disabled bays!


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    I have been looking at MPV’s as can’t lift my left leg and somehow never manage to master the bum in first thing. I’m a large lady with very big legs so interior space is important.

    Not sure about the under 25 part but my shortlist is the Mercedes B Class, BMW Active Tourer or Focus Active X. The Golf SV has been ruled out as they said February was the earliest it would arrive.

    Good luck with your search, I’m watching your replies with interest

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    Tomas (Tomas)

    Audi Q2 1.6 Diesel

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    Thank you for the replies so far.

    – will send a complaint to the dealer next time I see a demo parked in the disabled bay.

    – unfortunately we don’t have a Jeep dealership nearby.

    – Skoda kodiaq. Tempting but lower priced model does not have sat nav. Mind you a mobile phone can be used. If memory serves me right the lower AP priced model is the 1.5 petrol version. Heard they are having issues with the engine if fitted to manual gearbox. Auto is ok.

    – BMW, Merc, seat ateca. I feel the first two won’t have the legroom in the rear and when I stand next to them the roof line is lower than the kadjar. I have to bend down more to in. I am a large guy horizontally lol.

    – planning to go to ford to have a look at tourneo etc and see what happens.


    Keep the info coming.

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    have you thought about the i800

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    The i800? The love of my life? Yeah. But don’t have enough kids to justify it.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My auto galaxy was written off. Hire car company said come down we have a auto ready for you. Great because hard to get auto hire car on short notice. There in front of me was a black auto i800. I said you are joking. It’s way too big. Unfortunately it’s the only auto they had free. They promised to change it as soon as a decent size mpv comes free.</p>
    Being black kids called it the gangster mobile, workmates called it the pimp mobile.

    Apart from having to get up into the car and finding parking spaces in the residential street I loved it. So many times I thought of ordering it as my next car but AP was too high. Now since it’s being replaced the AP has come down by a large amount but unfortunately now I only drive locally it’s too large.

    Bargain of the year if you ask me.

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    Have had similar situation, from 6 years experience of driving daily VW Touran 1.6 tdi family model, I have found it ideal for all situations, well comfortable for long journeys, take a look, cheers

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    unfortunately we don’t have a Jeep dealership nearby.

    were i live the jeep, fiat and alfa are all under the same roof, it may be like that near you 😉

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    bmw 2 series tourer.

    mercedes gla urban

    mercedes b class 1.3 b180 sport is a lot of car for the money v comfy i was impressed nice cabin.

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    VW touran – high AP plus long waiting times.

    Last week did go through the motability website and saw Jeep. Unfortunately nearest dealership is in a nearby city. I know the location and it’s a pain to get to for me, especially for servicing and other issues.


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