What annoys me about car magazines

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    I have auto express every week and i have spoken to them about there car tests and other mags are the same and also car shows on tv is say a car like the new mazda mx5 rf automatic they slag it off and many other auto gearbox cars i have the smart for two twin clutch auto and i think is fantastic much better than the old jerky smart gearbox.I think they have said its an improvement though to be fair.But when your disabled and want a choice whether its a sports car or a larger mpv we need a automatic they never seem to to consider disabled drivers.



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    They may be right. The auto gearboxes may not be good enough. They’re not invalidating your choice. I will only choose autos nowadays but appreciate their opinions and I have made sure I avoid CVTs for example.

    They are not slagging off auto drivers.


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    Dave I’ve been driving automatics for 35 years the mags have never liked them but now the latest dsg gearbox’s are more economical and faster than the manuals !

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    I know what you mean, they always still appear to look down on the Auto choice. Just the same they slate SUV and other higher vehicles. They always imply perhaps pensioners will like them!

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    I think a lot of it is with a manual the vehicle is responding to how they are driving and testing it, with auto it takes a while to get used to the bite point and various response times etc, they only have the vehicle for a short time and they can’t get a true feel for it to be impartial. Once used to the auto box You can have just as much fun and confidence in its response as any manual, it just takes time to get used to individual box something the critics don’t have.

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    Clem Fandango

    Whilst sitting in reception waiting to see my doctor yesterday, I picked up a copy of What Car magazine and was shocked to read that Ford are stopping production of the Cortina next year and replacing it with The Sierra.

    Also why don’t people in Coronation Street ever look at the TV magazines in the newsagents to find out what is going to happen to them next week?

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    Your joking, stopping the cortina, the escort will be next.

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    EV’s, when they finally become viable, will be the major turning point for a majority of auto.

    In the meantime, some interesting figures here:

    Are Auto Licences Becoming More Popular?

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    so give it about 25 years and my cortina will be worth somthing……. i knew investing in the 1.6 gl was worth it

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    Thats been on there a while ………. cant think why

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