Went To Look at Mercedes :-Seats were tight space between seats tight

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    I thought i want to get myself a fancy car this time so myself and teenage daughter went to look at Mercedes,  when we went in I thought they looked nice, but then i tried them, i sat in c class, cls and b class, trying to get in was a struggle i felt the cars were so low , the seats were very tight(and im not that big ) the space between driver n passenger is also quite tight i was banging my arm of the passenger i still wanted to like the merc but they just felt small . Friends are saying you dont need a big car know as the family is grown up   For years iv always had big cars VW Sharran, ford Galaxy , S Max and now Volvo xc60 after today i realize having a bigger car is better for me with my disability . The bigger higher up cars are easier to get in and out without to much discomfort  the bigger cars a wider in the seats and between the two front seats.

    i wish motability would put on bigger wider cars to make it easier.

    it might be good if they asked there customer what they need to accommodate their illness or disability

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    Well that was an interesting read

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    My apologise I had to go out and my mobile died.

    Where to start? And not with the intention to single any individuals out, the written word can often be misconstrued/badly put etc etc, it only takes a comment to upset or offend somebody, if in a room with somebody it may not be taken that way, but obviously it could also be intentional., it would seem we have have a little bit of both, I would hope it would not be intentional and a cummunication thing.


    Kev irrelivant of any miscommunications or Disability it is not exceptable to be rude or personal towards other Users, your comments to other users are inexcusable and not welcome on the Forum, other Forums may allow this WE however Don’t. we have a duty of care to our users and on lookers and are mindful of individuals vulnerabilities and conditions. With that in Mind this thread will be closed shortly.

    We remind All Users to be Respectful to one another, we realise that’s rare on Open Forums But We will not budge from this rule, our intention is to have a safe and respectful place with like minded people open to All and it would be a shame to have to go to a validated signing in or a permitted post system as this would limit the help and information and kindness of everyone that has an input and impact on the support as a group We All offer one another.

    again please except Our apologies for any delay and distress caused buy the threads content.


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    Absolutely nothing to apologise for JS

    you can’t be expected to sitting staring at a screen 24/7 waiting to intervene

    yous do a great job here

    All good ✋?

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    Thank you Winston, don’t worry we’re not glued to the screen even Mods have life to deal with, And well done You, I hope you never did to much damage Biting your Lip lol.

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    The Mercedes thread and the BHP thread may look a bit odd as I’ve just been through them to delete a lot of ‘kevs’ posts, so your replies will look a bit out of place without the offending posts which you guys firmly and fairly replied to.

    The site owner has just informed me that he’s blocked the poster concerned, so hopefully that’s the end of this disruptive episode.

    Thanks again, and sleep well.

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    Lol, just superficial… it’ll heal in a few days ??

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    OMG  did i offend anyone if so i apologize or did i miss something?

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    I’m going to echo JS. I’ve been on a rare evening out and I have to say that on my return and after reading through the posts I’m proud of the way you guys have stood up for the principles of the forum. Thanks guys for your very decent but firm responses to an angry and opinionated individual.


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    No martino, you didn’t offend anyone at all.

    Sadly though, Kev thought it was appropriate to subject everyone on here to the bitter ‘free cars’ rant that i’m sure we’ve all heard once or twice over the years.

    All rubbish nobody wants to hear, so now he can find a place where like minded people can spout that kind of drivel to each other.

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    Menorca Mike

    Pops js please keep an eye on Elliot I think this is Kev with multiple accounts as Winston knows he is out to cause trouble

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Thought it looked strange when I came back to the thread and refreshed, missed all the commotion and was just wondering if I could have a go at filling in the now missing posts with amusing comments based on what’s left?

    You could even make a kind of quiz thing with it, could be very funny!

    I deal with the “kev’s” of this world on a daily basis and it’s water off a duck’s back with me to be honest, in fact I’m not sure if I actually find it more funny than offensive these days.

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    Totally the right attitude to hsve bud.

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