Went to look at cars today can’t do that because of Covid

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    So I went to look at cars today I went to Stirling because lots of dealers there .

    BMW X1  awd
    So went to BMW (this is the second time I’ve looked at x1 . might just be me but last time a year or so ago  sales mans attitude was really bad) anyway open mind and all that . I asked the sales man if I could  look in the x1 , I sat in it I asked him what came as Standard and what was optional extra he couldn’t tell he asked what was I looking for I said a few things heated seats he said yes , electric seats , hill descent assist he said he didn’t know , in fact  all the things I asked about  he wasn’t sure , then I asked if I could have a test drive he said I’d need to get it ,booked in and see if a sales person was available because test drives were accompanied, I said thought because of Covid test drives were unacceptable because that’s not 2 meters apart he said that’s because of their insurance  , So I left unhappy . Next

    New Ford Kuga

    I couldn’t get to sit in it the doors were taped shut because of covid , all I could do was look in the window never mind a test drive  but I could place an order with out trying out , the sales man proceeded to tell me that they don’t make any money on Motability sales and Motability get the cars heavily discounted as he should me someone’s application with £4500plus discount for Motability. so I left.Next

    Vw Tiguan 

    I went in to see the Tiguan there was tape on the doors I could sit in it but they can’t take orders of the Tiguan as it’s the New Tiguan and the don’t have advanced payment prices yet for them and there was no point in having a test drive as it would be different to the new Tiguan he said they might know in a few weeks but it up to Motability, so I left  I’m a bit disappointed by know. Next

    Honda CR-V hybrid

    The car was taped but the sales man opened the car let me Sit in it  I liked it he asked if I would like a test drive he took my detailed sorted the paper work  the 10 min later brought the car around gave me the keys said go try it on my own , I did like it , it was strange to drive …..

    I used to like looking at cars but I’m so shattered after that .



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    Martin “but they can’t take orders of the Tiguan as it’s the New Tiguan and the don’t have advanced payment prices yet for them”


    I ordered one yesterday, I could have ordered it last week, just didn’t get round to it.

    Im ment to be having a new Rline 4motion dsg 10th of nov

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    So what was he talking about then , ?

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    God knows mate 😂

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    So what was he talking about then , ?

    Talking out of his R-line


    id go back and ask to speak to the dealer principal, his motability salesman needs retraining.

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    👏👏Talking out of his R-line

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    I just love  car sales people

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    I can order my next car 1 December so went to Marshall’s in Blackpool to look at my first choice B200 AMG Premium Plus. I was treated with the utmost courtesy and although they hadn’t got a model in the showroom they brought one round from the used car lot for me to look at. No restrictions on crawling all over it. The wheelchair goes in the boot with no issues and there was nothing I didn’t like about it. I’ve got a test drive booked for 7 November although my mind is pretty well made up. All in all a pleasant experience as it should be for all of us. Stay safe everyone.

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    John Newton

    My Dealer Mercedes of Newcastle couldn’t have been more helpful even when William was crawling all over the boot,I think he just needed to make sure it met with his approval lol

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    My local Toyota dealer were fantastic had a 2 hour test drive drink and hob nobs

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    Looking at that pricelist does the R-Line not come in a manual model?

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    Harry get yourself a DSG outstanding

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