Well Done Ronnie O 'Sullivan

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    Hi Everyone

    Well done Ronnie O’ Sullivan who won Ladbrookes Snooker Players Championship trophy last night. That is now five trophy’s this season he has won, and with two major championships left of the season, (China Open, and The World Championships), he may even obtain one or two more.

    Imho we at least have seventeen days of snooker on TV worth watching from the middle of April to the May Bank holiday weekend. It’s much better watching this, than the normal c**p they put on TV these days, thank goodness for the DVD collection that will be used after the snooker world championship finishes.

    We have to say thank you to Barry Hearn who has at least kept snooker on normal TV rather than giving it away to pay per view companies.

    It did occur to me to ask the good people on this forum what sport they like watching on TV. I have to say I am not into Football, Cricket, Tennis, Olympics or Boxing (is it a sport?), but as you can see I like Snooker and Golf, but with Sky now having the rights to show golf on TV, then those of us that do not wish to give Mr Murdoch any money to watch sport on TV, will have to miss the golf, or we will have to invest in Now TV (which means we will have to give Mr Murdoch some money) and get a weeks sport pass to watch the British golf Open.

    I know this is another contentious issue but is it not annoying that an awful lot of sport has gone over to Sky, so that the sport watcher from home has to pay to watch their favorite sport, rather than the BBC keeping the sport on normal TV for those that cannot afford to pay or want to pay to watch sport.

    I wonder what others on the forum think?

    Once again well done Ronnie.


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    Hi lightbodyae55,

    I was furious when the BBC gave up the rights to broadcast F1 and gave those rights to Sky, fortunately i’m a sky legacy customer so don’t have to pay extra to watch the F1 channel, otherwise it’s £18 a month on an 18 month contract which has races for only 7 months of the year!

    I don’t watch BBC channels, I don’t listen to BBC radio, yet i have to pay for a Tv licence to fund the BBC.

    F1 was the last thing i watched on the Beeb, and the only sport i watch.

    We do have sky and pay £38 a month for the tv, line rental, unlimited fibre, and unlimited calls package… we basically get a 50% discount off the tv and fibre broadband, and get free line rental. On top of that we have Amazon prime video included in our prime membership and we have netflix which we don’t pay for.

    Looking at other sports, yes i can see that Sky and BT sport seem to have ‘pinched’ the rights to broadcast as they have the ability to pay more for the rights. Perhaps if the Beeb looked at alternative revenue streams, then replying solely on tv licence income they would become more competitive – but for me i would like the tv licence scheme abolished, it never will as many voters are in favour of the scheme and no party will risk losing those votes, so i will continue to pay for a service i find inadequate and thus don’t use.

    Now if i may, i’ll push the soapbox Brydo’s way >>>>>>>

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    Hi Trev

    I would agree  with you regarding the TV license it should be abolished, and I agree that watching stuff on the BBC is not worth it.


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