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    ive said my bit in the main forum, but thank you and welcome all genuine users , it really is you guys and girls that make this a great forum. Obviously rules still apply “Mike” lol.  but we are hoping a signed in Off Topic Forum can be a more relaxed area to discuss things openly without the input of users freely causing offence without signing in,

    we apologise to genuine users that may of been affected, but for the good of our members and the flow of the Forum it was a necessary move.

    Thank You


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    Mike 700

    JS, It takes all sorts to make this world
    Some have straight hair & some curled
    Some are slim and some are fat
    Can you see what I’m getting at

    Yes it takes all sorts of people white and black
    Some will love you whilst others attack
    Some are perfect or so they seem
    some act just like the cat who got the cream

    But some are not as perfect as they say
    We try to understood why not ,every single day
    But frankly that’s just the way it’s going to be,
    They can’t help it – there are none so blind as those who will not see

    Politics & religion sometimes is a high price to pay
    But freedom of speech must prevail every single day
    Too many young men lost for us to refuse
    Best to accept all sorts , just don’t light their fuse

    Yup, it takes all sorts to make a forum
    And for some our input certainly bores ’em,
    But if we agree to tolerance & a little less p155 taking
    It will please us all if I’m not mistaken

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    Brilliant Mike700

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    Thanks for the POPS related poem the other day Mike700. You have a real talent.

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    Fantastic as always Mike

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