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    Hi Everyone

    Don’t know if this is the right place for this thread, if not maybe Mods can move to correct place.

    Watched Watchdog last night on BBC 1 and the first story was the recall of BMW cars that loose power and can cause serious accidents, and some that have caught fire for no reason, certainly put me off buying a BMW.

    Wonder what other forum members thought of this?


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    I believe this is only effecting 2007-2011 vehicles

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    JS is right, it’s an old problem and doesn’t affect any current Motability lease vehicles. Very badly handled by BMW though. They deserve the bad publicity in this case.

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    More info and a List of vehicles being recalled for anyone that may have a private BMW.


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    Glos Guy

    I wish that someone would consider the orange backlit instrument clusters to warrant a safety recall, so that they would fit the ‘permanently white’ version that I believe they have just introduced! What is particularly frustrating is that in certain conditions the instrument cluster does light up white, yet you cannot set it to remain this colour via iDrive. Thankfully, when driving in the dark I try to avoid looking at it by becoming transfixed with the intelligent headlights ‘cutting out’ oncoming traffic and then filling the gap back in again as they pass. So clever. Anyway, as others have said this recall is for much older BMW’s so is unlikely to affect anyone on here.

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    Hi Everyone

    Maybe it is for the older models, however what’s to say it does not affect newer models! BMW’s actions on this is quite shocking, and how can we accept what they say regarding newer vehicles, when the information they have been giving out regarding the older models has been inaccurate.

    This is similar to the Vauxhall Zafira debacle a year or so ago when Watchdog again showed how these vehicles catch fire on there own, and Vauxhall refused to accept responsibility for some time, until forced by authorities to do a recall on these vehicles.

    No I have to say  I will not be going anywhere near a BMW  or Vauxhall dealer when we are due to renew later this year.


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    You were right lightbodyae55, thank you.

    catchacold2 – see here original post.

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