Waiting times for Ford Kuga

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    Neil F

    Could anyone advise as to whether there is a long wait for the Ford Kuga ST Line?

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    Hi, I ordered a Vignale yesterday and was advised mid March but could be earlier ? But you never know until it arrives.

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    I waited less than 3 months for my titanium X

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    When I looked into the titanium x at start of December I was told 14 to 17 week wait. He said backlog had been cleared up. Not sure if st x is built in same factory as others but 3 months does seem the norm now if not before. Some dealers may have one on order you can take. That’s what I love about Ford their system is so live and upto date.

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    My Dealer has just called. My Kuga build date is 2nd Feb with a delivery date of 10th March . My order was placed on 3rd January. So just over two months. However as we all know it could be earlier or later as all times are estimates.  It’s a Vignale in Magnetic with the heated steering wheel as only extra. Did not like the ride on the 19” wheels. Standard 18” were much better.

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    Orded my kuga st on the 12 Sept anyone know the delivery times now

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    I orded my stline x in end off july just picked it up yestaday think its about 10-12 weeks

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    Hi Ken, if you phone your dealer they should be able to give you an estimated delivery date, as Matty has said i think it’s around 12 weeks if not sooner. Ford have been pretty good with their delivery times of late.

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    Ken if you get the vin from the dealer you can check it and kind of see what stage it is using fords etis – google it its very useful although it tends to stop in some stages but the best bit is it tells you in detail what the car is being built with including the packs

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    Kuga ordered mid Sept and delivery we’ve been given is 2nd week in Nov.  Very happy if that pans out

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    Delivery date on mine 22 Dec 2018 cannot believe so long

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    @Ken, 12 weeks isn’t that far out of the norm. The last three vehicles I’ve had on the scheme have all taken around that time to be built and arrive. My current car on order, a BMW 2AT, is one of the quicker processes (if things run to plan), which hopefully will be limited to around 9 weeks.

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    I orded it on the 12 sept

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    I ordered mine on the 8th August was due for delivery 20th October, however due to a massive cock up by the dealer it’s been put back to December for my st x

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    Just found out mine has been made and now has to be transferred to here it’s in alecante Spain anyone know how long dose it take to get to the uk</p>

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    Now today still no news car no updates bloody joke

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    Ken it will be in Antwerp waiting to be loaded on to a ferry, xmas always makes a mess of delivery, your dealer should be able to tell its location, once its on the ferry depending where you lived it should take 2 weeks max including PDI, Tax and Regestration.

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    Mine was due 1/3 was then told 10/3 still no car last update 2 weeks ago was in Antwerp where in uk do they dock etc so I may track the ship?

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    I ordered 11 Dec 2018. Arrived at dealer 21 Feb. Collecting thursday 14 March. Couldn’t get it earlier as lease wasn’t up on current Mota car.

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    Ordered mid November for 1st March delivery still not here


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    you can have mine its going back lol

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    Julie Bortoft

    Ordered titanium x on motability on 29th april 2019. Was given a delivery date 29th july. Am now told it could be end of october to end of november. Never had the problem with mt last 2 kugas the same spec on motability i am not a happy bunny at the moment

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    i ordered focus estate active x back in April and was told was being build June and should be with me 6 weeks after that we now in September and am told it’s in Southampton and no idea when it will turn up at the dealers can’t believe how long this car is taking had 4 cars now and none took anywhere near this long ?

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    Order Kuga 2.0 TDCI Titanium X AWD Active City Stop Chrome Blue on 21st August and advised that it could be up to 16 weeks maybe more depending on when the factory shuts down for Christmas. Not the worst wait as Puegeot hold that record. Ordered 3008 Auto on 4th June and took delivery on 21st November.

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