Wait or order now? (posted a similar question on facebook)

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    I am 99% sure about placing an order for a Hyundai Ioniq next week, but obv it’s close to the price change date now and i worry the price will drop and i will miss out.

    I have been told by someone that seems very connected it’s very likely to drop, but still anxious it may go up so a bit loathe to wait.

    Hyundai were worse than useless and told me that they don;t ever recieve Motability prices and they only get sent o customers (what??) that was after I had to explain to their “specialist” what a price list actually was.
    He actually laughed at me when I asked for a test drive as well and said they don’t do test drives without appointments (the meeting with him WAS an appointment.)

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    Well for what it’s worth I ordered my Tucson this morning the ap has been pretty constant for the last 2 quarters. I was gonna chance it and see if the new prices get published a day or two early, you should still just about get time to sign up if the ap goes up but it’s a risk.

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    Might be worth asking the dealer if you can order it on the last day of the month. And if the prices change, whether you can use the new prices. A lot of dealers offer this…

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    Yeah that’s what I am trying to do, only day I can get in is Wednesday (they told. Me they are too busy other days)

    I am hoping they will give me the new price, or at least inform me. Of the new price in case it is going up. The salesman I saw the other day simply has no clue about the scheme though, and he is apparently the specialist.

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    Glos Guy

    It’s anybodys guess I’m afraid. Usually new cars are quite expensive when they eventually appear on Motability (usually a couple of quarters after they have launched to the public) and then, over time, drop a bit. The exception to that is when demand is very high and Motability are unable to get good deals.

    As for the Tucson, personally I would have waited for Q2. Although prices have been constant, following the massive changes to the scheme in Q1 the Tucson is no longer competitive. You can get far better cars for a lot less. In Q4 there was a very poor choice of SUV’s and the Tucson would have been on most people’s shortlist’s. I suspect that their market share for SUV’s supplied through Motability has plummeted in Q1. If they have any sense they will have to slash AP’s and put the full range on the scheme. There is no reason why even the top of the range Premium SE Auto can’t appear now as it is under £35k.

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    Totally agree Glos guy

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    Getting back to your original question Monkey, Kam’s post would be great one to ask your dealer.?

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    Sorry Monkey, I’m a bit confused as you have started another thread saying you have just put down a deposit for a VW.????


    Deposit on order?

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    This is the ubiquitous question. If you have a willing dealer prepared to share the following quarters prices you are in a win win situation. Rumours and speculation do not equal next quarter’s prices. The Hyundai dealer you mention does not sound accommodating . Best of luck.

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    How can you give the correct answer to there question when they post about paying a deposit for a VW then another post about placing an order with Hyundai .!!!!

    maybe it would help if Monkey could clarify the situation also fwipperie did you not post on another forum that you can’t order any Tiguans in the remaining qtr.???


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    Prices on the Ioniq have come down every quarter I was keeping close eye on it as was very interested the foot operated hand brake puts people off etc

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    I see your point. I had read this thread only but there does seem confusion. The generic point I made I think still stands for anyone who has selected a car and wants the best price over two quarters.

    The post you refer to on another site was posted following information gleaned from this forum which it turned out was, in the main, incorrect. At present certain VAG cars can only be ordered from stock. I spoke to Skoda last week and they are not taking factory orders for 1.4tsi petrol models as its being phased out and replaced with the 1.5tsi. This, I understand also applies to a small number of Tiguans for the same reason. In fairness to those who jumped to the wrong conclusions VW’ s updated price list, dated 13th March could have been a lot clearer and I can see why it caused confusion.

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    I couldn’t agree more as it was not really clear at all unless you had bionic eyes.?

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    The post where I. Mentioned a deposit for a VW was my current car (the deposit was put down when I ordered it)

    The hyundai is what I. Am considering, and was curious of other dealers asked for deposits.

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    The AP makes No difference to the dealer. They get paid a set handling fee simply confirm with your dealer your willing to order now but if AP goes down you want it at that price,

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    Lovely, I will mention that Wednesday when i go for a test drive.

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