Vws APP550 new motor bottlekneck

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    Roger Wikco

      Morning all, eating my breakfast here in Orlando, there is an article in CNN about the issues VW are having with producing enough of the new AP550 electric motor.
      <p style=”text-align: right;”>It has to be taken with some pinches of salt, as CNN do work on USA products good, European not as good, but if the premuse is correct, only 30% of units being manufactured against demand, that will effect all VAG European manufacturer (CNN does say usa us ok lol)</p>
      Full article here


      Feel sorry for me, temp us supposed to reach 27oC today, so will have to do some more of this….

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        Only 27? The struggle is real!! Pahahaha 🤪🤪

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          We’re usually over during late Nov – Dec, my Autistic sons only friend used to live in Winter Haven but has recently moved to Mobile.  But with the busted hand not being sorted yet this year is out 🙁

          Next trip will probably be late May, both of us being well over 6′ it’s a great place to get clothes/shoes etc.   We were over last Xmas for 3 weeks, didn’t go well, I ended up in bad for over a week with a chest infection!.

          Shopping is a lot more expensive than a few years ago and the exchange rate doesn’t help, gone are the days of $2 to the £1 🙁

          Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I have one on my cerebellum causing various problems!

          Roger Wikco


            This is our pre Chrisymas visit, to put the tree and decorations up and do some maintenance.

            I’ve also got a roofing company coming in to replace the roof, under Florida law, you have to get the roof replaced every ten years, or you won’t get house insurance, plus the HOA have a fit lol

            So that’s $17,000 I’ve got to fork out, that’s if there us no surprises…..

            Virgin were their excellent selves, both the upper class Wing and Clubhouse, but again MCO are short if skyscape, so wife had to push the chair through customs and baggage claim.

            Global Entry is worth its weight in hold, off tge plane, through customs and to the Uber in 30 mins, the queue for standard customs was horrendous, libe snaking three times around.

            Prices are still higher than they used to be, Petrol is $3.34 a gallon at wawa, so still up, but ut us Thanksgiving week, so expecting prices to go down next week.

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