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    Hi I am just wondering if anyone has any idea how long the vw wait is ATM thanks

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    i would say 9-12 months depending on what you order

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    Davie doc

    I was 10 months to the day but so glad I waited

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    We’ve got quoted 6 months, we’re expecting around 10 months (Golf GTE).

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    Ordered Golf GTD in May 2021, build week changed 3 times, told at beginning of December the new build week is middle of January for a March collection.  Not hopeful.

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    ID3 on order – two months in and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. No more information to add. Sorry. BUT if it is the right car at the right price, grab it whilst you can. I’m happy to wait.

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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    ID4 pure order placed end Sept was told a few weeks ago end Feb/early March delivery.

    It may be delayed a bit but that’s ok I have my almost 4yr old Tiguan which I am still happy with.


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    Mikey 16

    Hi all.

    Ordered VW Tiguan Elegance back in May 2021. Unconfirmed build date now 31st January 2022. Pushed back 3 times. But as things are going I think well worth the wait. The dealer has been great, every two weeks contact regardless of news .

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    Ordered my VW Golf in feb 2021 took del Christmas week

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    Good morning all.

    Update on my Tiguan Elegance, ordered May 2021.

    Bad news just heard this morning now going to be 14th March. The wait goes on.

    Still worth the wait.

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    Ordered T-Roc early June. Took delivery mid-November. Was told at ordering three-month wait. Took six months. Also considered Golf GTD. Told at order, six-month wait. Know that many are waiting much longer than that. Hope this might help a bit.

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    James cheer

    Ordered id3 beginning of October told me march/April delivery im expecting it to be maybe july/august not to bothered the long they leave it the more likely i am to get the new updated 2023 model

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    T bag

    15 months and still waiting for vw touran

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    Ordered an ID.3 on the 17/09/21 and have just been advised today of a build date of week 46 or week beginning November 14th 2022.

    So realistically a Jan /Feb 2023 delivery.😞

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    James cheer

    Ordered an ID.3 on the 12/10/21 and have just been told a few days ago my build date in September which was unconfirmed not expecting my car this year if anything decent comes on in April will cancel the id3 waiting over a year for a car is ridiculous in my opinion

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    i waited 49 weeks for my gtd

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    Picking up our new VW ID4 in Kings Red on Tuesday next week, car ordered end Sept 2021 told delivery Feb/Mar so pretty much on time car, was shipped from Germany just last week and arrived at dealers yesterday.

    I think we have been lucky though as with all the orders going back and back due to semi conductors and now this Ukraine war where a lot of VW parts come from we seem to have just scraped in.


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    excellent news.

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    That’s great news they will be back into production next week😀

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    Update on my vw touran ordered 10th Feb 2021 dealer say its at stage 7 of 8 in the factory awaiting chips

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    I’m guessing you ordered a max or a tour?   I ordered a tour 20/9/21. Have no idea when it will be built. All I have right now is an insurance extension until august 22 but I’m reading nothing into that

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    My vw touran ordered 10thfeb 2021 is now on the ship heading to grimsby the wait is nearly over

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    Matt B

    If you are not needing any specific adaptations or paying for added extras, I would strongly suggest asking your VW dealer to check their national stock.

    We ordered a Tiguan Allspace from stock. It took 10 days from day of first enquiry to taking delivery.

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    Good afternoon All.

    The wait is over for me, V W. Tiguan Elegance dsg auto.

    Pick up Monday 23rd May.

    Waiting  Time 12months 5 days. I have seen it at the dealers compound, can’t wait for Monday. Let’s hope the situation gets  better for all of you still Waiting.

    It’s been really traumatic but I hung on in there, as I said before my dealers have been brilliant.

    Take care.

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    Snap my wait is finally over and picking my vw touran family dsg up Monday ordered on 10th Feb 2021 long wait but worth it

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