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    stewart pettnger

    any one know when the touran will come on the list.

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    David Keene

    Hi Brian,

    Many thanks for the information. We are also in the same boat as you with our Touran. Ordered 23 March 2018 (as the 1.4TSi – and later changed to the 1.5TSi by VW), finally arrived at the dealer this January where it has now been sitting for 5 weeks – that’s 46 weeks wait and counting!

    As if the delay caused by WLTP was not bad enough, knowing that it is Motabililty that are now causing further delay is, to say the least, frustrating!

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    Hi all,  just an update on the 1.5 tsi engine problems.  My dealer has now told me they have had a few vehicles with problems when engine is cold but VW are working on a fix.  He didn’t say anything about any delay because of VTN,

    Regards, wonky

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    Brian Watson

    I don’t know whether anyone has an answer to this one.

    When the Touran (see February 9th) arrived at the dealer in December they registered it with a 68 plate.  If it does not get passed on to us until March 2019 (19 plate), does the dealer have to re-register the car with a 19 plate?

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    Not If he’s already registered the car. It will stay a 68 plate.

    Why was it registered before you took delivery?

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    Brian Watson

    Don’t know why it was registered before delivery to me. I got a piece of video from the dealer in at the beginning of December showing the car just after it arrived with them and the car was showing a full 68 plate.

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    Just tried ordering a Tiguan R Line Tech with a heated steering wheel. Apparently this new model has a different wheel and the heated option is no longer available 🙁 Dealer thought I was joking when I said this was a deal breaker for me.

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    Martin Gorrie

    Hi everyone, just found this forum and very interested in your stories. This is mine and i would be very grateful for any advice as i am new to Motability.

    I Ordered a VW Touran 1.6 TDI auto with Barnetts of St Andrews on 3 August 2018 and still not delivered and its February 2019 now.
    On VW Website it still shows at stage 2 of 7 stages which means they received the order but have not got the parts or built it yet. I have complained to dealership and VW but got nowhere.  I would be interested in the names of the CEO as Brian Watson about discusses.

    I Spoke on phone to senior advisor Russell at Motability who was useless. He only gave reasons for delay because of engine regulations, which i already knew. He offered no suggestions for help and passed buck to VW. I have no vehicle and to wait 6 months is unacceptable. I cant start part time work or travel. I asked if they could help to get any suitable vehicle temporary or permanent but he said not possible. This so called charity should be seriously investigated as there is no alternative for disabled people and Motability are not doing their jobs properly. No help whatsover. I have contacted my MP for help. The CEO should resign as he is not worth the salary. This charity should be helping people not causing frustration and depression and sitting on their hands refusing to help or get involved.

    Dealership have not given much in the way of updates either. I would take a Tiguan or something else if suitable for adaptions for boot hoist and front  seat.

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    You can cancel your order any time and ring round vw dealers and see what’s in stock.

    They may even have a touran.


    The car’s not yours until you put the PIN number in on collection day, so right up till then you can just cancell.


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    Not sure where you are in the country. But you are free to try any dealer and ask if they have stock or a cancelled order.


    We did this and and got a fair few extras thrown in.

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    Unfortunately this is not a Motability issue. As you are aware that there have been many delays over the last year resulting in the WLTP emission changes. I and a few other have had Touran’s on order but the time scales for receiving them were becoming ludicrous.

    Your dealer should have kept you up to date with what they knew as the VW dealerships are as much in the dark as you are. I wrote emails to both the Director of VW UK and the Head of VAG and got absolutely nowhere. They ae not interested in individual cases. I had someone from their HQ in Milton Keynes take up my case but she openly admitted to me that I knew more about what was going on with delays that what she did. I ended up taking a Tiguan.

    Being where you are in the country I guess you are limited in getting around to other VW dealerships but like Philjb has mentioned you need to ring around the VW dealers and see what is available. The 1.6TDi in the Touran was the first Touran to pass WLTP and they have been coming through to the dealers.

    It seems that your dealer cannot get the information you require so it may be a case of looking at other possible suitable vehicles that suit your needs and see if any are available from stock.

    As such you have not yet entered in to a contract with Motability until you put your PIN number in to receive your car so that is probably why Motability are not running around and getting you on the road.

    Its a difficult one and I wish you every success in what you decide to do.

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion '68plate

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    Hi Martin and welcome to the forum,

    As others have said this is a VW problem, and to be honest you best solution would be to look and see if there is another vehicle on the scheme suitable and attractive to you.

    I agree that Motability should not be letting the manufacturers & dealers treat their customers this way – in this instance they should have instructed all dealers to cancel orders and inform customers that they are unable to fulfill orders. Rather then leaving people on a shoestring.

    Even when motability don’t want to know, one would expect the dealer to provide regular updates and realistic timescales, as when they don’t and show a non-caring attitude, it would personally make me take my custom elsewhere.

    I’m afraid it’s perhaps time to draw a line, not look back, but look forward and see what other options are available to you on the scheme.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.

    I'm running the Virgin London Marathon 2019 in support of MIND The Mental Health Charity

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