VW Tiguan pick up – one day !

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    i was supposed to collect my new Tiguan on Thursday 26th March but the whole country got put on lockdown 2 days before now my car is just sat in the forecourt. It was already in stock when I made the order.

    the paperwork and pin have now also come through with royalmail.

    the agreement period is showing as 38 months but by the time I actually get the car it could be something like 36 to 32 months maybe less left on the hire agreement dependant on lockdown being eased. Due to this pandemic my financial situation is also changing and its not for the better like alot of the people around the country.

    Do i have to go through with the order once the dealers open up again or would I be able to cancel, ask for them to lower the AP making it affordable. obviously none of us saw this situation coming. If I cant afford the AP which they put down to £2249 from £2349 what will happen ?

    any advice or anyone with experience in motability would be much appreciated.

    This would have actually been my first car so peed off but not much that can be done, just my luck I guess !


    thanks in advance


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    You can contact mobility with your issues. But you can cancel any time up untill pin is entered.

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    If it’s your first Motability car then your not actually a Motability customer until the day comes when the dealer opens and you put your PIN number in the dealers machine.

    Your PIP money will still be being paid into your bank account until the day you enter that PIN so when they open you can see if there open to a deal then its up to you if you want to walk away.

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    Your lease will not start until you enter your pin number, regardless how long this virus takes.

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    Motability nor the dealers would be able to do anything yet anyway and I can only see the AP getting reduced if the next quarter released before you collect sees a reduced AP.

    In the letter with your PIN number on doesn’t it tell you don’t enter the pin until you are certain you are happy and the car meets your needs.

    Once people start to return to work if your still in the same financial situation ring motability and let them know and then  the dealers.
    The dealer won’t loose anything they will just sell the vehicle to someone else.

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    Sadly no one actually knows how long showrooms will be closed for.. some suggest it could be 3 months hopefully it’s not, but who knows. i’m due to exchange cars on the 15th of april and mb sent a text to me saying once dealers opened again the dealer would contact me, but as for when, no one knows only the goverment knows and they not actually saying .3 weeks then a review imo it will then be another 3 weeks. as thats what others have done that ahead of us in the fight..

    Alot of us have cars that just sitting there as we on lockdown, but we still paying for them. so thats one bonus for you to think about.. if it go’s on for a while maybe even 6 months, as they extended my lease for that long. or you at risk and cannot go out for that time. The car will just be sitting, so be money in your pocket.. which should help you at this time.

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    Thanks for all the comments and advice.

    It is true I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere really even if I did get my new car. now thinking about it that way, getting the motability money is actually much better for me.

    my best course of action will be to speak to the dealer about the AP when they open back up and take it from there.

    Hopefully they will be understanding and not wanting to loss a sale.

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