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    Hi Folks,

    I need the benefit or your advice and experience regarding my order which is due for handover in Sept.  When I ordered my Tiguan I specified the all black interior instead of the Storm Grey and it now turns out that the dealership have ordered it with the Storm Grey interior after all😡. The only options they offered me was to accept a cancelled order for a Dolphin Grey model with the Black interior I wanted or to accept the car is is with no further compensation (I already had negotiated a £300 discount for placing the order) or, unbelievably to cancel the order and place a new order (impossible since the Tiguan is not on the scheme)

    My concern with the grey interior is how durable it is regarding denim jeans etc and how prone it is to marks and dirt, will it be a nightmare to keep clean? I carry around my grandson who is only 30 months so still at the careless stage with food etc.

    I feel very let down by the dealer and I’m now in a difficult position, I wouldn’t ordinarily have chosen the grey but if the grey interior will be prone to dye transfer from denim etc then I might have to bite the bullet.  The only plus point from having the Grey paint is it hides the plastic panels at the bottom of the car as they seem to blend in.

    Anyone with any thoughts?

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    Why not get a cheap set of black seat covers, The grey would be fully protected for the 3 years.

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    I have that interior on my R-Line and I wear jeans all the time. I also do about 10K a year so it gets pounded and have cleaned the interior a grand total of 4 times. The latest being done by the VW dealers who gave it its first service yesterday.

    It looks as good today as it did when I picked it up. N0 need to worry.

    VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    You are having the same luck as I had with my Tiggy 1.5 TSI elegance  Moostone grey Storm interior ordered and Mar. After months of waiting for a delivery date I checked on the VW order tracker and the car had been changed to a Dark Grey metalic with black cloth without my or the dealers knowledge!!!

    I had to get in touch with my dealer to tell them I didn’t want dark grey paint and as delivery was still way in the future (week 36) I told them what colour I would accept. They came back and said we can’t change the colour even though build week had slipped back even further to week 38 (and that was provisional) so I told them as they could not deliver an acceptable colour to cancel the order.

    What a shower!!!!!



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    Thanks all for the replies, I have considered seat covers but I’ve not seen any ones that give me any confidence that they will look anything other than loose fitting generic material that doesn’t stay in place.  I am heartened by Dougie B’s comments that the cloth withstands colour transfer so I guess I’ll just have to put things into perspective accept what I get I suppose I’m lucky to get a car at all considering the issues we are all facing at the moment it just sticks in my throat a little that the dealer was so blasé about it, not sure they would have been so casual if I was plonking down 35k cash instead of being “just” a Motability customer

    Many thanks


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    I also have the rline with those seats. Have covered about 16000 miles and wear jeans most of the time. Did use scotchguard spray when I first got the car . The seats look like new even with a scruffy 10 year old.

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    Glos Guy

    We’ve just handed back a Tiguan with a Storm Grey interior, albeit leather. If we had wanted another Tiguan (we didn’t) we would have ordered Storm Grey again, but the standard cloth rather than leather. The interior of the Tiguan is a very drab environment in black and just a sea of black plastic. The Storm Grey transforms the look of the car, lightens the interior and makes it look more upmarket. Here’s the interior of ours on the day we handed it back after 3 years. I never cleaned the seats once during the 3 years.

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    Glos Guy

    Limpalot – a further thought. If you really wanted the original colour combo that you ordered, the dealer could re-order it for you. It doesn’t matter that it’s no longer available on the scheme as the Motability admin doesn’t change, so they don’t need to be involved and would be none the wiser. Actual orders are placed between dealers and manufacturers, not with Motability. The Motability part is just admin and they have already approved an order of the car that you want.

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    Thanks again to all who replied, I took a trip to the dealers to look at the Dolphin Grey model that had the all black interior but I found I disliked intensely the colour, it is apparently a metallic but it looked more of a solid colour to me so I rejected the offer and chose to bite the bullet and “put up” with the Storm Grey but I must say that after you good people sharing your thoughts with me I think this is best after all as my fears about durability have been allayed and I must concede that I did think it was quite a dark interior when everything was black.  No doubt the passage of time will heal my wound and I’ll forget all about it 🤣🤣. Im just frustrated at the way the dealership was so blasé about it but hey ho I’m getting my car in September which puts me in a better position than lots of us so perhaps things are not so bad after all😊

    Thanks again, be safe and well


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    Glos Guy

    Limpalot – I think that’s a very sensible approach. What exterior colour are you going for? I’ve seen quite a few in Nightshade Blue, which isn’t very blue at all to my eyes, more a dark metallic green, but it looks very nice in bright sunlight. It’s quite dark in normal light though.

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    I have actually ordered in Nightshade Blue which I agree seems more of a green to me than Blue🙄. The colour is so similar to the old Ford colour Cayman Blue which again was more green than Blue🤷.  The Cayman Blue was the colour we chose on our first Motability car way back in 1994…a Ford Escort 1.8 Ghia Si with a £3000 advance payment (and then only 6000 miles per year mileage allowance which stung us for £500 excess mileage payment when the car went back 3 years later) 😱😱




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