VW Tiguan AllSpace – On the Scheme or Not?

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    Good Evening,

    long term viewer of the forum for a while now. Informative and entertaining in equal measure – quite unusual for a forum!

    My Daughter’s VW Sharan is due for change in May and have been somewhat spoiled by the huge amount of space available. Not the most emotive of driving experiences but functional and given good service these past 3 years.

    Had a test drive in the standard Tiguan, which was lovely, but the capacity of the boot would not suit our needs in that guise. The AllSpace is much more suitable, although still not a patch on the Sharan, but acceptable none the less.

    Dealer says he can order a MY19 SEL DSG 4-Motion for £2999 – I say he can’t from the knowledge gleaned within the forum. Previous supplying dealer confirms the AllSpace isn’t currently on the scheme and, when it does, the most likely variant will be the Match Trim level. Unlikely, the SEL will be available due to the CAP, given the DSG and 4-Motion requirement.

    Motability, this morning, confirm their Pricing Teams have not yet reached agreement on which versions and what AP’s are likely. This is likely soon but pretty non-commital it has to be said.

    Just waiting and scrutinising the Motability website in earnest, in anticipation of the AllSpace’s arrival on their. Unless anyone has actually genuinely ordered one recently?

    Moral in the story – treat Dealers like Brexiteers. You really can’t have your cake and eat it lol!!

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    Hear we go video review of the VW Tiguan Allspace


    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Hi Wonky,

    ‘However on Motability it has 148bhp but on VW it has 190 bhp,  can anyone explain?’


    Press the scroll bar mate 😉

    Going to view/possibly order 1 of these on Sunday 🙂


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    I wonder why the 2WD is £200 more than the 4WD?

    I have just notice the Tiguan Match 4WD without the electric tailgate is £2249 compared to the Allspace Match 4WD which includes the electric tailgate at £1449, I am confused?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Did you write somewhere (to the effect) that if a particular model (Allspace Match) was on the scheme then you could ask Motability if you could upgrade to the Allspace SEL on account of it having heated seats which would allow me to drive my wife about on cold days without her back playing up?

    With this in mind, I looked at the Match 2.0TDI 4Motion – AP = £1449 and added the extras to bring it up to the desired spec.

    Heated Wheel 110 – Winter Pack 280 – Sun roof 1130 – 360 view 300 – Active Info 590 and Voice active 185 – Total for Extras = 2595.

    If I were to goto Motability and ask if I could have the SEL then the difference would be 1505 but I would still have to add the Heated Wheel 110 – 360 view 300 and Voice active 185 – Total for extra =  595.

    So comparing apples with apples Match = 2595 and SEL = 2100. Cheaper to upgrade – Crazy! or am I missing something.

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    Glos Guy

    Hammerhead – whilst there is a degree of logic to the theory, I’m afraid that the scheme doesn’t work like that. One or two have asked the question about making a case for a model that isn’t on the scheme, but I haven’t seen any evidence that anyone has had any success, nor do I think anyone will. The Allspace SEL isn’t on the scheme as most versions are too expensive for the arbitrary price caps and most of the options you want to add to the Match are luxuries and personal preference rather than absolutely essential for a disability. Your only options at the moment, I’m afraid, are to pay for all the options that you want on the Allspace Match yourself, or get the regular Tiguan SEL and have most of them as standard. The 2WD Allspace SEL does come in under the price cap, so there is a reasonably good chance that it might appear in the future.

    I’ve never looked into grants as we wouldn’t qualify, but you might have a case for asking for a contribution for the heated seats on the Match, if deemed a medical necessity, but not for the other options. In the eyes of HMRC, the only options deemed ‘essential’ for disabled people are ‘permanent and substantial adaptations’, such as hand controls or hoists. Normal factory options (such as heated seats) do not qualify. I suspect that Motability may be influenced by these rules, given their VAT exemption.

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    Metaphorically, you and I are going to come to blows mate lol – It would appear you’re after the exact same car as we want, with more or less the same options, and from the same dealership.

    We test drove the SEL here in Sheffield. Wife and Daughter loved the panoramic sunroof, which is standard on SEL and £1130 option on the Match. There are one or two things on the Match that don’t transpose to the SEL though; and the Winter Pack is £280 on the AllSpace price list PDF (effective 1/2/2019) but £365 on the configurator – as confirmed by Kitman.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your response about contacting Motability about the SEL. Can’t see it happening myself, but since we can’t input the application until next Tuesday it might come on the Scheme. Or, more likely, just after we’ve ordered!!

    Good choice by the way. Daughter went for Dark Moss Green – not many colours available in Match trim with sunroof. And 22 weeks lead time (which might be less for the SEL?)

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    Hi hammerhead, Glos has answered your question pretty well. But to add i did enquire last year to motability if we could apply for a grant for leather seats, which would also be heated. The answer was a firm no without taking any further details from me.

    Their explanation was that leather seats are a luxury item, whilst they make it easier for some people to enter and exit a vehicle with the ease of swivelling around, there are aids to help with this – a rotating disc was mentioned. So leather seats are not considered a medical necessity and we would have to purchase this ‘disc’. Likewise when i added the advantages of heated seats – again you can buy heat covers for seats, so again a no.

    Now this was just an experience i had on the telephone, with the operator taking no further details from me. Criteria does change, and assessment is on a case to case basis. I’m also a firm believer that whilst there are guidelines in place, the interpretation of those guidelines will differ from operator to operator. As with any business the answer my differ depending on the person you speak to.

    For more on the grant scheme, see this link https://www.motability.org.uk/grants/

    It is means tested, and if you qualify to apply, you will need to provide evidence of income in the form of benefit letters and/or bank statements. But as i said, even though we are on benefits we didn’t even manage to jump through the first hoop in applying. Fortunately we had a rent rebate which enabled us to afford a different vehicle which had all that we needed and more, included as standard. We now save a little each month with the aim to have £1,000 saved by the end of the 3 year lease in the hope it will provide us with a similar vehicle next time around – the same cost of our current vehicle.

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    My understanding the Match come with the parking assist as standard were as the SEL is a £550 option? however to upgrade to the trailer parking assist you have to pay full price rather than the difference between the two?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I wouldn’t trust a computer program to reverse a trailer for me!

    That being said anyone who has a trailer/caravan should be able to park one, it’s a piece of cake, even easier if you have a steering wheel knob fitted as most of us on here likely have.

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    I wouldn’t trust a computer program to reverse a trailer for me! That being said anyone who has a trailer/caravan should be able to park one, it’s a piece of cake, even easier if you have a steering wheel knob fitted as most of us on here likely have.

    I thing it designed to line up the towball and tow hitch.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Ok, just got off the phone with Motability and to clarify/confirm, you cannot specify a different model (which is not on the scheme) and fund the difference yourself.

    I did query why the following appears on their website…


    ‘You can choose a high spec model with additional options if you feel you have sufficient funds to cover the cost yourself.’

    But the guy stuck to his guns.

    So in order to spec a Match to an SEL trim I would have to spend £2595. If I could have gone for the SEL it would ‘only’ have cost £2100. Like I said, Crazy!

    Incidentally, I also asked about new cars coming onto the scheme in the 2nd Quarter and was told to expect a significant number of new arrivals. I then pressed for ‘what exactly’ and was told ‘too many to go through individually’ so asked about the Rav 4 Hybrid.

    Response : The Rav 4 Facelift model will appear in the 2nd quarter but no details yet as to trim.

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    Interesting, very interesting.

    So despite what it says on their website they really just make it up as they go along then.

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    Thanks for clarifying HH.

    Yes, VS the motability website isn’t always accurate – the wording on the link HH posted i presume was from sometime ago, prior to the cap changes in Jan ’18.

    I'm running the Virgin London Marathon 2019 in support of MIND The Mental Health Charity

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    That’s a big price to pay for not much extra room over the normal Tiguan.

    In my view nothing comes close on the scheme for kit and build quality.

    Space isn’t in issue, for us it swallows up 2 wheelchairs my crutches, my wives sticks and our bulldog, all just in the large boot.

    But I had a vw touran to px so the car cost us nothing and we got some money in the bank.


    I waited almost a year before taking the leep to thr SEL Tiguan 150 Auto, it’s been fantastic, I used the intilegent cruise control on the motorway today and must say it’s an amazing piece of tech.


    we had it on my Audi A6 and although it’s a bit more crude in stopping that last little bit, it works well.

    The electronic diff works well in the rain too.

    If I decide to go for another scheme car though I won’t be looking at paying a big AP, we just got a better px price the greater the AP and it turned out out car was a cancelled order with a fair few extras included.

    Ive heard of folk get a grant if they need a bigger car but never got optional extras.

    Those are negotiated with the dealer. Some are luckier then others.


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    Just tried ordering a Tiguan R Line Tech with a heated steering wheel. Apparently this new model has a different wheel and the heated option is no longer available 🙁 Dealer thought I was joking when I said this was a deal breaker for me.

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    Heated steering wheel is an option on the AllSpace Match though. Not as high specification though.


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    For me the Tiguan and Allspace are drastically different in size. I’m 6ft3 and bum to roof the Tiguan is too small especially as I have spinal issues and struggle to duck my head. I always also do the rear legroom test by putting the drivers seat in my driving position then try to sit behind myself. In a standard Tiguan the rear legroom isn’t there and the roofline is too low. The Allspace can accommodate me with ease.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Olpk that’s great advice and often missed, if you visit a showroom it always seems thier cars have great rear seat space, Always set the vehicle up for driving style and then check the rear seats, it all makes a difference over the 3 years.

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    i was 6’2” but I’m now only 5’9 caused by my spinal issues but need seat hight perfect for me in the Tiguan, my wife is only 5’2 and is perfect like that.

    I still drive with my seat fairly far back as my legs are the same length.

    But my son is 6’1” and he has at least 4 inches head space and can stretch out easily for leg room, sitting up he has I’d say 4 inches of knee room  plus the seats recline like airline seats if you want to relax more.

    Id guess some one had been playing with the rear seats as the go forward and back to increase the size of the boot space, it sounds like they were in the forward position?

    My son in law is 6’3” and his daily drive is a fiat 500 x definitely smaller then the Tiguan and leg room is tight to say the least.

    Not somerhing he could do in our old touran.

    For us the new Tiguan is perfect.

    I never found the alspace any different sitting in it apart from the rear boot was a bit deeper with the rear seats down.

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    Glos Guy

    I would echo that, as far as I know, head room in the front and rear of the Tiguan and Allspace are identical. They certainly seemed identical to me when I sat in them side by side and as they are the same car with one just stretched a little I cannot see that they would be different. I am 6ft 2 and with the drivers seat set for me I can sit behind with tons of leg room. Like Philjb I would imagine that someone had been playing with the seats as the rear ones roll forward and back by quite a bit. We would have appreciated the extra boot space of the Allspace but, unlike the standard Tiguan, the load floor is quite a mess with the 3rd row seats (which we would never use) folded as they don’t sit flush and I would have found that a complete pain getting the wheelchair in. Also, the Allspace was only available in SE Nav (now Match) trim and I really hate the front of those models as the dreadful standard headlights ruin the look of the car IMO, plus there is a vast improvement in standard kit when you get an SEL or R-Line.

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    Glos Guy,

    Ultimately though, it’s really all down to value for money, how easy and comfortable the vehicle is to use and its reliability.

    How the car looks and what colour is irrelevant in my view since you can’t see that when you’re in it! At least that’s my take when the Wife and Daughter tell me there’s only one colour that looks good in that car.

    We’ve just placed an order for an AllSpace Match DSG 4-motion for an AP of £949. For a £35,000 car I find that astonishingly good value for money and feel  nothing out there comes close to the versatility and functionality we need for our daughters needs.

    The hard bit now will be waiting for it to arrive. I’m under no illusion the 22 weeks quoted is achievable, but, as long as it arrives before next winter we’ll be happy.

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    Glos Guy

    BackCountryBob – I agree, that’s excellent value and if it suits your needs then that’s brilliant. In a way, I wish that I could be like you and ignore the looks, as both my wife and I have a tendency to dismiss some cars that are probably quite good on looks alone, but we are both quite passionate about cars and like to have one that looks good as well as goes well! I tend to agree with your wife and daughter about colours of the Tiguan (regular or Allspace) though. In my view, the only colour that works on the Match and SEL is grey (because it visually loses the hideous grey plastic flanks) whereas the only colour that makes the R-Line look like an R-Line is white! Thank God we are all different and like and dislike different things, or there would only be one car on Motability – and those of us old enough to remember when there was only one car wouldn’t want to go back there (I’m not keen on powder blue) 😉

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    I do find the rear seats are quite stiff at first to move back and forth.

    But I always do the same test as most of the time I’m not driving so leg room is important.

    Plus we both have wheel chairs.

    I keep my crutches permanently in the car as I have a frame for indoors.

    And a 40kg bulldog who fits easily to one side, with both chairs upright and folded and clipped in.

    the AllSpace wasn’t on the scheme when I was loooking but I also sat in one at the dealers and found the interior bar the boot exactly the same.

    im guessing the sunroof looses a fraction of height with the blind shut, but I never close it


    at the end of the day we are all different so as long as we gets a car that suits our needs it’s all good.




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    It is the Tiguan Allspace Match. Simular to the SE Nav but with a little bit more spec.

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    Yes Phil,

    its the base model of the 2019 model year Allspace. It does have quite a few additions over and above the SE Nav which was discontinued last year but there are a few stock cars left. Interestingly, the old stock is significantly more expensive that the new model year!

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