VW Tiguan Allspace Auto NOT AVAILABLE

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    I did a 40 mile round trip to test drive a Tiguan and view the Allspace as they didn’t have one to drive and he said it’s basically the same car but a little longer.

    Fair enough I thought, and off I went. Saw the Allspace and thought it was okay. Took the Tiguan out to see if I liked the drive. I did. Back to the garage to see when I could have the Allspace delivered, to be told that it can only be ordered from stock and that there aren’t any in the country at all!!!

    So anybody thinking of getting an Allspace auto, don’t bother wasting your time. I am not sure if there are any manuals left.


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    They haven’t even bothered to update their Q1 list yet. They truly are one of the more incompetent brands these days.

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    I got myself a cancelled ordered Tiguan SEL with a fair few extras and the metalic paint colour I wanted thrown in, just because it was the end of the month and they wanted to boost their December sales.

    Plus we got a better px price then we buy any car, or we want to buy your car, without even looking over it like a hawk, so we are getting a cheque back in the post.

    Plus it included £350 off which I think Reading vw are still doing.

    So I can’t complain about vw dealers.

    If your thinking of getting one even our grown up daughter loves driving it and rhe new digital display.

    She dropped me off today at the hospital then just drove around until I called to say I’m ready to be picked up.

    Shes clocked up over 500 miles, since Friday and it’s averaged   52 mpg.

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    Same here Philjb

    walked into a VW showroom and got a brand new Tiguan SEL sat at the docks in Germany with 650 worth of extras thrown in to boot which the showroom paid for. Cannot complain about the service i have received from VW in fact i would say they stand out as a motability dealer in my book compared to the way i have been treated in the past by some dealers.

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    Matthew Daniel

    Your statements are correct but has nothing to do with the Allspace that ISN’T available. I never said the dealer was bad or the Tiguan wasn’t good or available.

    It is wrong that VW head office have the Allspace auto listed but not available at all.

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    stewart pettnger

    i ordered a vw touran in sept 18 it sounds like wont get it until march but  i like it the sliding back seats are great for getting my scooter in so am prepared to wait.

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    When this sort of confusion arises the best thing to do is ring the Motability help line and cut through the confusion with facts. If they don’t have an immediate answer for you, ask them to email you with a definitive answer asap.

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    Matthew Daniel

    Hi Pops,

    I did speak to Motability who said they were sorry for my situation but said there was nothing they could do.

    I am on a lease extension with my Volvo XC60 and might just return it and buy a car. I am finding the service isn’t what it was and the AP’s seem excessive to me.

    The AP for a Skoda Kodiaq Auto diesel SE as the SEL isn’t on the scheme, is huge.

    It’s more than I paid for my XC60 that had a much higher retail value.

    I think that Motability are not getting the best deals and that manufacturers that have waiting lists like Skoda have little incentive to reduce AP’s when they can’t deliver cars in a reasonable time.

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    Our current car is a GOLF EST MATCH EDITION, my local independent VW dealer got it built and delivered in 5 weeks for £49 advance payment so can’t complain about VW and if they are still competitive will order another when up for renewal in 9 months

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    The Skoda Kodiaq SE L is on the scheme.  1.5TSi in 5 and 7 seat with the same AP, £3,395.  Which is £400 more than I paid this time last year.

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    The diesel SE L isn’t on the scheme as far as I can see.

    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale (2019-old shape) 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist.

    Previous Motability cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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    No diesels, only petrol.  Sadly, I think you’ll see less and less diesels on the scheme as madness of the political elite reaches new heights to save the planet.

    Still, I can certainly vouch for the petrol version, quiet, smooth and very responsive.

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    Which Mobility Car

    The Volkswagen price list confirms the Allspace is stock only, as is half the range of VW cars.


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    Which Mobility Car

    The Allspace has now been removed from the scheme. VW seem to be taking Motability for a bit of a ride at the moment.

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    VW customer services keep contacting me and apologising. I have repeatedly asked them to find out why this happened.

    Apparently it was an issue starting from trying to get the Allspace on the scheme earlier in Q3 when there was some availability. When they were allowed to put it on, no one realised that there was no more stock.

    I find this quite poor indeed but I also believe in human error. I am still not happy about travelling to test drive an unavailable car but am glad that my efforts have made them remove it from the scheme and stopping others from being messed around.

    I did get the impression that the new model will come on the scheme when it becomes available.


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    I did realise it’s not the same model car, my days of needing 7 seats has long gone.


    I found from experience motability themselves to be totally useless, when it comes to dealers and answering questions about dealer lies or mistakes

    We were treated appallingly by Honda which put me off the scheme for way over 6 months.

    We also had our local vw dealer who said we could drive away in a golf GD tdi if we paid now, it had half leather, a panoramic sunroof, self park, lots of non standard options, he told us the list price, then the AP was the same as we had looked up, we said yes please and he totally disappears?

    We got directed to the motability specialist who said if we want that car there was a 44 week wait for a manual base spec car in solid white or solid grey?

    So we walked.


    Months later

    I tried the Allspace liked the bit of extra room buy the dealer did say it’s unlikely to make it to the q1 list so we sat in and test drove the Tiguan bluemotion SEL, they had one in stock with £900 off options free, £350 off plus a better px then we buy any car or any dealer I rang,

    so I came away from the deal with them owing me and a tiny less space

    but I see the 7 seat option getting less and less, I would just buy a used Volvos XC-90 and run it on the scheme money.

    Me being over 50 and not a regular driver I find the scheme expensive but I’d only ever owned one new car before and was unlikely to do so again.

    So I could do with the extra money but sod it i was tempted and signed up.

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    Richard Harding

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Noel, what do you think of your match Edition Golf? I have the hatchback and I love it. Its economical even with the DSG gearbox and I’m gutted that I’m going to have to change in September as it is to low for me to get in to easily. My local dealer has been superb and I’ve never had any problems with them.</p>

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    Richard, I love the Golf, its fast enough for me, 1.4 TSI and as you say does 45mpg plus even if i trash it. Love all the toys and gadgets especially the ACC, would love another, but like you my wife needs a taller car with higher seats and headroom. So will go for a Touran next time I think.


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    @MattOsprey I spoke with  Motability yesterday who have said that the Allspace has been removed from the scheme due to a new model becoming available which has a better spec for the money.  It is called the Tiguan Allspace Match and the very nice guy who i spoke with said that the pricing team at Motability told him there should be new info on the website within a week or so..  I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled as I think it’s what i will go for.  If you google the model auto express have a little description on the added value for money regarding spec.  Hope this helps somewhat 🙂 x

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    Which Mobility Car

    Match trim look great: adaptive cruise control, sat nav, parking sensors front and rear, 19 inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, privacy glass, electric tailgate, three zone climate control and park assist with rear view camera.

    2000kg tow weight too from the diesel.


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    Matthew Daniel

    Hi L.

    Thanks for the information. I hope you are right. I will keep an eye out also. I just need to compare it with the Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Kodiaq. All being well I will order for a March pick up.

    Thanks again.


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