VW Sharan – Reclining Front Passenger Seat?

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    Can anyone with a VW Sharan (SE Nav specifically but any trim should be similar I’m guessing..) please tell me if their front passenger seat reclines and if so, is it a reasonable amount? I’m not expecting a bed!! but as part of my condition I need a bit of recline and I stupidly didn’t check this on my test drive today. Dealer back in next week and I will phone them but getting out is tricky for me and I’d really appreciate some wise advice! Thank you guys.

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    Unfortunately I don’t get mine til next week or so, but I’d be amazed if it didn’t! The one in the golf certainly did.  No worries I’d say.

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    Teapea, the Sharan front passenger seat does have a recline mechanism.

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    Thank you both very much for taking the time to reply, despite what sounds like such a daft question! It’s the little things eh.

    Bandit, it looks like we’ll be getting ours at the same sort of time as I’ve taken a stock order of the 1.4 TSI to avoid waiting.. I do hope petrol will be ok, mind you it’s only going to have 2 people + a 40kg wheelchair and hoist to carry, so it’s not like I’m expecting it to cart around a football team! Good luck with yours, I hope you love it. What colour did you go for?!

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    Hey Tea – I ordered a stock VW Sharan 1.4 SE NAV Auto petrol (2020 model) last month AP £999. It was cheaper than the manual and this will be my first petrol car for  about 15 years. I think the auto gearbox oil needs changing regularly but apart from that small engines like a 1.2 in the large Peugeot 5008 and the 1.4 in the VW Sharan have come a long way from the vehicles I remember in the 80’s and 90’s. Picking my VW black Sharan  up on 1st November.

    Good luck Tea.

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    Hi Colin,

    Lovely to hear from you, thanks for replying ☺️ good luck with your lovely new Sharan, I hope you have lots of comfy drives ahead of you! I’d love to hear how you get on with it when it arrives, I’ll have to keep an eye out for your posts.

    Thank you for all the info, I wasn’t aware Peugeot used the 1.2 for their 5008. You’re right of course, times have changed. Fingers crossed our little petrol engines serve us well! I’m not sure if mine is a 2020 model as it’s to be a ’69 plate.. but it’ll be an SE Nav Auto in Atlantic Blue 🙂

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    Hi Teapea and Colin,

    very interesting to see you are both getting Sharan 1.4 petrol. I tried without success to test drive this model.  I like the size of the Sharan/Alhambra but have only driven the diesel.  My mileage is around town and doesn’t really suit diesel.
    Please post how you get on with vehicle.
    Regards, wonky

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    Hi Wonky, will do. I was going for the Touran 1.5 originally but your helpful posts steered me away! The Sharan is only about 30cm longer apparently so I’m hoping it’ll be a reasonable drive still for my partner who enjoyed the Touran test drive – certainly there was buckets more room inside for all my medical whatnots, I do not travel light! 😀

    Did you decide on keeping your current vehicle in the end after all your Touran troubles, Wonky?

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    Hi Teapea,  yes I’ve stuck with my Alhambra diesel.  It’s a good vehicle for space.  Because I do most of my driving around town, the diesel has to be cleared with a regular run, also it’s very poor on mpg.

    The Touran looked great on paper especially in petrol mode. However when they dropped the 1.4 petrol in favour of the 1.5, it was a disaster.

    The 1.4 petrol you are getting is a proven unit, it should do fine for you, especially if you don’t overload.
    I have to change in the new year but have no idea what to go for, so your feedback will be helpful.

    Regards, wonky


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    I’m too considering the Sharan next year, but think the diesel might be better for me then the petrol. I drive about 30 miles a day, 5 days a week plus weekend runs.


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    Hi Teapea, I went for Indinium Grey (or something like that). The choice of colours wasn’t very exciting, which is unfortunate because some other VW models come in some lovely colours.

    I had an 11 plate Golf 1.4tsi DSG and the computer averaged about 39.8 over the three years, and I was never very conservative with the right foot! With the extra bulk of the Sharan I would imagine an avg of 32 or similar?

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    Thanks Wonky, hopefully it’s good. I’ll make sure to come back to let you know how it goes 🙂

    Craig, it certainly sounds like diesel might be a better option for you in that case. From what I understand from the dealership, diesel Sharans are much more popular. However for us, the 1k difference in AP was a bit steep for the small amount of mileage we’ll do.

    Hiya Bandit, I saw one in Indium Grey and it was beautiful. Not a dull grey at all. I’m sure it’ll look great! Thanks for sharing your Gold’s mpg, that’s encouraging. I hope you’re right on your estimates for the Sharan.. I’m not expecting miracles but if we can get something in the 30s I’ll be chuffed.

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    Golf’s* even!

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    On page 8 of the VW Sharan Pricelist (which contains the ‘specs’) it shows that SE NAV and above have:

    ‘Driver’s seat with electrically adjustable backrest and lumbar support’


    I would hazard a guess that ‘Electrically adjustable backrest’ = reclining seat

    However, do check with your dealer and do try to get it in writing if it is very important to you. Also keep a copy of the specs of the car ‘as ordered’ and make sure, before you enter your PIN on collection day, that the specs are exactly ‘as ordered’. If not, do not enter your PIN and reject the car.


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    Thank you very much for the advice, BigDave. I’m the passenger so it looks like it’s all manual my side and there’s been some confusion over whether the passenger side will have lumbar support.. so I appreciate this advice and link, thank you. The dealer kindly let me see a car of the same spec as mine will be to assess the recline so hopefully mine will be the same.

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    BigDave, that’s interesting. I can’t fully remember but I’m pretty sure SE Nav only had manual drivers seat when I originally ordered. Hopefully a few more things have made it on as standard for the Autumn update?

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    Bandit, some things seem to have changed.. eg the dealership told me that SE Nav passenger side had no lumbar support but this price list says the 2020 models do, and I’ve now seen one that does. I think you’re right and there’s been a few additions lately.. hopefully we get the updated ones 😉

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    Well I do remember back in May/June when we ordered the SE Nav did have lumbar on passenger side (both seats had manual lumbar adjust, like our old Golf had had) because it’s a must for me as driver or passenger.

    See it’s got ACC now as well, pretty sure it only had not etc cruise when we ordered.

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    Thank you, that’s interesting. Yes it definitely does have ACC. I just asked my partner (who is the driver of my car!) and he says the SE Nav we were shown and told was basically what we’d get did indeed have electric seat buttons on his driver’s side. I don’t know if that helps. Definitely manual on the passenger side though

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    Ah I’ve just realised something. The list BigDave shared is for the 2020 model. Could ours be the 2019 models? As mine is a stock order and ready to go I can only assume it was originally ordered Summertime 2019… Perhaps that could explain the discrepancies?

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    Yes, I saw it said applicable from  15 August, interestingly I had an auto text on16th Aug telling me that build week had been confirmed and then another on 14th September saying it had progressed to in transit. So I’m pretty sure mine was built between those two dates, lol.

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    That’s brilliant Bandit, I hope you get the extra sized screen and other goodies then 🙂 I’m wondering as mine was already in showroom mid October whether mine must be an earlier build model which is a shame, but that’s the compromise on having it quick I guess – plenty of gadgets for me anyway 😀

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    We’ll see. Easy come easy go. Make a change if do ‘Luck in’ a bit, doesn’t seem to happen very often! Lol

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    Haha I know exactly what you you mean, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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    When I enquired about a stock Sharan 1.4 SE Nav Auto, in last week of July for change over on 1st Nov I was told it would be a 2020 model I would get either on the diesel or petrol. But I was told they would not keep a stock car at the dealer forecourt for any length of time and come back at the end of Sept as they had a stock one that is coming end of Oct which is this week. They assured me it’s a 2020 model and the colour is pearl black.

    Out of curiosity I phoned a vw dealer in Taunton which is no where near where I live to see if they could get a vw sharan 1.4 SE Nav Auto from stock and he said ‘no’ they are like gold dust and if I wanted one the build time is  6 – 8 months.

    One more thing, I tried to track the progress of my Sharan but both the website and app doesn’t work for me. Apparently there is a different 8 digit number if it’s a stock item as opposed to a factory built one (which starts with 2) specially for you.

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    Thats really interesting Colin. I’d be really interested to see what we all get when the time comes. The days very near for you now, exciting! All I know about mine regarding 2019/2020 model is that it will be a ’69 plate.

    Sorry you can’t track it, that’s a bit annoying. Could the dealer help with that?

    I’m not surprised the 1.4 are like gold dust for stock models, it sounds as though most people go for diesel.

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