VW Sharan inches closer.

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    Got a text update today. Build week finally assigned (doesn’t say which week but guess dealer might be know?)

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    I ordered  a 2020 model black Volkswagen Sharan 2.0TDI SE NAV from stock coming in October for a 1st of November change over. No waiting at all.

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    Gordon, DSG or manual? There were certainly none of my chosen spec in stock when I ordered in June, least not within my dealers network. Guess like a lot of things it’s a bit of a PC lottery. I don’t fret anyways, they come, they go.

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    Bandit mine is a manual, AP £1,199. I started looking in July for this model and phoned around my local dealers. 1 or 2 said they had them coming in August/September but could not keep them for me that long. This week I phoned a dealer 15 miles away and he said they had a blue one and a black one coming in October. I went down and ordered the 2020 model Black Sharan which they will keep until my change over day on November 1st. I have no idea if it’s pure luck or just good timing. I hope you get yours on time which I’m sure you will from the info I got.

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    I’m considering getting a Sharan when my current lease ends in April 2020. I currently drive a Touran 1.4 TSI DSG.

    Did any of you guys order extras? I’m looking at adding reversing camera.

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    Don’t you have to add packs nowadays? thought they had stopped being able to add single items?

    Maybe not, just had a look and it’s only available as an option on all models at a cost of £330, wow.

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    Check the small print some vehicles include things like parking sensors/cameras on a Motability vehicle when it’s available as a individual extra. I’m not up to speed with as to if VW is one of these.

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    I’ve had a quick look and can’t see that it’s included with VW. I know I’ve read it on a few manufacturers/motability vehicles. Ford as an example by reading the boring small print it could save some having to upgrade or pay extra as some things are included and fitted to all Motability vehicles. Taken from Ford motability list:

    [††]Vehicles shown are vehicles available on the Motability Scheme. Please note that these vehicles are subject to availability and you should check with your Motability Accredited Ford Dealer for the availability of your preferred vehicle. Where offered, Appearance Pack and Active City Stop are subject to availability. Rear parking sensors will be included on all new Ford cars contracted through the Motability Scheme by a Ford Authorised Dealer (if not already as standard).

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    When I ordered my Touran in 2017 I added the reversing camera as an extra.  Cost about £275 then I think.

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    When I ordered my Touran in 2017 I added the reversing camera as an extra. Cost about £275 then I think.

    Still £275 for the Touran but £330 for the Sharan, must be a bigger camera so bigger price. ?

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    Camera still isn’t HD. ?

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    Gordon, I had to have DSG. I can’t see the Sharan is a real volume seller these days and expect VW do periodic production runs, one of which is seemingly about to happen.

    Craig, No I didn’t order any extras, just straight 2.0tdi SE Nav DSG. Ordered in end of June with 250 discount (so 849 instead of 1099) and usual agreement if Q3 price went down, but unsurprisingly it didn’t!

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    Rang dealer on Monday and spoke to the “Motability man” to see if he was able to see which actual build week had been assigned. “Oh I’ll see what I can find out Mr B, I’ll ring or  text you later Mr B”. Rang again yesterday, left msg with receptionist reminding him. As I sit here late Thur evening, still not a dickie bird.

    I know I’m only one of many customers, but I also know that others on here already feel that Motability customers are treated, at best, like 2nd class customers and, sometimes it’s easy to see why!

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    Closer still!

    Just got a text. Order has progressed to stage 5a of 7. Left factory, in transit. Yay!

    On a side note, two calls to the dealership when I got the build week assigned text, to try and ascertain which build week had been assigned, both resulted in hearing absolutely nothing back. Nada. Like others have said, we really do appear to be taken for granted and thought of ‘lesser’ customers.

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    Bandit that’s about right, only one vw dealer (Reading).

    Were really interested in my custom, my local dealer and the next closest never got back to me ever.

    Reading actively kept me updated with emails, calls and video clips.

    I’d definitely use them again if there are any decent cars from them at change time.

    The sharran is long in the tooth but there’s still nothing to compare for the money.

    We nearly went for one but we’d only really need all that space once or twice a year.

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    diesel or petrol

    I recently had the 1.4 tsi as a courtesy car and it was the most awful drive ive ever experienced so much turbo lag that it was a pretty jerky drive. no gradual wind up through the rev range.


    Like it had 2 settings off and jet engine mode.

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    Diesel smoggy. I had a 1.4tsi DSG golf once, that was swift and smooth. Can imagine that the Sharan could be a touch too big and heavy though.

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    Bit closer still. Text update this morning telling me now at Stage 6, landed in UK.

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    Had text from VW yesterday saying 7of7 car arrived, and call from dealer this morning confirming.

    Just needs to go down the road to have a Lodgesons unit fitted and then it’s mine!

    Going to Devon last weekend of the month so hoping but knowing my luck he’ll ring me when I’m down there saying “it’s ready”.

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    Glad it’s arriving.

    What colour did you choose?

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    Indinium Grey? Some shade of boring anyway, lol.

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    Finally ready. Picking her up this Thursday afternoon!

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    Good news, hope you put some pictures up of your new Sharan.

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    That solid base colour grey looks black in some lights, I had a loan car in that colour and liked it. Looks much better in the flesh then it sounds.
    I’m sure you’ll like it.

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    Cheers guys. Yeah sure the grey will be fine. Everything ends up cow sh*t colour round here anyway, especially at this time of year! lol

    Will take pics and mini review soon as get a decent dry day.

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    Looking forward to your review Bandit and hope you have at least 3 years trouble free motoring. There is nothing like the smell of a new car, it’s one of those little luxuries some of us motability customers get to experience thanks to the scheme.

    I have chosen a stock Pearl Black VW Sharan SE NAV 1.4 petrol auto instead of diesel as I don’t do half the miles I use to do but I am a big unit so hoping the pulling power will cope. Middle of November is/should be my pick up time. Good luck and have fun.


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