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    ordered  31st may pick up tomorrow

    Rline tech

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    @winston I reluctantly ordered from VW Johnstone’s Lawley Middleway Birmingham. I only had 13mths remaining at the time but due to my health not getting any better i ordered hoping the dealer would look into the discounts that Hull is offering the dealer didn’t get bk to me till after placing order once I had 12mths remaining to only say sorry we won’t match or offer a ap discount and advised I could always cancel knowing that I couldn’t big sigh. I wish I took the time to travel to Roger for this deal now as he seems very attentive. If only I walked away initially, lessoned learnt and regrets made now. I always brought my cars private until now and the difference between both purchases is the dealers seem to go more than the extra mile privately. I feel like they think it’s free and I choose to be in this position.

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    @cb211 excited much I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m well jel hope it all goes smoothly please let us know how your pick up goes and if your enjoying the car as a whole. If mine takes the same time I won’t get till Feb eeekkk

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    He is indeed a great guy, not just the discount side of things ( which always helps ) but he’s a genuine nice honest guy and only ever a call or email away, no bull or faffing you off

    but if you’re into you’re last 12 months of your award then I guess your hands are tied , I can’t imagine that your dealer even considered reducing your AP knowing your circumstances with the award in its final 12 months

    but hey, we live n learn eh? Well sometimes lol

    im sure in a couple of months all this will be a distant memory and you’ll never need to deal with him or his lousy attitude again!


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    I can definitely see his very genuine person which I don’t know why other motability specialist aren’t like this!
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I went through a lot to get my award until my medical staff got involved and by that time I’d brought my Mercedes myself. Then literally a mth later I got the more bad news regarding my health and everything was then granted so I thought I’ll hold out a little before losing all the value in my car that I purchased waiting for the Audi Q3 to come bk and it didn’t then after this long of saying I’ll wait till the next quarter I couldn’t wait any longer maybe I should of just waited till my renewal which is probably going to arrive when this car does.</p>
    Dealer definitely knew they had no intention of offering any discount even told me that if I got my car so far out that’s where I would have to service it etc and any problems I would have to travel back and forth which again another lie. Defo lived and learned this time round.

    Cant wait for the silver lining and the car to arrive I won’t even take the car to this dealer for servicing or anything.

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    Dave h

    Anneka next time go to johnsons in solihull that’s where I went been there the last 2 cars I’ve had got £250 off not as much as at hull but £250 is £250 he took another £200 off when the ap went down in October tony tolley is the salesman there

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    Thank you Dave h, definitely will go there next time if I’m luckily enough £250 is most definitely £250  and better than nothing. The salesman has reduced my AP to the lower new 1 aswell and I have this via email just incase he decides to forget he advised he will change this lol

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    Dave h

    When he knocked off the £200 he sent me a new order/receipt showing new balance to pay as I paid £900 off i know you dont need to but I’d only spend it lol

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    Menorca Mike

    Dave h I had my Golf from Johnson’s Solihull got £500 off very pleased worth the 50 mile journey there

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    I really picked the wrong dealer didn’t I lol definitely learnt my lesson should of found this forum before I ordered. I will ask him for a new invoice once he finally gets back to me.

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    I ordered my R-Line Tech from Marshalls in Oxford. £400 off the AP.


    VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    Dave h

    Had build week of the 4th November had text today stage 5c near uk on ship I was told January so its gonna be a lot quicker I may have to ask dealer to hold on to it for a week or two as I’m buying my current car and you have to pay for it 3 weeks before you pick up your new car

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    Dave h I had my Golf from Johnson’s Solihull got £500 off very pleased worth the 50 mile journey there

    That interesting Mike how long ago was that Mike. I contacted Johnson’s are they offering discounts on the  Tiguan and we they willing to match Marshall’s and JCT they were none comital but informed me last month they have brought out the our local VW dealership in Stafford.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Oscarmax that was last January 2018 when ordered picked up middle of March was £500 off the ap they matched Marshall in Oxford

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    Oscarmax that was last January 2018 when ordered picked up middle of March was £500 off the ap they matched Marshall in Oxford

    Hi Mike sorry for the confusion the question was for Menorca Mike, however you both  received the £500 discount

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Dave h

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Tiguan arrived in uk today</p>
    Info on times for anyone that’s waiting on theirs

    Ordered 28/7 (1 months factory shut down in august)

    Build week 4/11

    Left factory 6/11

    In transit near uk 12/11

    In the uk 14/11



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    Menorca Mike

    It will get very wet today

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Dave h

    Text today 16/11

    Stage 7 on last part of journey to dealers driver may as well take scenic route as I cant pick it up till 5th December because I have to wait 3 weeks after buying current motability car why its 3 weeks I dont know

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    My pal collected her Tiguan R line tech ( non scheme ) a few weeks ago

    i went to visit yesterday and we went a spin to Tesco , once we parked up I could smell a strong smell of diesel and noticed some light blue smoke coming from the engine bay

    drove the 10 min journey home and again I could smell it inside the cabin ( she couldn’t but I have a very highly tuned sense of smell )

    I made her phone VW breakdown and the AA arrived about 20 mins later, as soon as he got to her car he said he could smell the diesel straight away

    fast forward 20 mins or so and he had arranged for the car to go back to VW ( 10 mins away ) said the car was safe to drive that short distance but the fuel leak was not fixable and a new part would need to be installed

    courtesy car came today via Enterprise and it was an Audi Q5 S Line auto

    I was quite excited for her being an Audi lover but even though it’s a S Line ( which is usually their mid range trim ) it’s pretty basic compared to her Tig R Line Tech, not even a reverse camera compared to the 4 she has in the VW, nopark assist , auto folding mirrors, pano roof, no adaptive cruise control, lane assist, emergency breaking , no touch screen infotainment , pretty naff alloys, can’t close the boot using the fob, fake exhausts, no storage nets as standard, the standard LED headlights on the Q5 aren’t as advanced as the Tig ones , standard black paint looked a bit cheap, the list goes on and on!

    having it parked next to mines to compare , if you removed the 2 badges I think most people would pick the Tiguan 95 times out of 100

    The Q5 isn’t much bigger size wise ( if at all ) def doesn’t appear any roomier inside

    to add all that missing tech above would could thousands even though the Q5 already costs a good few grand extra

    the Virtual cockpit on the Q5 was def much better, bigger andclearer than the Tiguan version though

    but at the end of the day and if I could afford it I’d take a fully loaded Q5 with all that kissing tech included over the Tiguan , every day of the week lol


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    @winston I do love Audi’s never owned 1 but when I test drove the new Q3 i was won over totally. How would u compare the Tiguan to your previous Q3?
    As I’m so tempted to do a finance as just doesn’t make sense when everything is included on motability 🙁

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    @dave h u must be super annoyed but at the same time excited for you Tiggy

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    Dave h


    1 or 2 weeks is no biggy considering it was supposed to be January

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    That’s a very valid point 1-2wks is nothing when it’s 2mths early. Happy days

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    I loved the Q3 but it was a bit dated inside compared to the rest of the Audi range or indeed compared to lots of other available cars, only because it was coming to end of its production life before the Mk2 appeared

    The Tiguan mk2 is only 3 years into its life cycle so it’s got a lot more up to date and relevant tech included, and now with the R line changing to R line tech even more is added for no extra cos to ourselves! So I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with it and not wishing it had this or that

    I do love the new Q3 but only in the Vorsprung Trim and that would command a rrp of 45k and above! The Sport & S Line trims don’t do it for me, I know it’s still a great car  much like the Volvo XC40 is but  the way my little brain works with aesthetics and details they just don’t float my boat

    so when you compare a finance deal on the Vorsprung Edition with that to a Motability car with everything included it’s hard to justify ( and afford ) the private deal

    I did pass one on the motorway the other day and thought that looks lovely and has some car envy! But unless I come into an unexpected bit of extra disposable income then I don’t see myself leaving the scheme anytime soon! I live in hope though 🙌🏻

    I had a little shot of my friends Q5 S Line courtesy car tonight, drives nice, same size of tyres as the Tiguan , pretty much same size of car, does feel pretty similar tbh, fair bit quieter in the cabin of the Q5 mind you as they Tiguan can suffer from a bit of outside wind noise, and the virtual cockpit is larger and a bit more advanced

    but that’s about the only things that trumps your new car , you get way more for your money in the Tiguan , more tech, safety features, personalisation  and I’d say Driving pleasure

    if the 2 were parked next to each other you’d certainly pick yours over the Q5 , and that’s one thing I never thought I’d hear myself saying lol

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    Thank you for that as who best to answer and keep me on route to the Rline lol

    I know what u mean with the Audi’s you have to pay so much to even get anything close to the Rline which yes would definitely be the vorsprung edition although I would defo settle for the sline I think to have the 4rings shallow as it maybe lol. I did get some quotes and basically even with a very large deposit I would still have to pay in excess of £300 per mth without insurance, services, tyres etc so defo a no brainer. After that went to fill up my tank and saw a beautiful 69 Tiguan Rline in what seemed to be Oryx white as although it was dirty I could see a shimmer. I would be lying if I wasn’t very jealous as I don’t have mine yet or even know when I will get it. Hopefully I get in this side of the year wishful thinking 🤔

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