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    Lol! I’m definitely not Mr Patience you’re spot on!

    My cars built and on its way to Emden although fingers crossed it’s already there. Will probably be collecting mine week after yours perhaps!

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    Well I wouldn’t worry, because if I was Roger I’d get you the car ASAP to get rid of you ???

    So I’m sure you’ll get it as quick as humanly possible ?

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    Tbf I haven’t hassled Roger one bit!! I’ve only been ringing VW Customer Services and getting my info from them. Roger himself has rung me to give an update . Ive only ever rang him myself once and that was last Sunday!

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    I’m only winding you up ?

    U take things too literally, I wouldn’t know if you’ve spoken to him or not

    A couple of weeks and you’ll be happy as Larry, is that time enough to make your weddings?

    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    I hope the Seat Tarraco Excellence Lux doesn’t appear on the Scheme on 1st July.

    That would seriously turn my head.

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    View post on imgur.com


    Pictures of my Tiguan SEL 4MOTiON 190ps collected 31.05.19

    Paid £2700 upfront which is good considering at the time I ordered it was at £3149

    Already done 1143 miles as I write this.

    Lovely to drive. So smooth dsg gearbox. Still not fully used to the tech in it.

    1143 miles. 31.2mpg average which I dont think is good at all. But that comes down to me. Had it in sport alot lol. Can get 40 plus on good drives so hopefully will improve once the engine breaks in.


    Boot space is amazing in comparison with the golf I had.

    Any questions about anything just post here and I can help.



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    Congratulations! It looks like a lovely big motor! Glad to hear you’ve been putting it through its paces already

    I drive my current car on Dynamic and the gearbox set to sport about 90% of the time, makes it alot more fun ?


    When life hands you melons...,
    Make melonade!

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    I’ve noticed the R Line Tech 2.0 TDI DSG has now dropped from £2899 to £2399 (£500!)

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    yes just noticed the manual 2.0 150 tech as dropped to £1,799 but hey ho that’s how the cookie crumbles it could of well gone the other way

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    Russell – that car looks sweet!

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    Zaheer76 The excellence Lux is on (although only manual)

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    Thanks JS! – I forgot to mention that its the DSG version I was hoping to see!

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    Mr b

    ordered our allspace back in March 2019

    Vw llandudno, forgot to tell us the factory In Mexico shut for 6weeks. Still waiting on delivery..

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    What more proof/better example do Motability need to rethink their ridiculous 3 month lead time?

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    Hi Mr b. Not sure why the difference but I ordered my Allspace match in April and take delivery next week?

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    The dealer explained to me that it can depend on any extras you order.

    He stated they build certain extras in batches so say you order leather , they may wait for a batch of several cars needing leather and put them down the line as a batch. Dont know if that’s true or not but my allspace order was placed on 29th March and it’s still Stage 5 “in transit” on the App. I ordered several extras.

    I’ve got an even longer wait as I’m not taking this car. I’ve just reordered a new one as they ordered the wrong extras so roll on April if I’m lucky. My current car will be nearly 5 1/2 years old by then.

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    Colin Spooner

    I ordered my Allspace on 22 February and told delivery 17 july, suprise suprise i am still waiting, VW contact is all about passing the buck, told loaded on a ship on 14 August, still no show, 3 weeks ago I’d have a text from the dealer to say that the car had now been built and was in Germany, when I asked when it will be delivered I received no response. This will be our 8th VW and most definitely the last. They are clearly in big trouble.

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    I’ve ordered a Tiguan R Line early Oct 19 and have been told today by VW it has an unconfirmed build date from early Jan 2020.

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    @Smithy I ordered VW Tiguan RLine Tech also 7/9/19 and was told last week a unconfirmed build of early December but the dealer believes it will be before fingers crossed we get our cars earlier than later eekkk

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    Hopefully you guys get an early Xmas present from ??

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    Dave h

    Mine was scheduled for build tthis week had email saying it had left the factory this afternoon so 3 days if they started it on monday

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    Before Xmas would be absolutely ideal Winston.

    Dave H when did u order yours if you don’t mind me asking?

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    Dave h

    28th july but in pretty sure they close factory for august so take a month off that

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    that’s good then hopefully I may hear something soon too then only news I got today is I can’t have my added extra that I requested to be added last week the emergency assist package as my dealer claims it’s no longer available to be added to the R Line even though it’s online and I did a vw chat online who also stated it’s available. So think my dealer is trying a fast 1. Big sigh 1st moto car and nothing seems straight forward

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    Where did you order your Tiguan from again? You could always cancel and order from our good friend Roger in Hull if it’s not too far from you?

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