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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Woohoo!</p>
    What a way to kick start a Friday! It won’t be long now mate

    Just hope they’ve shipped the right one ???

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    I’ve just been and checked my order it missed stage 4 and went straight to stage 5 (In Transit) so looks like mine is well on time.

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    Nice one Russell!

    You will have yours by the time ours go into build! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous!


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    My Sharan is “with factory” but I’m not really expecting it before Oct (July is supposed change date).

    Who knows, as car sales are supposedly falling at present, maybe factory will start catching themselves up a bit.

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    John Watson

    I ordered my VW Touran on the 11th February 2019, as of to-day 8th June 19 I have no build date, I also have been promised by VW customer services a provisional build date of 1st July 19. So after reading these posts that looks like a definite none starter>.

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    Just Had a nice Call from Roger in Hull, saying my Tiguan is now in Grimsby, awaiting transport to the dealers. so in all this as been quite rapid to what other people have experienced in the passed. (order placed 26th march)

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    Had a text update yesterday telling me I’d progressed to stage 2 with factory. I was at that stage last week when I looked myself on the tracker. Guess their text updates lag behind somewhat!

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    Good to hear Russell! Told you that you’d get yours as ours would go into build . Hopefully not too long now.

    you should have yours sometime next week I’m guessing!

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    Any news on your car Russell?

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    not as yet ZaheerUK76, Just waiting it to get transported from Grimsby to Hull then for all the dvla stuff, PDI and valeting to be done, its been in Grimsby since back end of last week so it could be anytime now, earliest I can get the car is next Monday if its ready by then.

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    Russel – Grimsby is not far from Hull so I

    never understand why it takes long to come – can’t the dealer just drive over and collect it? Heck, I’d drive over me collect mine and drop it at the dealers if it speeds the process up!

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    Well, had another text yesterday telling me yet again that my order had moved to Stage 2. Obviously the system is set to issue weekly repeat twaddle in the absence of any actual progress, presumably to give the illusion of work!

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    Well Zaheer,

    You get some good news this morning? Feeking good? ?

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    Lets hope it gets put on the right transporter. The wife’s Tig went to the wrong dealer.

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate

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    I can deal with that, Aslong as its not bright yellow with those eyelash things on the headlights I’ll be fine ??

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    Winston!! Are you pulling my leg?

    Seriously, I have had no news – all I know from the app is that the car is in build this week. That’s it!

    Care to share your good news??

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    I got a few emails earlier saying the car was built and ready to be shipped, so it’s just a few stages over night

    Said something about Zaheer order being cancelled? ??

    As we know the vw tracker app is about as useful as Vanessa Feltz in a 100m sprint

    Im sure yours will update soon, if in doubt give VW customer services a call, give them ur order number and they can give you the latest update

    Let us know how u get on


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    It was the Donner Kebab I cancelled! Not the car Winston! LOL

    Thats great news Winston! Glad yours is built and ready to be shipped. Hopefully mine should be updated tomorrow and be on the same transporter as yours!

    Motability have only extended my insurance on my current X1 till 13 July so hope mine turns up sooner!

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    Russel, dont worry cars can be held up at ports for upto 14 days, its normally 7 but can be upto 14.


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    I’m in no rush for it, just incase the Urus appears on the next quarter in July ?

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    Don’t know but I’ve a feeling that im

    going to miss the boat. Literally.

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    If you’ve not had any updates by tomorrow, give vw customer services a call, it’ll put u out your misery ??

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    Yes will do! Thanks Winston!

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    ….and just as expected. Spoke to VW CS and they have stated that my vehicle has NOT gone into production yet. Apparently there are 8 production points or whatever. Gutted. Looks like its not coming home yet……

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    Not the news you were after, did they say when it is going to be built?

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