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    Phone up the dealer and see if its too late to change it if u think you’ve made a mistake, they can only say no

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    Hammerhead, if you are having issues and your just after stock version of r line tiguan, Just ring round other dealers ask to speak to the motability dealer and ask if they have any canceled orders or instock tiguan r lines they are willing to let go, its what I done and was in my r line within 5 days of finding a dealer that had one.

    so if you can find one ask the dealer if they can email you confirming if you pay a deposit you will secure the car they have or on route from port (this covers you for them not selling it on). Then phone motability tell them your intentions and then phone dealer you ordered with to cancel, this covers you and makes sure within seven days you can go and fill out the paperwork for the instock one as motability will cancel for you if dealer has not done it within seven days.

    then pay your deposit and sit back and wait.

    P.S you will love the car and tech its amazing mate.

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    @ Rico

    Thanks for that mate but I already did it – twice! and yes there is other stock but nothing in pure white (when I checked). So for now I am willing to wait and track the progress (hopefully, when it finally arrives it may come with some extra goodies as a result of yet another spec change – fingers crossed) 🙂

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    so just a in stock search for me comes up with these dealers for you

    Kidlington Volkswagen (who apparently have 2 white r lines in stock).

    Beadles of Maidstone (1 in stock)


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    Just out of curiosity – how are you guys checking stock?

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    @ Zaheer76

    I personally use a combination of CarWow and scouring the dealers sites. Some like the one Rico posted…

    Marshall Volkswagen (Oxford Kidlington)

    allow you to view their stock from their website like so…

    Others (like my local VW dealer) require a more direct approach which usually yields quick results…

    We currently have one physical car and two which are due within the next two to three weeks.


    R Line Tech 2wd Manual Deep Black


    R Line Tech 4 Motion Manual Pure white

    R Line Tech 4 Motion DSG Automatic Indium Grey with Leather and Tow Bar

    If you have any questions or would like to know anything please let me know.

    I am currently chasing the one at Kidlington (cheers Rico) and will update with the outcome 🙂

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    Thank you HH

    Thats what I’ve been using. I enquires about the one arbor kidlington which has loads of extras – but I need Side Scan and those in stock that do are Black! Any colour but black for me!

    Good luck with finding one that suits you!

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    someone’s Christmas has come early, seen these on a transporter today Going westbound on the M62 near Junction 27, (Birstall West Yorkshire) must of come from Grimsby docks.

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    The status of my order has now moved to 3 – Build Week confirmed. Rang VW and they have told me mines being built Week 25 (June 17).

    Has anyone else has any updates on their orders?

    Surely not long to go now!

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    Snap Zaheer, exact same info as you!


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    Looks like we’ll be picking up ours together. Expect a call from Roger today or so to confirm this perhaps!

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    I have been guaranteed week 23 for my build date (ordered 26th march  R line tech in white, manual, 2 wheel drive 150) so may be with a bit of luck back end of June early doors in July for me.

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    Russell – I would have thought you’d have yours about 3 weeks after build. Perhaps around the same time ours is being built!

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    Zaheer76, unsure got told yesterday that its still listed as week 23 for build date so I assume 4 weeks from then to get to dealers, and go through the PDI ect.. so you may be right. I’m in no rush now knowing things are moving at a good rate of pace. just need the reg so I can pre book the airport parking for my holidays in Aug.

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    WOW VW are on a roll! My dealer just rang – build week has been brought forward to 27 which is July so car should be available end of August 🙂

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    Picking mine up today 🙂

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    Congrats ??

    You’ll have to give us all the lowdown on how it is once you’ve been out a while


    Enjoy ?

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    I’ll post a picture tomorrow when I’m on my laptop. Loving it so far. Huge upgrade from my golf. Although do miss it a bit ha

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    Congratulations Moreton5!

    ‘Let us now how you’re getting on!

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    I’m looking at placing my order for a Tiguan Allspace on 1st July when the new prices get announced.

    Do you think from your experiences that might be a bad move?

    Could the price increase? As I think it’s a cracking deal at the minute £1849 for Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2.0TDI SEL 5dr.

    Also looking at all these lead times and I swap cars around 10th September.

    I’d be looking at getting a running board installed so that my dad can get in it easier and looking at getting it in Blue. Do they charge extra for Blue?

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    If you look at the tiguan mk2 forum there are loads posts about the delivery times, 6 months, 9 months even longer for some

    The cars are made in Mexico, and those Mexicans love a strike lol

    There is all sorts of other factors that are adding to delays

    So have a check online on that forum before placing an order

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    just wanted to give a quick update.

    I was lucky enough to get hold of a white r line tech Tiguan that my dealership had already ordered as a stock vehicle.

    Ordered Easter Monday and was due in 31st May.

    Mir went into build week 19 so 12/05/19 and I am collecting it on Saturday.

    It came into port on 25/05/19. My tracking on the app has only just changed to arrived in the UK this morning so approximately 10 days behind real time.


    Thanks for all all the help 🙂

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    Any further update Moreton5?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Good stuff jayde, let us know your thoughts once you’ve had it out a few drives ?</p>

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    nearly there, Now in Transit.

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