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    Update on my order car ordered 7/9

    been at stage 2 since

    today received text message moved to stage 3  – 29/11 build week confirmed for week 2 big sigh 😔 oh well

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    all i can say is i aint ordering a vw. lol

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    @mitch I’m really regretting it now big sigh

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    stop whinging you 😛🤣😭🤣

    3/4 months is the average on a factory order and you’ll get yours wayyyyyyyy before then , so…. chill wummin lol 🙌🏻

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    Ordered mine on 21/10 Anneka. Received my stage 3 notification this morning too. Build Week 2 here also!

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    Am I missing something here? I got an email and an SMS today about my Tiguan R-Line telling me that I have a confirmed build week but I can’t see what that date/week is anywhere…

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    Dave h

    I had that with mine I had a pop message with date from app but when I went on app it wasn’t there I went on web chat with vw they said they only have the same thing as customers but if you call the dealers they will tell you the date

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    Odd you should say that. I was driving when the notification came through and only glanced at the screen and I thought I saw 15/1 – was baffled when I went through the emails and sms etc later once i was out of the car and couldn’t find a date

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    @winston u know me all too well I’m so impatient loool

    i know it’s not long I’m like a baby right now spitting my dummy out

    @colin I only got a text message with no date either I called vw customer care who gave me the dates etc

    @zaheer76 we will get ours the same time I reckon then

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    From my previous experience expect to get into your car around 4 weeks after build week. That puts mine at 1st/2nd week of February. However, I’d rather collect on/after 1st March for the new 20-plate.

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    @zaheer76 I was thinking the exact same if it’s gonna be in Feb might aswell wait for the new plate indeed although I find having a 69 is funny to me

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    I just noticed that someone on the next street to let has taken delivery of a Tiguan and their ref is something along the lines of


    couldnt help but laugh at that one 🤣🤣

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    See what I mean with the 69 plates I’ve seen a few that has had me lol that one a has defo got me @winston 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Please forgive the ignorance of humour on my part – but what is funny about a 69-plate? I’m not getting the joke….

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    🙈🙈😭😭🤣🤣 I’ll leave this one for you @anneka

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    Bill and Ted baby 😛

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    Menorca Mike

    Anneka are you not having a 69 ? I’m sure the salesman could help you with it ?   Something to look forward to a lovely late Christmas present to enjoy

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    As much as Roger bent over backwards for me and is an amazing guy he never offered me a 69 🧐 ( thankfully lol )

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    keep it clean boys lol.

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    @winston I’m speechless 😶 that rarely happens lol

    @zaheer76 sorry I cannot say it’s rude so to say

    @Menorca Mike unfortunately not looking like I’m be getting a 69 lool build week confirmed for week 2 now so looking more like March late February so I will hold out for the new plate if that does happen.

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    Update on Tiguan

    7/9/2019 Order placed

    29/11/2019 stage 3 Build week 2 13th January 2020

    9/01/2020 today stage 5a in transit left the factory

    But VW tracker still states stage 3 build week confirmed 🤔 is this normal?

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    The VW tracker can run a few days behind with updates etc, you can give VW Customer Services a call, give them your order number and they’ll give you a bang up to date status 🙌🏻

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    I would contact your dealer or VW directly and ask for an update. They will give you a accurate answer instead of speculation.

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    Dave h

    When I got in touch with customer service online when I was waiting for mine they said they only had the same tracker as  I had but dealer could give me better info

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    When I called  VW Customer Services they said they had more up to date info than the online tracking info

    the reason I never mentioned contacting your dealer is that you probably won’t get through to them straight away and be a waiting game them getting back to you

    but there are a couple of options for you and hopefully you get a nice wee surprise 👍🏻

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