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    its about as much use as a chocolate suppository mate!!! Useless in the extreme and the live chat is similarly useless – they just refer you back to your supplying dealer.

    Our AllSpace is currently at stage 3 – build week confirmed, but it doesn’t say which week lol. Having been on the Tiguan Forums it seems the order tracker is just a gimmick and bares no resemblance to what is actually happening with your build.

    We’re still assuming the initial build week 18 to be correct (wc 29 April) but who knows? The other issue I’m reading about is transport problems from Mexico  – bad weather no less and shipping troubles. This can only be worse for an AllSpace simply because it is shipped from Mexico to Germany for checks and then onwards to the UK.

    Not really in a hurry though and extended delivery might enable a 69 plate, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.


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    Just been and checked my order, although its only been 4 weeks since I put my order in, its still showing as stage 2 (with the factory) I am hoping for collection around week 26, if not I will look elsewhere as I will not be hanging around, as the car I have now is unsuitable for our needs due to further medical conditions.

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    I use the “My VW” app on the iPhone to check for any updates and have also used the “VW Track my order” which is still sitting on “With the Factory”even though my dealer range me 2 weeks ago to tell me I have a provisional build Week 24. It has been at this stage for the past 4/5 weeks with no movement. Who did you call? The dealer? From what I know the app/online tracker is always delayed/behind and the most upto date details are accessible by the dealer.

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    Thanks for the responses guys, appreciate it 🙂

    It does seem very hit and miss though not like tracking a parcel on Amazon hehe 🙂

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    Put my order in on 13 March. Expected to pick up my car around June 12. Rang VW Helpline who told me that my car has provisional build week 27 meaning collection around August if true! I’m well annoyed!

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    Week 27 is the 1st July – 7 July so allowing for transportation and registration August sounds right unfortunately it’s sounds like your were giving the 12 week customary Salesman/Dealership  pitch. This sort of practice really needs to be stamped out by Motability. I wouldn’t like them to take of all the Cars that don’t meet their 12 week rule but maybe if they fined the dealers that are giving unrealistic hand over dates it would result in less shoddy experiences for its customers.

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    I’ve got the VW tracker app on my phone, but tbh I’m no it can be a bit out of sync or behind, I ordered on the 21st on March so it’s really too soon to expect any movement or meaningful updates

    So I wouldnt get my knickers in a twist, our lovely new shiney cars will be here soon enough

    Obviously if in 2 months time there is no updates then maybe that’s the time to throw the toys out the pram and panic

    But I try not to sweat the small stuff if I can help it ?

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    LoL Winston…

    3 weeks and counting till those toys get ejected from your pram then eh ? 🙂

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    I meant another 2 months from now lol


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    Come on Winston!! I’m not throwing toys out of my pram(just yet). But I’m annoyed at the fact that I was initially told that if I order early (which I did) then I should expect the car at my handover date (12th June). Have two weddings in late June which is was hoping to have the car off. August is a long way off – so likely a 8/9 week delay. Are you surprised that I am annoyed?

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    well if  any of you are buying the r-line version with no extras, I know a dealer that has one arriving in stock in grey in 3 weeks time, saves waiting… just saying

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    Not sure of exact stock but I live just behind JCT600 VW Dealers on Dewsbury road, Wakefield and their forecourt/parking area is chock full of what I can only assume are cancelled orders, never seen so many cars on the lot as there is right now, it has just gotten fuller and fuller over the last 6-8 months and I know that no dealer keeps an XS of new stock just in case they sell a few, might be worth giving them a call to see what they have?

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    vinalspin, that’s where I went to just view one as they had quite a few in when I went in March, although I did not order from them as they was no AP discount been offered at the time with that branch, the Motability guy was very nice to talk to. the one nearest to me near Elland road in Leeds well they was extremely bad, they just ignored us fully and could not even give us a coffee lol. so I just grab a hand full of sweets from reception desk and told the lady that’s compensation for not offering me a coffee and walked out after waiting 45 minutes for someone to approach me.

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    I was bored today, Nothjng new there lol

    So I decided to call VW customer services just to see if my order had a confirmed build date etc etc

    I was told it had an u confirmed build week in first week of July

    When I ordered the Tig I was given an estimated collection date of 26th June

    So I was a bit ????

    I’m not moaning about anythibg here before anyone thinks I am, I’m just updating my status incase anyone else is in a similar boat

    I did go for a few options including the Oryx White Pearl paint which can add a little time to the order

    So it looks like I’ll be waiting a while longer than I thought

    Like I said, I’m not moaning in anyway

    If I’m still posting about this in Aug then I’ll def be moaning lol

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    Hi Winston, does that mean you will get it first week in July,  or is that when the build is finished or the build started? as I think I am a few days behind you maybe. I go told mine would be around that time as well from the dealer, not checked in on the phone as yet with VW going to leave it a couple more weeks, as its 5 weeks tomorrow (30/04/19) since I placed my order. so I would hope I have only around another 9 weeks for collection.

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    Hi Russell

    Sadly it means my car is penciled in for production on that week

    It could move either way as its unconfirmed obviously

    So yeah if it was built that week it would still have to be shipped over, registered all the relevant paperwork etc

    So it could be a month or more after its built before I would collect it

    So what will be, will be, for the time being anyways lol


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    Ok cheers, looks like I will have to go to plan “B” if that’s the case with me, as it does look more Aug/sept time. with a 69 plate

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    I’m sure I ordered around the 26th April, so we are more or less in the same boat

    If I hear anyting worthwhile I’ll stick an update on here

    It’ll be all worth the wait I’m sure ?

    I love the car I have just now, so I’ll just need to love it a little bit longer


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    Does anyone else use Carwow to check stock availability with dealers?

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    Just been told my Tiguan as got a build date for week 32, my order went in on 26th march. (week 13) so I would say by time its built and shipped and all the standing around it does at each port. it could be mid late September maybe later. that will take it to say week 40 and it be a 69 plate. for a 27 weeks wait. 14 weeks late for me when I am supposed to change. it could be longer for others with special paint and extras or with 4motion and auto box. mines just plain standard.

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    That’s not great news at all Russell

    Was it your dealer that told u that?

    Where did you order it again?

    Sounds like mines might get delivered by santa ????

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    I spoke to VW Customer services who still say mine has a provisional build week 27. So no change on that. I ordered on 13 March but they said my order was accepted on 26 March. I was also told that the average wait time for a Tiguan is 28 weeks. So looking like September for me too. Bit late but atleast on a 69 Plate. Enquires about a RAV4 Excel and dealers are quoting mid October!

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    This sucks

    Why tell us we could have the car delivered within 3 months?

    Well I guess we are told that so we don’t go elsewhere ?

    Hmm decisions, decisions

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    Winston, I emailed VW UK and gave them my order number and they came back with that week, also said subject to change as well so who knows, if its not with me by 21st of august it be mid September as I go out of the country for just over 3 weeks to Fuerteventura. so will not be able to pick it up. also if its that late then that’s when my renewal date starts for the one of this one, as its 3 years from collection.

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    I wouldn’t worry about your date to hand the old car back, if you call Mota you can extend for up to 2 years and because you’ve did your original 3 year lease you can hand it back at any point, so you can lose doing it that way

    I’ve already extended mines for 2 years, but can hand it back at any point

    I spoke to VW during the week, they gave me an Unconfirmed production commencing 1st week of July

    But unconfirmed means absoutely zip considering that date is a full 2 months away

    Nothing is confirmed either way at this stage but the thought of a 6 month wait just sucks the life right out of me, and kills any buzz or excitement for the new car

    I guess I’ll see what happens over the next few weeks, but I guess all options are back on the table now

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