VW MPV at risk.

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    This is bringing tears to my eye’s 😒as I look at the future prospects of less and less suitable cars for the disabled in terms of carrying scooters and wheelchairs not to mention the hoist.

    Just have to hope the AllSpace Tiguan stays a reasonable AP in future if the Touran and Sharan go as most SUV’s have those, got to have to look good, sloping rooflines that rule them out for hoist and assembled scooters/wheelchairs.

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    I love my Seat Alhambra, with the hoist I can get my off-road mobility scooter in, and my folding power chair. I don’t struggle to get over 40mpg from the diesel, the specs are good, the seats are comfortable. With a two year extension I hope to keep it for the full five years, but what after that? It’s not just the sales stats that threaten the Sharan and Alhambra, also the Galaxy, but the necessary move over to electric vehicles. Maybe I’ll be in a position to buy the car after five years, if I am then maybe that’s the answer, if not then maybe I’ll need a WAV, or a VW Caddy, who knows? Maybe I’ll buy the best off-road wheelchair or scooter and accept a more restricted lifestyle, after all I, like many disabled people, like most simply ageing people, get used to that. What I’ll try not to do is worry about it until nearer the time. That’s the best advice that I can give us both.

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    All the manufacturers are blind sheep following a trend that will wipe out a big percentage of new car buyers as they will have to choose 2nd hand because there will not be a vehicle in any range suitable, 5 or so years down the line it won’t matter which manufacturer you choose as they will all be selling the same cars.

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    My next car in 2021 would have been the Touran, 80 to 90% sure of that but did read a little while ago that the Touran would stop production at the end of 2020 or start of 2021 but VW did say they intend to introduce a modern replacement for the Touran and just hope that’s still on the cards.

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    Clipped wings

    Mine due replacement in 6 months. Was considering requesting a lease extension, but securing a new one might be safest option as nothing else comes close. Perhaps the Id Buzz will be the next generation.

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    When you see things like the new VW i-van (or whatever it’s called) being tried out then perhaps it’s not all bad news. SUV bubble will burst soon I reckon, people will begin to catch on that they’re just not as practical or big inside that their size implies. I’d like to see box style estate cars return but with the ride and access height of SUVs. I think electric vehicles ( as they progress and improve) will see more useful vehicles being built, also with frontal storage space as well as rear. Like the Bollinger EV.

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    Nothing beats the older shaped Volvo estates, the 740/60 turbo was such a great car and was built to last years. We had a 760 turbo for years and I bet it’s still going strong somewhere.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I love my Seat Alhambra, with the hoist I can get my off-road mobility scooter in, and my folding power chair. I don’t struggle to get over 40mpg from the diesel, the specs are good, the seats are comfortable. With a two year extension I hope to keep it for the full five years

    Have you considered getting another of the same now? At least that way you’d be able to have the new one for some extra time.
    I honestly think at least one manufacturer will keep an MPV in its range. I believe they are too embedded in automotive culture now to become extinct. 🤞

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    The MPV fits a niche where it’s just about big enough to load a powerchair with the back folded down, yet it can still get into many car parks that something like a Berlingo Multispace cannot due to the height restrictions (local car parks have 1.83 metre (6′) height limit which will take the top off the current Berlingo Multispace/Rifter). Hence I have the Alhambra.


    However, I’m trying to survive without using the big B500 powerchair/Alhambra solution, by using a Foldawheel PW-1000XL with some success although there are a few potential problems regarding the super narrow tyres on the PW-1000XL (I managed to take a front tyre off the wheel in Nice, although hot water & some force helped get it back on), it’s not suitable beyond normally paved areas unless the ground is bone dry & rock hard. This potentially allows many more cars to fit my requirements & even allows me to consider many of the new electric models appearing in the scheme (I wonder if I can charge a wheelchair from a CCS in 1 minute…. ).


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    Hi all,  how the hell do you get 40 mpg out of your Alhambra, please tell me the secret. As stated previously I get 31 mpg around town and that is the main reason I will have to consider other vehicles when I change in the new year.
    Regards, wonky

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    To get over 40mpg you use the 148HP version of the 2.0 litre diesel & use light to moderate foot, and crucially have the coast function turned on.


    I get 46mpg on long runs, 41mpg average, 30mpg if I go polluting in London

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    Hi Julie,   to be fair most of my mileage is around town, 3 to 4 miles very often, 6 to 7 miles being  the most.  Mine is the 150 bhp. diesel dsg.

    My last vehicle was a 1.5 diesel Qashqai and doing same short runs returned 45 mpg .  I just don’t understand the big difference.

    Other than the mpg and blocking DPF,( due to short runs),  I too like the features of  the Alhambra .

    Regards, wonky


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    Had our Alhambra coming on the 3 years now. Lucky in some respects that most of our journeys are of a distance, so we have average 40 mpg over 45000 miles. Return trip too nearest hospital is 120 miles so they soon add up.  Driving at 56mph can get mid to high 40s but if a heavier foot mid 30s. ours is the 187 ps dsg model. As we have a caravan have decided too order the Tarraco as a replacement. If the Alhambra had been awd would have been our number 1 choice as well.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Wonky your driving history isn’t suitable for a diesel, I doubt it’d even be properly warmed up doing those distances?</p>
    An electric vehicle would be perfect if you could charge it but otherwise a petrol hybrid.

    I had a diesel Qashqai for a while and got 50+ mpg on a regular basis and 60+ on a gentle run so guess they are just generally more economical than the SEAT which would explain your findings

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    I used to drive a truck and will not drive at 56mph in the slow lane along with all the trucks just to save fuel, it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience when I did it in a truck that had great visibility so I don’t want to do it in a car, I drive my 184DSG Alhambra around the 70 mark and have returned an average of 30mpg over 42,000 miles of mostly motorway running, it’s crap compared to their official 50+ figures but who ever expected VAG to tell the truth about the economy of their engines!

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    Hi Rhodgie,  you’re right about the engine not even warmed up on a lot of my runs.

    However, needing a large vehicle makes finding a replacement difficult.

    I first considered a petrol Alhambra/Sharan, but I don’t think the 1.4 engine is going to give good mpg and there is a worry about it pulling a big vehicle.

    There doesn’t seem to be any large hybrids available.

    As I said , I didn’t have any problems with the Qashqai diesel or a ford diesel before that. Just this VW diesel.

    I know Vinalspin has had poor mpg also in his Alhambra.

    Regards, wonky

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    I got 44.8mpg over about 80 miles of fairly slow A road in my Alhambra dsg yesterday, and that was with my hoist and 125kg of off-road mobility scooter, a TGA Supersport, on board. I love off-road scooting – I was on the beach with it yesterday.

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    Thought I’d just dig this thread up again having seen this ray of hope for we disabled drivers who need to get fully assembled wheelchairs or scooters into the back of our cars.


    So we may not be saying good-bye to all the MPV’s just yet.

    Think these models will be too late for my next car next year but at lease we might not be left so high and dry after all.

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    And, at 34,000 miles, I am still sitting at an overall 42MPG on my 180 DSG S-Max, not taking it easy at all, sitting at 70+ on motorways (the cameras go off at 78, so not as fast as that…but close…). Very comfy too, more comfy than the Alhambra I tested, the S-Max is quieter, with more supple suspension.

    Long runs on the motorway get me into the high 40’s low 50’s mpg.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    We have the Sharan 2.0 150 dsg and get mid 50’s which has the adaptive cruise control which helps boost the mpg as your not speeding up and slowing down as much which was introduced to the Sharan in the 2019 models not sure if the Alhambra has got this added yet as standard or if it’s a optional extra. The Sharan seems to be more value for money as the AP seems to be less than the Alhambra.

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    Do you have to have certain mileage to request a lease extension

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    VW Replacing Golf SV and Touran with the “Variosport”.


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