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    Had an interesting e-mail today saying my Touran was ready to pick up,

    impossible since I don’t have a build date,I went on live chat and they told me they are now not allowed to give any information out on a vehicle,

    This now has to go through  the retailer,

    this is probably because of all the lies being told,

    called the dealership who said this was a mistake as the 1.2 engine hasn’t passed wltp,

    Ordered beginning of June he hasn’t got a clue when it will arrive but will be well into next year,

    He sounded fed up and said it wouldn’t surprise him if I cancelled everyone else is.

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    HI Craig

    I had the Touran SEL on order, ordered the first week of July and told by dealer delivery likely to be end of November start of December then Live Chat told me it will be more than likely end of February start of March.

    That date is of course is a build date not a date you will get the car so if I waited more than likely I would have got it about April.

    So it seems live chat have been told to keep their traps closed although I never said to them I was cancelling the order because when the chat finished I just said thanks for your time then I rang the dealer and cancelled. I’m cool like that. ?

    Ordered a KIA Carens a week into October and collecting next Tuesday. I would of preferred the Touran but there’s taking the P and taking the P.

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    Hi Guys

    It is totally wrong now that you have to contact the dealer for updates. Their App or online tracking is inaccurate and up to a week behind. WLTP has got the better of VW and they are not willing to apologise to anyone for it.

    I was fortunate and went back to my original order of the Tiguan and I collect it on Friday.

    Good to hear your collecting on Tuesday Chris. It is a real shame about the Touran. It is a car that has everything but VW have cocked up and must be losing out on many sales. They have already stated their sales in Europe was down 49% for September as well as downward sales Globally.

    Craig, I hope you get sorted out very soon.

    Chris, Enjoy your Caren’s

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate

    To be replaced with a VW ID.3 Tour 77 kWh Pro S 204PS Manganese Grey

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    I was told the same thing by Live Chat last week and I was surprised that it took my local dealer two days rather than 2 months to email me back with answers to my questions.

    I am unsure if they are trying to pull a fast one as the one time Live Chat gave me information is was accurate to what the dealer stated when I ordered and his recent email, his timeline was spot on to what Live Chat had said to me over a month ago.

    My frustration is not that the car will be delayed, it is the lack of updates and information, the tracker simply states ‘Order with Factory’, has done so for nearly 2 months now.

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    Hi Guys

    I’ve seen VW dealers and others in the WAG group saying “thank you for you patients but the wait will be worth it” but of course there is that complete misunderstanding of the reasoning we as disabled persons or carer assistances need these particular cars.

    I’m lucky in some respects as my disability does not change overall so the current car I’m driving is perfect for me but the trouble is my carer / wife like myself are getting older and her knees are starting to give out and lifting my scooter into the boot of the Golf has become a problem.

    So for me its not just about the car, its about the adaptions too and while I was given a, wow, 6 months wait for the car this was taken into consideration in respect of the wife’s knee and we thought we could cope for another 6 months without a hoist in view of the warmer summer months where the weather is more kinder to ageing knees but then to find out while we approach the colder months to be told more or less the car should be here in the Spring of 2019 and another Winter to get through that was it.

    I though you were getting a bit quieter on the forum Newfie and now I know why, its because your out and about in the new Tigger. I’m sure its a great motor and meets your needs so have loads of enjoyable journey in it.

    Going back to the Touran, its odd that most of the other VW models have started to come through the system but the Touran in particular seems to be stuck in the doldrums and I was reading the other day that the Wolfsburg plant where the Touran is built is having the very same production line set up for the manufacture of a Seat model and its the first time in decades they have made other cars in the WAG group on a VW production line.

    With that in mind its now clear, well to me it is putting two and two together that the hold ups with the Touran are not just to do with WLPT. The VW Touran with the 1.6 TDi engine has passed the test but has anyone seen a 68 plate one on the road ?

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    I’m wanting an u25 driver to help out occasionally so only have a choice of 6 cars,

    the Touran being the best of the bunch,

    glad to see some of you are getting things sorted,

    First ordered in March that fell through,then ordered this in June,

    all the info I could get was next year,

    I’ve been waiting 7 months already and I am no further forward getting a vehicle,

    over a year to get a car is not acceptable?

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    Hi Chris

    I pick up my car in the morning. So not long no. I have popped in from time to time on here but it has generally been quiet on here also. I have been on a VW Tiguan forum quite a lot. As the 2.0TDi 150HP Tiguan’s are now getting delivered to customers.

    Look forward to seeing your pics in Forum Members Cars when you get your Caren’s

    VW Tiguan SEL 2.0TDi 150 DSG 4Motion
    in White Silver, '68plate

    To be replaced with a VW ID.3 Tour 77 kWh Pro S 204PS Manganese Grey

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