VW lifeshine gold package ( Added to order without being told )

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    Evening everyone just a quick question I collected my VW Tiguan late on Saturday afternoon it was a very very quick handover and we turned up signed and left it was 4pm and they were closing at 5pm

    Going through all the paperwork today though I’ve noticed on the Vehicle order form that they issued me on Saturday that under retailer options they have added FUEL £20 & LIFESHINE GOLD PROTECTION £529

    The £529 lifeshine gold protection was never mentioned to me at order or collection I also paid the full upfront Deposit amount of £2349 no discount applied to the order so was shocked to see this added.

    Is this normal practice to add something like that to orders and not tell customers ? I’m assuming it’s to do with commission for the salesman but Should motability really be paying that ? Total price with retailer options £36,604

    obviously it has no effect on me really as the £2349 is what the deposit is for everyone unless your lucky enough to get a discount but quite annoyed as it’s definitely not got any protection on the car and nothing else mentioned by the dealership

    so just wanted to see if anyone else has had this happen before ?


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    Looks like a scam to rip off Motability, I’d contact them and let them know.

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    this must be a mistake, the only extra showing on the papersork should be the metallic paint unless you went for white which is free and standard.

    Metallic paint is covered by motability so even if it shows as chargeble extra on paperwork you wont have to pay for it.


    any other extra you would have to pay for when you pay the AP


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    Scandalous when you see the price to buy that Autoglym stuff vs what the dealers are charging for it plus labour.

    Classic example of dealers ripping people/motability off

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    Yes it’s a real strange one very sneaky tactic and @rolly I went for the standard white R-Line not a single extra added so no reason for it to have been added to the order and certainly not discounted anywhere else on the order form to make up for it

    @richard yes absolutely shocking isn’t it the lifeshine packs are £10 on eBay and even if it was applied by the dealership  it’s never applied correctly from reading the reviews online it’s just a complete money spinner for the dealerships

    I sent a message to the main dealership franchise page on social media last night and they replied asking for the car details etc to look into it as the dealership is obviously closed, but will be good to see what they come back with


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    Our car has it too, It’s not a mistake it costs a dealer nothing and is easily applied some franchises just add it now.

    Motability still pay only the negotiated price.

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    Just spoken to the dealership involved it’s not been applied to the car as I expected and he states we haven’t been charged for it. I explained about the car order form that’s been signed by both parties etc clearly showing the lifeshine gold package added at £509 and the total order amount includes this charge.

    his reply was we shouldn’t of even had the 2nd page which shows the lifeshine gold package that was for the dealership 🙈😂😂😂 I dread to think how many times they have done this to customers to make extra money

    Someone has benefitted from that being added to the order either the salesman or the dealership but it certainly was not us

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    @wenglish, how is the car?

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    Hi ChrisM amazing mate really impressed with it to be fair assuming yours is going to be held even longer now 😩 Only good thing for you I suppose is at least your not paying for it while it’s sat at the dealership

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    Mine mentioned this paint protection on the paperwork too and my daughter just leased a Mini Cooper and they also added it to her car, she doesn’t pay any extra for it.
    If you purchased the car they obviously wouldn’t add it f o c.


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