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      Hi All

      Have had our ID3 now for little over a year. Looking now in the VW app “shop” I find that the “We connect Plus” and “Travel Assist” will stop working when the car is 2 years old. Unless subscription payments are made. £129 and £86.50 for the two listed. Apparently these payments will add two more years for these services.

      I have checked with Motability and “any and all subscription payments are the responsibility of motabilty customer”.

      I do not recall when, anything when ordering the car. That certain functions of the car will stop working when the car reaches two years old. Unless payments are made to VW.

      So for me, I will add questions re subscriptions for our next car to the sales person.


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        If you want to continue these services after the subscription ends, you as the user have to pay for it

        The vehicle will function without these services and they are not classed as essential.

        Unfortunately more and more manufacturers are going down this route.


          Absolute liberties! VW, Skoda and BMW seem to be the worst offenders. It’s a very sneaky underhand practice to simply activate software when the hardware is all there already. No wonder people use scanners and unlock all the features in their cars!!


            We’ve been told when we ordered the GTE. Though, just double checked with my App, it should be three years, not two. Unless they changed that very recently (or the ID3 has different “rules” than the Golf?). We picked up in february last year, still got an active subscription until february 2026.

            I think the live traffic updates (saved me a few times already) are part of We Connect Plus, too. If we keep the car beyond the three years (highly likely, if we’re allowed to), i’ll extend the service too.

            Sucks a bit, but could be worse, the base functionality would still persist. Interesting is that you have to subscribe to Travel Assist, that’s a baseline feature in the Golf, not a subscription. Both cars run MIB3 OS, not quite sure why that is. Wouldn’t pay for it though, the adaptive cruise control should work without Travel Assist (that’s the most i’ll let the car do by itself).

            But yeah, as mentioned, our Saleslady mentioned this. It’s also not really hidden on the volkswagen webpage (that said, it’s also not particularly highlighted either), we knew about it before the Saleslady told us.

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              From memory I remember reading on a post. That the 2 years would be extended to 3 years. But like a lot of VW marketing promising, it’s been removed. If I can find that info will post here. It said something like the 2 years would be automatically extended to 3 years at the time of renewal.

              On order ID.3 Max Pro Performance September 2021
              Glacier White Metallic Flat black
              Latest Delivery Date From Dealer, April 2023


                I have a MY23 VW Tiguan and We Connect Plus is for 3 years on this one.

                While I sometimes use the VW Satnav for traffic information lately I’ve started to use TomTom via Apple Car Play so that’s not so important and the only thing I would miss when the subscription finishes would be the ability to see if the car is locked and no alarms have been raised from my smartphone.

                I have the advance “Travel Assist” in my car and as far as I’m aware this is an onboard built into the cars system so should still work with no subs, I hope, but you never know for sure in these money grabbing days.

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                  Hi all

                  Not good news, talked to VW UK today.

                  Dispute me pointing out that at the time of ordering our Max, the only mention of subscription was We connect and it was for 3 years  That no sales person ever talked about subscriptions.

                  VW ”

                  “Thank you for your contacting Volkswagen Digital Services.

                  All prices are available for display to you via the VW Connect-shop before you conclude your order.

                  We would like to inform you, that you have to log in to VW Connect-shop 14 days before your licenses expire to see about the prices.”

                  In other words some cars get 2 years We connect Plus and Traffic assist with mass data and other cars get it for 3 years. It depends on the date the car was built, the software it came from the factory with, the software it’s been updated to now.

                  I asked about the voucher code that can be input at the point of ordering the “services” and was told a firm “No”.

                  I find it disappointing that VW are forcing some of their customers down the subscription route. But I’m not surprised, VW via subscription “services’ have found a way for cars to keep giving VW money each year.


                  On order ID.3 Max Pro Performance September 2021
                  Glacier White Metallic Flat black
                  Latest Delivery Date From Dealer, April 2023

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