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    I’m hoping and praying with my fingers crossed that the vw golf gtd dsg comes on the scheme some time soon. I currently have the gtd and it’s fantastic, I know you can get the r line spec which seems fine but I would be gutted if I ordered the r line then next then gtd appears. ( motabilility! The game of chance!!) Anybody with any info out there? Thanks…. 

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    The Golf GTD went on general sale in Germany last Friday. I noticed the GTI version went on sale approx 4 weeks ago, again in Germany. It took 2 weeks to go on sale in the U.K. Hopefully the GTD follows that schedule and should arrive very soon.

    If you have a fruit based smart phone you can download the VW configurator app.

    Fingers crossed it will make the mobility scheme

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    Let us pray…..😁

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    Menorca Mike

    I’m praying to the lord I can get used to the new touch screen if I had new Golf

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    I too have been eagerly awaiting on the release of the new Golf GTD.

    However, after configuring a Golf GTD on the german VW website, I have to say I am dissapointed with the amount of standard kit that comes with it and not holding out much hope in ordering one, even it does make it on the scheme.

    The large infotainment display is optional, as is IQ LED headlights with the dynamic rear lights, and a lot of other things that the previous GTD got as standard.

    That’s before you even consider the AP, which historically has hovered around £1.5k – £1.8k

    The A220d is probably the most viable alternative at the moment in terms of power, looks, handling and spec. And that with the £2.8k AP taken into account too.


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    Atiq Urrehman

    Very few diesels are coming on to the scheme, so it’s unlikely it will, just have a look at all the cars that have had there diesels removed from the scheme this year

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    I agree i have the current GTD and i love it but with motability not wanting to extend it further I am looking at other options.

    The new GTD does not come with alot of options like others have mentioned, i believe it doesn’t even come with electric folding mirrors and after adding all the other options to bring it to same spec as the current GTD the AP is over £4000

    I do like the A220d but the interior space feels much smaller than the GTD

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    Im stuck in two minds to either get an A220d or wait for the GTD …

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    Whilst there are tons of A Classes out there, I think in terms of looks the A Class has the Golf licked.

    Putting aside the terrible Mercedes dealership customer service, the A Class looks and feels premium when compared directly to the Golf.

    It has that premium presence and finesse about it that the Golf just doesn’t have.

    If it was against A Class vs A3 S Line, there isn’t much in it, but you need seriously step in an A Class diesel and take it for a sping and you will see what I mean.

    Plus…the A220d is one of the rarest beasts out there, considering the sea of A180ds and A200ds..

    People that know their cars, will appreciate the A220d badge at the back when they see it.

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    I find waiting a couple of years after new models have been released is better as they usually add extras as standard.

    i went from a gtd to xc60 so didn’t miss anything but then went to a Leon which misses everything.
    I found A class/B class interior ok but firm, BMW 1 series was much better.

    New golf I haven’t viewed yet but like any good I expect it to be up there with the best hatchbacks and tbh for everyday driving 150bhp is fast enough BUT the more power the better

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    Is the a220d amg line top spec? Or can you add the premium plus pack to it.

    alot of the packs are quite expensive

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    @Rav I checked with Mercedes, its quite unclear. I was first told you cannot pay for additional packages on the A class but now it seems you can. If you want the A220d which has 2700 AP you’ll need to pay an Extra 3000 for premium plus pack to make it the top spec. All for a measly £5700 …..

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    Wow thats crazy, is there a lower spec that would look as good. Its difficult to see how it would come as standard

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    @Rav The AMG line spec is the best one, unless your willing to compromise on the engine and get 180d with a premium plus which is around 3k mark.

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    A220d owner here…

    Car went in for a warranry repair and was given the A180d Premium Plus as a courtesy car for 2 weeks.

    At the beginning I started to wonder why I never went for the lower power A Class but with more spec.

    However, after you’ve pressed all the buttons and tried every setting and Ambient light colour etc, you soon realise that there’s no replacement for power.

    I could not wait to jump back to my A220d again, despite it being only a standard AMG Line spec without the fancy Multibeam LEDs and Sunroof.

    Like anything else, it’s all exciting to start with but you soon get bored with the toys…

    However, you will never get bored with the tarmac shredding torque of the A220d.

    Takes off like a rocket…


    PS….Previous car was a GTD…Felt so much faster overall even though they had similar bhp output.

    The A Class 8 Gear DCT gearbox is unreal.

    The change from 1st to 2nd gear is breath taking fast..Actually mentally fast.

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    Thats good to know. Yeah i have the GTD and i love the power.

    what are the best features you get with the premium plus compared to standard?


    also what pack did you go for?

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    Multibeam LED headlights

    Ambient Lights

    Elec Seats

    Dual 10′ screens

    If not bothered about power, the A180 Premium Plus is definetely worth it.

    But, since I value torque more than some gimmicky features, for me it’s A220d all the way.

    Furthermore, the A220d has a sequential Turbo, thus meaning virtually no turbo lag like the GTD between 1.2k and 1.8k rpm.

    Constant and hard acceleration throughout.

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    The rarity factor too..in my last 12 months of ownership, I have yet to see another A220d.

    And I have seen hundreds of A Classes

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    I read a review saying the mrk8 Gtd is over £40k retail, if true that is bonkers

    Also they have got a one piece seat back now with no headrest adjustment, no good for me.

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    I read a review saying the mrk8 Gtd is over £40k retail, if true that is bonkers Also they have got a one piece seat back now with no headrest adjustment, no good for me.

    According to Carbuyer,  it’s expected it’ll cost slightly more than its predecessor, at around £31,000.

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    I have GTD dsg it’s a brilliant car. I’m due to change in Jan..I’m gutted.

    Do a220d AMG line have adaptive cruise control?

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    @David, When you made your order, did you have to get one factory made or was there on in the show room? I spoke to my local Mercedes Benz and they It might have to be a factory order which could be 3-6 months!!!

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    Factory order, which took 3 months overall.

    Don’t believe their “3-6 month” nonsense though. They will say that to cover their backs so you don’t start chasing them up after 12 weeks etc…

    My advise to anyone coming from a GTD or Leon 184 or Octavia VRS (same cars anyway lol) is that the A220d is best choice for a powerful diesel.

    Granted, some features may be missing and it may not be as big spacewise, but if you’re addicted to the immense torque of these cars, the A220d will keep you satisfied and more..

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    Thanks @David, I will probably go for the A220d sometimes in January in the hope that the AP drops abit as it has gone up alot in Q4.

    In the mean time I will wait to see what happens with the GTD also, or if the A3 s-lines make it back to the scheme.

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    the new gtd is going to have 200 bhp so lucky just hits the cap.

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