VW Golf 8 R-Line Delay?

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    Hi guys,

    First time poster, long term Motability customer.

    Ordered my shiny new Golf 8 1.5 eTSI R-Line back in December ’20 and I got a call today from my dealer to say there’s now a delay in production of car meaning I’ve got an unconfirmed build date sometime in April.

    I was originally due to change-over on 1st March so rather frustrated I now potentially have to wait until May to get the car. What’s more frustrating is that, nothing is confirmed so this may be later, earlier or as expected – the clarity here is dysfunctional.

    I never had this issue with my last three Ford vehicles or my latest Kia. I contacted VW customer service who advised that the dealer should have quoted a 19-week timeframe as opposed to ensuring me the car would be ready for my usual hand-over date.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience? Could this be an overestimation? I read a post back in 2019 with a similar position to me but nothing as of recent.


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    yes good news as long as it stays week 41 lol

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    Hello Everyone

    My Golf 8 R Line DSG has still no build date, They say maybe week 45 and delivery around christmas, Since I have ordered my car on the 17th Feb 21 it has moved back at least 5 times, I still have my manual Vauxhall Astra but I dont use it much as I need my two hips replaced, thinking about handing it back soon, At least VW have given me some waiting practice as I will need it for my NHS operation, I hope you are all well and getting your cars sorted.

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    So ordered golf gtd in may was week 36 then 43 and today week 50 and told likely to move again so 2022 for me.

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    in same boat pal dont think ill see it this year orded april

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    Ditto, week 5 2022 my latest potential build date. Bit surprised to see Golf back on scheme when they can’t clear their backlog. I was informed a build date is only confirmed 2 weeks prior to build.

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    Hello all
    Update from my post from a couple of months ago.
    Ordered the 1.5 tsi 150 r line in January, for an end of April pick up, after all the delays I was advised it would be built on week 35, literally just had a call from my sales executive, it is on schedule to be built tomorrow and if all goes to plan I should pick up end of September. Here’s hoping🤞🏻

    Update to my post above-

    just had a conversation with my salesman, he said VW are sending updates to the branch tomorrow, there will be 2 lists, one list of the cars that have been built, the other a list of cars they now say need parts before build can continue, won’t know until later in the day. The other problem was that because of production being slow they won’t ship out cars until boat is full.
    so I’m still non the wiser! I’ll keep updating as and when🤞🏻

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    it seems when you look on the vw forums the usa and germany seem to get there cars in 3-4 months

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    Ordered my 1.5 eTSI R Line at the end of June so looking like early 2022 at best for me!!

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    Caroline Lea

    Ordered Golf R line 1.5 on May 7th still not built.. very frustrating and no communication from dealer!

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    dont think no one will see there golf this year to be honest.

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    Ordered my r-line in March, still got no confirmed build week, best case scenario according to the dealer is a build date this year! Hopefully!!

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    yes but if you live in the usa or germany you get you car in about 3-4 months

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    I still haven’t received my phone call! Like a previous poster said I’d be very surprised if I get it this year🙃

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    Andy, I’ve had build weeks of 31, 44, 45 and 47. Lasted is week 5 2022. Just wondering if anyone has recieved their golf ordered this year.

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    What date did u order yours?

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    Found this, dated the end of August 2021:

    “VW’s plant in Wolfsburg, Germany, its biggest factory globally, will work with just one shift from Monday, Aug. 23 through Friday.” [ . . . ]  “VW has halted production at the factory at other times this year because of semiconductor supply constraints. VW Group CEO Herbert Diess said during VW’s annual press conference in March that the automaker was unable to build 100,000 cars due to the chip shortage and it would not be able to make up for the shortfall this year.” [ . . . ]  “VW last month flagged “really constrained” output during the third quarter, while BMW predicted ongoing uncertainty.”

    Full article: https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/vw-cuts-output-wolfsburg-plant-chip-shortage-bites

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    Hi Gemma, my GTD was ordered 2 April this year

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    same here april gtd

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    Wadey, have you had various build weeks all getting pushed back? Does your dealer keep in contact?

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    yes was week 31 then went to 38 to 50 then back to 41 now week 46 like i said i dont think i will see it this year  my dealer messages me every wed to keep me updated

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    Fingers crossed for week 46 build, I believe a build date is only confirmed 2 weeks prior to being built. No spec changes after that. Good your dealer keeps in contact, my poor bloke only contacts when more bad news is coming my way.

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    i just asked him if it was ok to email him once a week but he emails me now lol

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    I ordered my GTD at the start of June this year, which was part of an already placed bulk order from Hitachi. I missed out on the last stock by 1 week apparently. The anticipated delivery time in June was September 2021.

    As of the end of August I’d been given an unconfirmed build date of week 38 (late Sep), with delivery anticipated late October.

    Then last week I was told there had been further delays and it was now expected in March 2022…

    According to the dealer they have diverted the chips which are in shortage to the electric cars being produced over the GTDs as VW need to hit CO2 emission targets. So there are currently a number of fully built GTDs parked up in Germany with no chips, and they won’t put chips in them for a while.

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    i dont think they should have been re added if they carnt deliver them in less than 10 plus months.

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    Was surprised but happy that people had a bigger choice of cars to choose from. Would be intersting to hear what expected delivery times are being quoated to new order customers. Ryan, I think itmay have been Andy in a post above who mentioned that dealers were being issued with 2 list, cars that are built and cars unfinished (awaiting chips)

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